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Fumi dragons are a closed species, sorry!

Common name(s): Fumi, fumi dragon, fume doge

Binomial Name: D. Fumigantus

Planet of Origin: Eremus

Diet: Opportunistic omnivores, their diet usually consists of berries/fruits, fish, and smaller creatures.


Visual general anatomy guide

-Click here for size chart.

-Quadrupedal, four digits on each padded foot with short, non-retractable claws. See pawpad pattern variations here.

-Body is covered in hairless skin that is very tough and stretchy, but also smooth and velvety to the touch.

-Very fat, the body is equipped to store vast amounts of energy, especially within the limbs, belly, and tail.

-They are NOT warm blooded and the blood is colorless, they do have a second circulatory system which transports a fluid which is involved with producing the fumi's vapor and regulating body temperature. The fluid is the same color as the smoke, so when cut a fumi will have blood the same color as their smoke, which is actually a mix of blood and that other fluid. A fumi is warm to the touch, however, just as a warm blooded creature would be.

- The muzzle is large and rounded, they have an extremely accute sense of smell. Also the nose is squishy and very boop-able. See muzzle variations here.

-Pupils are horizontal like a goat's, but come in a variety of different shapes. See pupil shape variations/rarities here.

-Large, radar-like ears that are ribbed on the insides. See ear variations/rarities here. See inner ear pattern variations here.  

-Always has at least one backward pointing horn. See horn variations/rarities here.

-Almost always has a pair of tusks. See tusk variations/rarities here.

-Tongue is long, flat, and forked at the tip. See tongue pattern variations here.

-Long-ish neck

-Always have a smoke sack, which is an area of skin thinner and stretcher then the rest. This sack will inflate with smoke when the fumi is blowing it's smoke, and the color of the smoke can be seen through the stretched skin of the sack. See smoke sack variations/rarities here.

-Tail is large and prehensile, and can be 'dropped' to distract a would be predator when threatened. When a tail is dropped, it often grows back a different color and even at a different angle if a splint is not used. Some fumi like to keep their tails curled up. The longer the tail, the rarer.

-Common markings


A fumi possesses the ability to produce a special vapor, which is oftentimes referred to as smoke because of the fumi's appearance which resembles the mythical dragon in some aspects (this is also why the are called 'dragons'). The smoke glows very slightly and is soothing when inhaled, sweet-smelling, and slightly addictive. When the fumi is distressed in whatever way, the smoke becomes dark colored, foul-smelling, and causes horrifying hallucinations with prolonged exposure. Visual of how smoke sacks work and the difference between smoke colors here.



Click here for genitalia guide.

Click here for penis examples.

A fumi dragon has both male and female sexual organs, though the male organs are always dormant until certain conditions are met. Every couple years a group of fumi goes into heat for a period of 3 months, during which their demeanor becomes aggressive and even the smoke has a spicy, invigorating quality to it. The fumi will fight each other, the champion earning a surge of hormones that awakens the usually dormant male organs, while suppressing their female organs.

Birth, Aging, and Death

Visual Aging and class guide

A mother fumi carries her young within her for 8 months, ending with a live birth. A baby fumi is called a puggle, because of the super wrinkly skin they have which allows the mothers to grip them easily, and their skin is always brown. As the fumi ages and gets fatter, the skin becomes less wrinkly. At 2 years, a fumi begins 'spotting' which is when the adult colors and markings being appearing in spots. At 5 years a fumi reaches sexual maturity, and continues to grow until they reach their adult size at 7 years. A wild fumi typically lives up to 15 years, a captive 50. Though they do not seem to actually age physically after 7 years, eventually they can no longer use their smoke vapors properly, and it leaks into their lungs and drowns them.


Visual Aging and class guide

A regular fumi comes in three basic classes, which are all a result of hormone levels. A nurse fumi is stunted hormone-wise, they possess soft, feminine features and have the calmest, most submissive demeanor. A regular or thug fumi (they are the same class) are the most common class, they may have soft features or sharp features. When a thug constantly wins dominant fights, the surge of hormones will begin to change the body, eventually transforming them into a brute class fumi if they win these fights extremely often for an extended amount of time (lets say, 3 years) Brute fumi have enlarged forelimbs, necks, and tails as well as longer and sharper horns and tusks. Brutes tend to be more aggressive and territorial towards other groups of fumi, and will often be covered in scars and have very crooked tails. Once a fumi is a brute, it can't physically change back to the way it was.


