~ REQUESTS are 'CLOSED' (not for long!) ~

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Hello everyone! I figured I'd open requests for a little while. I want to be exposed to different things, so I could draw your OC or something. ;) I need practice uwu

I might choose not to do a certain character ... sorry if you get offended. 

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My art is not to be stolen in any way, and the art should only to be used by myself, the commissioner, and whoever else is granted permission. By making a request, you are expected to have read and agreed to my Terms of Service. I will know if you've read and agreed to my TOS, there is a special password you should put in your comment (3/31/2019). Read the TOS!

Rules ^^

  • Read and agree to my TOS before making a request!

  • No demons, NSFW, or complex backgrounds

  • I can draw your OC, humans/humanoids, animals and other things, just ask me!

  • I'm not good at drawing: lineless art, mechas/robots, vehicles or FNAF characters

  • No stolen material: characters and other items must be owned by you, or you must have permission to use them. Don't request anything based off of artwork that is already made or licensed characters, (unless it's yours) I don't want to come across any copyright issues. 

  • I own the artwork, but you own your character.
  • Requests are free art! I will do the requests on my own time ;p
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If you don't have a character to draw, feel free to request something like this: 
"Could you please draw a headshot of a boy? I want him to be based on lemons if that makes sense. I want him to have fair skin, white hair, and a sour and withdrawn personality."

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Feel free to:
  • make a journal/status/poll ad for my requests
  • watch me
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Please comment with the following information(3/31/2019)
  • Character(s): (link to character reference)
  • About character:  (character personality, character relationships, age, clothing style, anything to help me portray the character well)
  • Other Details/notes: ()
  • password (from the TOS)
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:bulletgreen: Art Terms of Service/TOS 
:bulletgreen: Point Commissions: ALWAYS OPEN

Comment any questions below~

Enjoy your day, thanks for reading! 
feel free to tip me anytime :")
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Hey everyone! Requests are now 'closed'. Don't worry, I'll open them again, once I finish some more art ;)

please do not make any more requests yet ;;

you should check out my commissions ~ fav.me/dcu5n4w
I edited the journal a lot! :0

also, please donate if you can :love: www.deviantart.com/noobpinky/?…