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the making of 'our future'

here i wanna try to reveal my latest project, "our future"
its a photomanipulation,n i've done it in photoshop.
but sorry it's indonesian only,and as a newbie in design graphic,
maybe my works is just like a piece of cake for the others.
however,hope still usefull 4 someone..
just click download and enjoy.
(also available in club_ink magz#2:disaster)
Club_ink Magz #2

the finished work:

D translate:

actually this tut just show the global step in my work, and probably can be used to
the others. More specific step (e.g. make a ruin,smoke, brushing, lighting,cloning,etc)
can be found and clearly explained in the others tutorial. so im very very sorry if i had to translate it in sketchy way(beside we dont like long explanation). anyway, i hope it gives you some inspiration.

0.the concept
>>brainstorming (deciding the idea)
>>make a sketch (to show everythings we will need in the process and its perspective),this is the most important step in photomanip and determine the result of our work.

1.gathering the resources
>> directive to the sketch and using digicam, im searching the pic i need
(sky, long road, two buildings, traffic sign, and a little girl,all of them were taken in my campus).
>>the rest (nuclear plant,sewage tower,skycrapper,water and a big wave)is from
>>the reference must bigger (2k or more)than the result.
2&3&4.working on dominant area
>> to save memory, big areas(2 buildings,sky,wave+sewage tower+nuclear plant,child,traffic sign&road)were finished on separate files.
>>in this step i used every manipulation technique (cloning,transforming,brushing&layer blending)until i satisfied with them. all together
>>after finished all parts, i put them all in one file. i add many little elements(water coming out from buildings,shadow&manymore)that cant be done in separate files.
>>dont worry if everythings looks floating just bcuz they have different colour,brightnes&contrast. just focus on the pic.

9. fixing D color
>>to match every elements, i used all adjustment tool (color balance,hue/saturation,curves,level,photo filter,brightnes&contrast)and layer blending(again)
>>i used a little burn and dodge tool to make shadow and highlight
>>in this step i can do experiment freely and change my work 180 degree to another nuance.
though its about global warming, i want it to be colorfull,so..its end up like that :)

10.Lighting vs lightning
>> make a fake lighting with transparent brush and blur it.consider the objects shadow.
>> add some little lightning with very small brush and give it a glow effect.

11.adding the tittle
>> yeah, this is the last part and its optional, but dont forget to make a sign of yours.
>> to make a good tittle, you just need a great
>>and voila, its all done!

though every photomanip. has their own style,generally its all about cloning,blending,adjusting&little brushing.its easy right?
© 2007 - 2021 fun-g
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Great work ! I do believe in climatic changes ... because of human activities.. because being old enough to constact, to watch, to notice and certify  the differences... Your work is extra !  Have you been inspired  by Fukushima ? 
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This is a really great picture! But, like some of the comments below I really don't believe in Global Warming either :/ However, others might have other opinions. 
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LOL.. did you really believe in global warming ?
buddy, don't believe media...
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the effect on the sky is absolutely my fave ever
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But the picture is pretty awesome , it really conveys the message.
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There are some aberrations with light direction, isn't it ? On the left building, the light come from left, and on the girl, the light comes from the sky.
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keren, sampe masuk web luar negri :D:D:D [link]
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This is very good.
This gives a good image of the future if we do global warming.
is it possible to have the PNG ???
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the idea is gud but u select the lower pixcel. so u can see the result when u blow up the pict
nice job
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this is amazing
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you rock
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waw amazing!!
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I've added your tutorial in an article called Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #19
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nicely done!
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you're welcome!
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Great Work.
one comment :
The light on the girl.
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yeah..that's my fault :lick: hehe..
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