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[Fumi in a Nutshell] Part 2: Aging and Classes

Fumis are a closed species, meaning you may not make your own. Customs are closed (but you can bribe me) MYO slots are currently OPEN.

A mother fumi's gestation lasts for a period of 8 months, which typically results in the live birth of 1-3 newborn fumis, called puggles.

Puggle, birth - 2 years
A puggle gets it's name from it's wrinkly skin, which a nurse or care-taker fumi can grip easily. A puggle's eyes and vapor sack(s) remain closed for the first week of it's life, and develop slowly even after they open and develop, but it's already acute sense of smell helps it recognize who is mom or a nurse, and who isn't. They can make alarmed gecko chirps to alert the mother if they are in danger, but they prefer to remain hidden and silent, letting their totally brown colors blend them into their surroundings. While it had previously been assumed that the nurse and/or care-taker fumis fed puggles on food that had been soaking in their mouths for long periods, a recent discovery has revealed that they actually feed them a substance very alike to crop milk. This has come as quite a surprise since the crops had been thought to have been purely vestigial. 

Rookie, 2 - 5 years
A juvenile fumi is known as a rookie, at 3 years they start going through a process known as 'spotting' where it's adult colors come in as spots that gradually grow until the fumi is completely adult colored. At 4 years of age they go through fumi puberty, non-nurse fumis growing larger in general body size as well as horn(s) and tusks

Adult, 5 years - death
Adult fumis of the painted and dwarf breeds appearance and behavior as well as their social role is greatly influenced by hormones, there are 3 classes that a fumi will fall under depending on it's hormones. 

Nurse: The 'submissive' extreme of the hormonal gradient, they typically are very even-natured and submissive. Nurse fumis are typically smaller in body, tusks, and horn size, and oftentimes have smaller feet as well. The role of a nurse in a fog is to raise puggles and rookies, as well as to protect valuable possessions. They stay in the nesting site and typically grow much fatter due to a more sedentary lifestyle, this may be to attract predators to attack and eat them rather than the puggles and/or rookies they may be protecting, and it is not uncommon for them to martyr themselves for the children. They are considered the least attractive members of the fog and are the least likely to breed (they definitely won't be breeding as the male, as that requires them to win the mating fights which they would not normally attempt, as they are very submissive) HOWEVER they are greatly respected by the rest of the fog and are protected just as fiercely as children would be by the rest of the group. 

Thug: These fumis are what you would consider 'average', they fall somewhere in the middle of the hormonal spectrum, and can be more dominant or more submissive depending on the individual. Thug fumis are typically average in body, tuskhorn, and feet size. The role of a thug, when not filling the role of a brute when there isn't one present in the fog, is to gather food and resources for the fog, or to scout the area for danger. They may fill the role of a nurse if there is no nurse present in the fog.

Brute: The 'dominant' extreme of the hormonal gradient, they are more aggressive and dominant. A thug fumi becomes a brute by way of hormonal surges, which they accomplish by winning breeding fights. These hormones greatly alter a fumi's appearance over time until eventually the fumi is re-classified as a brute. Brute fumis are typically bigger in body, tuskhorn, and claw size, and they have much bigger front feet and smaller back feet, as well as a more lean/muscular build (although a particularly gluttonous brute can still be fat). The role a brute plays (other than just being leader) is also protecting the other fog members and it's territory, much like a male lion would protect it's pride, they generally stay around the nesting site.

Fumis don't seem to age much physically, but often live to the age of 50, where they gradually lose the ability to use their vapor properly and it leaks into their lungs, eventually drowning them. The cause of this has been determined as aging or [REDACTED].

Fumi Guides

Required ReadingBare Minimum Info Packet ((includes the fumi ownership rules))

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[Fumi in a Nutshell] Part 2: Aging and Classes
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Care Essentials
[Expanded fumi guide] Care, Injury, and Restricted Features
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Behavior and Social
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Lifestyle

More fumi information:
Information Center
Fumi Ownership Rules
Masterlist account - LEX-dex


Species, art, and character belongs to me. Fumis are, again, a closed species.
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Giant--Cat's avatar
I saw redacted and Inwas like THIS SOME SCP SHIT OR WHAT
qwertyuv12355's avatar

wait can make one and can i make a adult

Fumi-LEX's avatar
Fumi owners can create a baby version of their fumi, if that's what you're asking!
qwertyuv12355's avatar
Fumi-LEX's avatar
ah, to answer your original question then, I'm afraid you cannot make one for free at this time! You can obtain a fumi through adopt sales, trading one from someone who already has one, purchasing a make your own slot, or participating in a free make your own event when one is being held (I don't have one planned for anytime soon, however)! That being said, I do also have a similar species to fumis that are free to make, if that's something you'd be interested in! They can be found here [Semi-Open Species!] Feebz Guide
GreenCharisard's avatar
Question (since I plan on adding a puggle stage to my ref) do all puggles start brown?
Like, they have simplified markings of their adult self, but do they have to be brown or just a natural color like adult feebz? So like, grays or very soft pinks (My fumi is grey, so it would be weird for him to go from fully brown to gray)

