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[Undertale OC] Myra the Tanuki by Fumi-LEX [Undertale OC] Myra the Tanuki by Fumi-LEX

Comments are disabled on this because I'm not interested in being in the undertale fandom anymore. I don't want to discuss undertale with people, and I'm sick of people leaving back handed comments like 'finally a good/original undertale OC' like guys you don't need to put others down to give me a compliment, that makes me super uncomfortable.


Sooo my sister Coonae convinced me to make a monstersona and I figured, why not hit two birds with one stone and have them double as an Undertale self insert/OC hehehe

This is Myra, a tanuki! She can shapeshift into different things, but she must know exactly what the thing she's shifting to looks like otherwise she may make mistakes in her disguise! Interrupting her focus can also make her lose her disguise as well. Sometimes she loses it all the way, or sometimes just partially (like a tail popping out of a strangely sweaty rock...)

Myra spends most of their time around Snowdin but rarely socializes, she prefers to stay hidden and observe the interactions of others. If someone ever manages to find her out (rare) they would probably describe her as rather standoffish, sometimes she even says unpleasant things to get the person to leave her alone so she can make her escape or hide again. She actually has a lot of social anxiety and gets especially flustered whenever someone finds her when she's trying to remain hidden, and she ends up spending a long time being embarrassed and mad at herself about such encounters. 

She rather enjoys cute clothing but hardly ever gets to wear anything since it would restrict her shapeshifting, and the few times you may actually catch her in the open is while she is purchasing cute outfits to hoard. 

character and art are mine! 
Frisk over in the corner is Toby Fox's 
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October 14, 2015
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