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Ooh, so you like my work and would like to commission me? I'm flattered :heart: Here's my commission information so we can get started! C:



Head/Bust: $5
Waist: $10
Thigh: $15
Full: $20
BG: +$15-25


Head/Bust: $10
Waist: $20
Thigh: $30
Full: $40
BG: +$10-20

Digital Paintings

Head/Bust: $20
Waist/Thigh: $35
Full: $50
BG: +$10-20

***Each additional character is the original price multiplied by the number of people.
For example: 2 characters x $15 waist-up traditional color + simple BG = $40
***BG price depends on complexity


Self-Portrait by Fundippopotamus Anti Alois by kairis-shadow Troo Ruff by Fundippopotamus

Kairi by Fundippopotamus suckit by Fundippopotamus Swoon by kairis-shadow

*(kairis-shadow is my old deviantart account)

Will/Won't Draw

Will: Males, females, children, animals, neko ears & tail, OC's, partial nudity, gore, surrealism

Won't: Furries, mecha, nudity, fan art (except Kingdom Hearts related)


Send me a note with a description of who or what you'd like me to draw and what type of drawing you'd like it to be, such as:
"Hi, I wanted to commission you to draw my Pokemon OC and her main Pokemon, Gengar as a traditionally colored waist-up."
In response, I'll probably say something like, "Well, swell! That sounds like fun, I'll do it!" but once in a while I may say, "Uuh, no thanks bruh." Most likely because it is pushing my do&don't list (above).
If I accept, I'll send you my Paypal information. Immediate payment is necessary. If you have trouble with immediate payment, we can negotiate a reasonable time allotment.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon :heart:

Commission Info
My roommate had one with me after getting his camera in the mail. C: Here's the gallery if you wanna see it, they turned out pretty well.…
Before work, I spent the day yesterday on Gaia looking for people I would want to draw. I got a few commissions that I'll be working on during the weekend plus one that has been an ongoing project very soon to be finished. I'll be getting up bright and early to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain with my roommate today, so I'm pretty stoked for this weekend. :D
Also, the longboard I ordered should be coming in the mail this next week! I got the Landyachtz Wedgeflex. I can't wait to have my own first skateboard. Also, Wolfgang Gartner is playing in my town this following weekend, and two of my high school peeps are opening for him! Definitely stoked to see him again as well as my old friends. I also got my tax return in the mail, which will help me eat and pay off the longboard. Things are lookin' pretty bright. Expect some uploads soon! ^_^ :heart:
Looks like I'm not getting a table in the Artist Alley this year at Fanime... :C Super bummed. I've been looking forward to it since the first time I attended Fanime Con. Maybe next year I'll have better luck.

In the meantime, I'll be taking commission requests. Please shoot me a note if you're interested.
I'm finally going to team up with and buy a table at Fanime Con in San Jose. I've always wanted to. C: I'm very excited. The only problem is... What should I draw for it? I've been sketching some Kingdom Hearts fanart stuff that may or may not ever be finished, such as this: I'm in the process of lining and coloring it. It will be amazing. :heart:

Other than Kingdom Hearts though... What other kinds of fanart should I make to sell as prints, keychains, and buttons? Any suggestions?
I am in disguise.