If it has to be brown it's ok, I'll just try to keep it desaturated a lil bit, but still recognizable as such.
Fumi-LEX's avatar
They usually start off as brown, but 'brown' here is defined a little loosely! Browns with different hue undertones (pinkish, purplish, ect. are acceptable) and greys usually are too,as they're desaturated with warm undertones should be fine! I'm not all that strict with how puggles are depicted either, I don't mind if someone decides not to adhere to the canon (making their puggle bright blue or similar) so don't worry too much about it. And you're always welcome to show me what you have in mind if you're hoping to stay close to canon and want to be extra sure! 
GreenCharisard's avatar
Thank you~ 
He's pretty much gray and pink so I'm keeping him to a desaturated grayscale for the puggle stage  :3c

I've taken the habit of adding baby forms for my characters because of Tessarium having so many canon hatchlings hkdgahs
Fumi-LEX's avatar
That sounds fine to me! Oh I feel you there, tessarium's hatchlings are super cute and I see how it'd influence ya to make babies of other characters too! I hope you have fun with it >w</
R00ND0G's avatar
OHH is there such thing as a nurse fumi with attitude? like a small dog type of deal where they act like they're the dominant one?

//or just a mean/ "will fight you" type of feel for a nurse in general lol

important question for my fumi, haha, i was considering her just being a thug fumi but i thought it would be super cute if she were just a sassy and dominant nurse lol
Fumi-LEX's avatar
OH yeah I can totally see a nurse fumi with an attitude like that, it'd be cute! Go hogwild with your fumi's personalities honestly, don't worry too much what the 'norm' would be. 
R00ND0G's avatar
OH YAY SWEET!! thank you so much!!

Hehehe then prepare for a cute little gremlin of a fumi

I've been brainstorming her design all night and I think she's done now, i'm so stoked !! :"D
Fumi-LEX's avatar
No problem at all >w< and I'm glad to hear that!
milkipu's avatar
cabbij's avatar
EDIT: Ahhhhhhhh scratch that! I found it x3
I'm planning to draw myself with my Fumi and Grem and kinda need an 'exact' size :>
How long are thug Fumis? Like from shoulders to butt?
peaceouttopizza23's avatar
Dunno if this has been asked before, but, when a puggle is born, do their markings resemble their adult forms markings, just in "brownscale" for lack of better terms? Or are they just all generally brown and spotted like shown here.
Fumi-LEX's avatar
You're correct, a puggles markings would be a brownscale version of their adult forms, and may also be somewhat simplified too! The puggle shown here is a brownscale of it's adult markings as well, if you look closely. 
peaceouttopizza23's avatar
Ah, alright! I thought that might be the case, I just wasn't sure c:
That's really cute hahah xD
I might just be drawing my fumis as puggles then, for a fun little AU thing if they were all born at the same time or something >w<
Fumi-LEX's avatar
AW man that sounds like a really cute AU, I hope you have fun with it!!
Lyunaire's avatar
I have a weird barrage of questions ahh
- Can a Fumi change classes? (Either canonly (possibly also paid for) or simply by process of a paid for redesign)
- Can a Nurse Fumi be on the more dominant side of submission (if that makes sense)
Fumi-LEX's avatar
No worries, I enjoy answering questions about fumis!

- Canonly speaking, a nurse can maybe transition into a thug class through hormonal treatment, and the same result can happen in reverse (thug to nurse). While thugs can transition 'naturally' into brutes through breeding tourneys, nurses aren't able to without extensive hormonal treatment (thugs can also have hormonal treatment to become brutes too). However once a fumi becomes a brute, they are canologically not able to transition back into the other classes, their change is permanent. Now, with the canon info aside, I do allow owners to interchange their fumi's classes between thug and nurse, and a brute fumi is allowed to become a non-brute. The only one I don't allow outright is changing non-brutes into a brute (since brutes typically cost a little more in MYOs and such, so it would be a little unfair to those who spent more money) however the transformation is achievable through playing the fumi ARPG through the use of Tension Points!

- YEa regardless of what the 'norm' is for the class, owners are actually free to give their fumi any personality/disposition that they would like. Canonly speaking such things are possible, just not very common. 
Lyunaire's avatar
A few more questions ahh x'3
1) So if I wanted to change my nurse foom to a thug I'd just be able to do it with permission? X'3 
2) Does being a thug or nurse have absolutely nothing to do with the actions that Fumi does. What I mean is like, aside from hormonal treatment are Fumis somewhat born either thug or nurse depending on their natural hormones x'3 

Sorry for such strange questions ; I'm working out a bit of a story for my Fumi heh x'3
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