All of my projects: trades, commishes and more!
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Hi! Here are my current projects, feel free to check them out!

fumstix's Point/Paypal Commissions (open)Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] ~ Hello and Welcome ~  Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

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commissions will be on hold from Sept 3rd 2019 - Sept 27th 2019
I offer digital drawings for points (preferred) or USD (via PayPal)
My works are not to be stolen or reposted anywhere without my written permission.
Characters and other items must be owned by you, or you must have permission to use them. 
Before ordering a commission, you are expected to have read and agree to my Terms of Service
It is preferred that you are an active user on dA that way you are notified when I post your commission
 Commissions are open, and they're super cheap: 

> Prices start at 240Points (that's $3!) 
> I accept paypal (USD) and deviantart points
> Plus, my first 10 commissioners get a 10% discount! I have 9 discounts left Wink/Razz

I offer digital art of 
> humans/humanoids
> animals (dogs/cats)
> almost anything! just ask me on the comms journal ^^

> ref sheets too!

Here's some of my art!

{R} || #2 || CATO by fumstix    Criss cross by fumstix   Test doodle // lopsided // re-upload by fumstix   [WIP] big eyed beauty by fumstix   [WIP] lagoon lady by fumstix   

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WILL DRAW FOR CORE MEMBERSHIP // ART FOR CORE.:Happy star:. I will draw art for a core membership! Refer to my commissions journal here for more context. .:Happy star:. 
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Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  art examples~
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 (F2U) cute molang walking with piu piu  info~
Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! I will sketch your OC for a one month core membership!
Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! I can draw colored couple art for 3 months core!
 I will draw art for core ^^

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My Point Trades and other offers~Here's how it works! I do you a service, and you pay me in points!
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llama badge - 10Points
1 fave - 50 Points 
honest critique - 150Points
watch - 250Points
feel free to request other offers

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If interested in the above offers, send me points in my donations box, and in the memo, put "for an honest critique", "traded for a llama badge" or just specify what you traded for.
Then reply here with your deviation to be critiqued~ (must be SFW)
thanks for taking me on 
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  I also trade points :3

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toyhouse invite code offer (hold!)would you like a toyhouse code?  
this is a free offer, but all donations are welcome! >///<
i will be getting more codes around the end of june, see you then!!
pls pay for the codes within 24 hours! if there is high demand, i might have to give it to someone else
#toyhouse #thcode #toyhouse_code #toyhouse_codes 
 toyhouse code offer~

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