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Raison d'Etre: The Favreau-Tokyo Clan
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Published: January 2, 2017
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First pic of the new year! Let's get acquainted with the MAIN-main cast of my comic, Raison d'Etre. It was a slow start, but now the comic is really picking up with its cast and all the stories that intertwine to create the main part of the story.

While the Clan refers to the actual members of the NKP (the world's law-enforcement-y equivalent of demon hunters; “Clan” = Station), EVERYONE here is still considered family altogether. So, yeah, they tend to call themselves a clan outside of work.

(from left to right, going in a semi up-down fashion)

  • Kazuo Miyamoto: He's a Kitsune living a new life as a human in the Middle Plane. Owns a TINY coffee shop. He's a bit traditional in his own practices but is pretty open-minded (as he was raised in a different culture...and plane). He’s also really good for advice, though be prepared to receive some semi-cryptic advice. And a cup of coffee.
  • Nozomi Miyamoto: Also known as Tamer-Corporal Hikari, is a longtime member of the Favreu-Tokyo Clanhouse. She tends to deal with beasts, like an animal control job. TENDS to, at least... *grumbles at the higher-ups* To strangers, she seems to always have a gruff or sour attitude, but that's just her normal self. She will immediately get into Business Mode in order to talk to people in a neutral matter. Everyone in the Clan, though, is quite used to it.
  • Tomoko Inada: Also known as Historian-Officer Chie, she is actually a fairly recent OFFICIAL member of the Clan (though she's had an internship with them during her college years). She is really good with paperwork and archiving. Like, REALLY good. She is a fan of primary sources. Usually kind and playful, she's easily the most approachable of the Clan if you were to visit. Unless you're Miko. Then she'll be Little Sister to you.
  • Rie Miyamoto: Half-Kitsune, Half-Human daughter of Nozomi and Kazuo (and can transform at will), Rie is a hyperactive and mischievous high school student. She has dreams of becoming a member of the NKP, and was even doing some personal training with the Captain herself! And...kind of has some feelings toward the Captain...even though...*cough*
  • Yukina Nakamura: If Clans were hereditary, then Yucchan would be the so-called next in line because her mom is the current Captain and her grandmother was the former Captain AND the founder of this particular Clanhouse! And then her other mom is an activist leader! As it currently stands, though, Yucchan isn't sure what she wants to do in life. She has her inspirations, and vast support in whatever she wants to do, but...she's just not sure. Besides that, she’s a respectful and intelligent girl, though even she has her limits to the “silliness” she encounters on a daily basis.
  • Koyomiko Nakamura: Also known as Wanderer-Lieutenant Miko, not only is she a member of the NKP, but she is the figurehead of a civil rights activist group for a unique Middle Plane race known as Ascendants (essentially evolved Humans). She's had trouble over the years juggling the two, but we think she's figured it out now. She's the Team Mom of the entire Clan as well, a good listener and a great nurturer. Unless you're Tomoko. Then she'll be Big Sister to you.
  • Mirai: She's a Unicorn that is trying to start a new life in the Middle Plane (like Kazuo)...except she's kind of in some problems. Most obvious (and least spoiler-free) example is that she can't control her human form well enough just yet. Despite that, she is a sweet and polite girl who is still learning the ways of Humans and it's kind of cute.
  • Sachiko Nakamura: Also known as Wanderer-Captain Véronique, she is the leader of this whole thing. Easy-going, kind, friendly, silly...the only thing that makes her the second most approachable person in the Clan is her outward appearance. She's a giant woman with scars and an eyepatch! Fortunately, she's knows just what to say to the apprehensive to ease their worries. When she's in Business Mode, though, you definitely know why she's the leader.
  • Hiroki Miyamoto: The older child of the Miyamotos, Hiroki is just an ordinary Human who just happens to have Kitsune blood in him (which is actually the norm). He doesn't have a fox form, no magic at all, but he has a huge passion for gardening. He knows his plants VERY well! While he has no plans to be part of the NKP, he wants to eventually open up a nursery that will also specialize in alchemy ingredients for the NKP (the more NKP-affiliated businesses, the better!) He also has Asperger's Syndrome. He tends to focus on his gardening activities and flowers in conversations, has a few physical tics, and eye contact is sometimes troubling for him, but it’s not all to his character. His easy-going kindness shines through most of all.

These were all just basic introductions to everyone. You can read more about them in the comic (or at least be prepared to read more as some of these were just recently introduced!), which updates every Tuesday and Saturday.

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