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Cd-cover randomness IX

Coverdesign for a fictive band. Pretty much a quickie, thanks for checking out. :peace:




Wow, I never thought that anything I create could end up on the frontpage. :O_o: Thank you all for your comments & favourites, and my apologies that I can´t reply to all of you individually. I´m drowning with schoolstuff, and those are my mainpriority at the moment.

Everything you write will (always) be read though, so don´t feel too afraid to comment. :) (and all comments that ask me something will get answered in due time.)

Thanks once more. :peace:
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simply gorgeous
bye bye

P.S. Sorry its taken me so long to comment ^^;
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you're welcome
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Real nice cover Funer I loved tht cool dragon thing on the moon.....check out my dark cover too I hope u like it [link]
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amazing....I love the purple hues and how they blend...there are so many different colours so ambiguosly nmended together...i love it
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aShadowInTheMoon's avatar's so so beautiful :D

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a quickie?!?!? meerrhhhh!! *faves*
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''Pretty much a quickie''!?!? *faints* its fantastic =^-^= :+fav:
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Beautiful work, love it.
nice cd cover....fav
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I am glade that Myhtical Certures are making a comeback to CD covers
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BEAUTIFUL!:) It is very amazing:)
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wow, that's wicked :D
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wow its really pretty!!!!
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Wow, that's realy cool. Great job.
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that is a really cool pic
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that is a really cool pic
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Nice man, a highlighting colour would be good, or justl ike.. a bright pink area. And more contrast, just so it shows up , against other albums in the shops ;) :) I like it alot, nice one :D
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It´s already contrasted so that a huge lot of detail got burned in the process. Liked it though, I was in the mood for something darker for a change. And I´m not using pink, it´s an awful colour. :lol: Nice to see you liked. :painter:
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