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Download for the zipped file, it contains all the photos shown on the demo, each 1600x1200 / 1200x1600 @ 180 dpi.

Some shots of a plasmaball, figured these might prove useful as stock.

Shot for =resurgere, pack coming out via them eventually, with different photos of course. Ended up with hundreds of shots after the shoot, so decided to share some here also, since many of them turned out somewhat decent. :peace:

Edit: The resurgere-pack is located here: [link]

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Can these be used commercially? Like is it possible for one to use it in their photo manipulation for commercial use?
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I guess it's fine, so feel free. Also, if you happen to upload the artwork to your DA-page, don't forget to let me know so I can add the piece to my favourites. :)
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Oh of course, I am a very active member of D.A. so absolutely everything is placed here and credited to the stock provider. I love you guys! :nod: and thanks for the approval, these will be put to great use! 
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I used your art here: Thank you!
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Used this plasma balls again for my manip "Cthulhu" [link] ... Thanks again for sharing! :yoda:
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Hi there! Used one of this beautiful plasma balls for my manip "There IS A Paradise" [link] ... Thanks much for sharing! :yoda:
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Used your stock here [link]
Thanks very much.
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Just for fun I made a pair of 3D eyes with these, can not tell you how awesome they look :D

Great photos, beautiful quality. Thank you so much for such perfect stock!
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b-e-a-utiful :)
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nice shots i'd love to have a plasma ball like that, how much does it cost one :| ?
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Depends on the size of the ball & quality, the regular ones should be somewhere around 30 bucks or something, last time I´ve checked anyway. It´s been a long while though, so no idea if the prizes have changed since the days I got mine. :peace:
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These look awesome! Wow, thanks for sharing! :nod:
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WoohoO! :D Now I can could definitely use these with a few things. ;)
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that is really useful .... i was searching two days ago about magic balls or something :)
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