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FE Awakening meme

Well was in mood for memes again and I love Fire emblem awakening so much so I tried :iconsupertimer:s meme .

And I changed fumiko so she looked like both, how I have her in the Game and as my OC.=D
Well now I will continue drawing the contest Prizes. But still it made a lot of fun.
I only love all charackters there, so it was also hard to pic ones I don´t like.
But Maribelle has all I hate: Pink, Ponies, Rudeness and too formal talking.=D
Still I like her somehow because of the trying to be normal.=D

blank meme:…

Drawings and Fumiko by me

Another pic I´ve drawn to Fire Emblem Awakening:
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Nice, someone else having Stahl as their favorite! That guy definitely needs more love.

And I find it funny that all of the playable characters that you like less are female, lol. Maribelle isn't that bad though after you've read all of her support, lol.
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For sure, her is soo kind and always thinks of others.=D And his Proposal, I thought only  I wanna hug him.xD
I wish in real life some would be more like them.=D

It´s often when I like Fandoms, I like more the Dudes, because the girls are often too cute or girly, which I don´t like.=D
I like more the cool and Funny guys.=D
Yeah I know, Maribelle is funny for trying to be like a Normal girl, but how I saiD I don´t hate anyone, most I don´t like Excellus.XD
But I was in the mood drawing Maribelle.=D And well I think I also dislike Nah more.