Fumis are intelligent, but because they communicate to one another with scent signals mostly, they do not vocalize much. They do, however, make a rough chirping noise when irritated. Fumis will travel in groups if 5-15 and will split up if food becomes scarce in one area. The group is led by a brute fumi, which also protects the group from predators or competition. Thugs and regular fumis scavenge for food and slit with the group, and nurse fumi stay at the campground to protect the young or valuable items.


Aether is a very mysterious substance that originates from Eremus. When a fumi is introduced to highly concentrated amounts of aether, it fricks up a fumi's DNA. Very very rarely a live fumi is left, though it's appearance changed in various ways and sometimes even found to be possessing strange, explainable abilities. [MUTANTS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO MY FRIENDS. DO NOT ASK FOR ONE, DO NOT BECOME MY FRIEND FOR ONE]


Gummi Fumi Guide

Gummi fumis are lab grown clones made specifically for the purpose of companionship. Their features have been maximized for cuteness and affection, they are a very highly desired pet. However, they are very difficult to produce and are extremely expensive as a result.

I was requested to make a version of this for peeps who can't view the Weasyl version! I am weary to post this here on DA again, I might end up taking it down and just keeping the version available for when I need to show it, we'll see. 

The genital guides and pictures are still linked to Weasyl so that only those old enough to see them can, I don't want to get into trouble for showing some kids a bunch of dumb alien peepees.

There is also more backstory to the fumis that I haven't added in here because I haven't written it down. The short version: when fumis were brought to Earth, awful people experimented on them using a substance that is found on their planet known as Aether (mentioned in the mutant section of this guide) While most experiments were failures or resulted in mutants, some breakthroughs were made! The most notable breakthrough was changing the fumis natural colors (browns, neutral tones) into the very vibrant and bright colors you see on them now, so that's right, all fumis anyone owns at this moment are actually 'painted fumis'. This is the same corporation that developed fumis with thumbs/dewclaws and gummi fumis, they got discovered and shut down for inhumane animal testing. 

All art and information are mine, and fumis are a closed species (you may not make your own)
© 2014 - 2021 Fumi-LEX
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my fumi is used as an example on the height chart, can I add that image to his th? ^^
Fumi-LEX's avatar
of course, go right ahead! >w</
pine-ad0pts's avatar
Thankyou! I just got traded the little guy at the end! Love his design,amazing job!
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Congrats, and thank you as well!
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Really love this species
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Thank you, I'm glad you do!
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I'm going to save up to get one of these babs :3 Customs are $80 correct?
Fumi-LEX's avatar
OOH I hope you have luck with it! Just in case you haven't seen, you can see all the updated info here Information Center + FAQ the information on this page is actually quite old, if you didn't notice the title!

Custom prices depends on a lot of different things, like what breed/class I'm designing and if the design is on a base, or if it has unique lineart. The prices I charged last time were on this journal, if you want a feel for how much the prices would be around in the next opening or future openings! Emergency fumi Customs, MYOs, Tranformations, Refs
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Do gummis only have heart smoke sacks or
Fumi-LEX's avatar
Uh no?? It's a popular choice for MYOs but they can have any of the other smoke sack types. 
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Ah alright thank you!
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"Fume Doge"

huehuehue Doge Doge?

djeinn123's avatar
1 can they be bisexual or any other sexualities? 
2 how do they breed? or their genitalia look like?
Fumi-LEX's avatar
1. as explained in the document, they are conditional hermaphrodites. I suppose individuals might prefer to preform as the male role or female role or have no preference at all, the latter being the closest to what you might call bi-sexual. They could even prefer not to have sex at all. As for other sexualities, and take this with a grain of salt since I allow freedom of what someone wants to do with their fumi, but fumis aren't really to preform intercourse outside of breeding seasons, at least not for pleasure, so it's kinda hard to say. 
2. I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable divulging such information to a possible minor. 
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ahh what would an albino fumi be like .3.
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probably completely white (including eyes, vapor, and inner flesh) and clear blood
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that sounds lovely .3. is there anyway I can trade or bye a myo slot to make an albino I love albino everythings! Ah I'd give an arm and a leg xD 
Fumi-LEX's avatar
Ooph, I think albanism would be a restricted trait (so not something you could buy) you could make a white fumi with red eyes like a regular albino animal if you wanted to do that! MYO slots open every ones in a while via journal! 
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can i offer something for a myo fumi?
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Uhhh yessss this is a weird place to be asking though
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alrighty then ill note you
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