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[Fumi in a Nutshell] Part 1: Basics

Fumis are a closed species, meaning you may not make your own. Customs are closed (but you can bribe me) MYO slots are currently OPEN.

Pictured above is what one would consider the most 'common' type of fumi, the Painted thug class fumi. It is the most practical example of the breed's basic traits, so it will be used as the model for this guide. 

First discovered in the [REDACTED] star system on the planet known as Eremus, whose surface is currently inaccessible due to extreme [REDACTED]

DietThey are opportunistic omnivores with diets consisting of mostly berries/fruit, fish, and small animals.  

RoleThis can be varied, but is most commonly a companion animal. Most fumis are found in captivity but a few small feral populations do exist. 

They are intelligent and social creatures, a level which is comparable to orcas. Whether or not their are sentient is heavily debated, it is generally considered to be [REDACTED] Fumis form groups of 5-15 called fogs with roles determined by a fumi's class, more on that later. 

Fumis communicate primarily with their vapor and body language. Any vocalizations are purely for the benefit of species that can't understand vapor communication, and sound like gecko chirping. 

HabitatFumis are hardy creatures, they can survive in any environment that can keep them hydrated, well-fed, and provides shelter from harsh sunlight. Their body shape; wide, webbed feet; and thick, hairless skin make them good swimmers and they quite enjoy floating or wading in water, making them most adapted for a semi-aquatic environment. These features and the fumi's fuctional nictating membrae (third eyelid), which works to clear debris from it's eyes, also helps a fumi in sandy or snowy areas. Fumis aren't well equipped to live in mountainous, heavily wooded, or tropical areas, but they can and do survive in such environments anyways. 
The most common environment for a fumi is urban, although it is also the most unhealthy for them.

General AnatomyQuadrupedal; digitigrade; 4-5 digits on each paw. Plump body for nutrition storage (tail, belly, front limbs, and rump)
A fumi's large eyesears, and nose help it to be a creature who is very aware of it's surroundings, but they typically show little fear. The fumi's horn(s)tusks, claws, and brute strength/size give them protection against most threats so they don't have a whole lot of things to be scared of, but they won't protect the fumi fr[DATA EXPUNGED]. If a fumi does encounter danger, it can use caudal autotomy to 'drop' it's still-wriggling tail to distract the threat while it makes it's escape. The tail will grow back, but it will commonly grow in discolored and even kinked (unless a splint is used to keep the tail unkinked).

Fumi size varies greatly depending on class and breed!
The chart below (click the thumbnail) shows (from left to right) a gummi, a dwarf (thug), three painted (nurse, thug, and brute), and a snowfumi (calm form).
Fumi Size Chart by Fumi-LEX

Reproduction and Gender
Fumis are considered bidirectional sex changers, a type of sequential hermaphrodite, who are sexually female by default. When certain conditions are met and a fog enters a breeding season, dominant fumis duke it out tournament-like style. The champion of the breeding season is flooded with hormones which temporarily allows it to preform as a male, which it will do with the fog members that where the most attractive (this tends to be the ones who put up the best fight, but may be different depending on the individual). 
Fumis do not naturally have the same concept of gender as humans do, but may adopt it from their caretakers if they wish. A fumi may identify or be referred to with whatever pronouns they wish. ​

Aging and Class:
Painted and dwarf fumis reproduce and age naturally. Adults of these breeds have different appearances and social roles determined by their placement on a hormonal gradient, which is separated into three distinct classes: Nurse, Thug, and Brute. 
Click HERE to learn more about fumi aging and class

Aether and VaporAether is mysterious substance produced in the fumi's blood, it's invloved in many bodily functions. The color of aether differs greatly among individuals. All fumis exhale vapor, which always matches the individual's aether color, and is the main form of communication within the species. While this vapor normally has pleasant properties, a fumi can alter their vapor to become dark and harmful when upset.
Click HERE to learn more about aether and vapor

Vapor SacksAll fumis have a squishy, stretchy pouch which they inlfate during vapor exhalation. When inflated the pouch becomes semi-transparent, allowing the swirling vapor to be seen! Fumis use this inflation as a form of body language. 
Click HERE to learn more about vapor sacks

Tail, Autotomy (dropping and regrowing tails), and InjuryFumis have (oftentimes large) semi-prehensile tails that store some of the fumi's body fat and nutrients. They are capable of voluntarily detatching their own tails via caudal autotomy and it wriggles as if still alive, distracting would-be predators and foes alike. The tail will never grow back exactly like the original tail.
​Fumi hide is tough and more resistant to damage than human skin, and wounds heal very quickly (especially in areas with thinner skin like the mouth, horn(s), vapor sack(s), ect.) Fumi blood is colored by the individual's aether color, so wounds will also display the aether color as will scars (although shallow or older scars will become faded). 
Click HERE to learn more about fumi autotomy and injuries (this information is in the middle of the page)

Skin Textures and MarkingsFumi hide is tough and elasatic, but also velvety soft to the touch. Fumi skin come in such a vast array of markings, colors, and optical effects that no two individuals look exactly alike, even close relatives.
Click HERE to learn more about skin textures and markings

EyesFumi eyes are large and come equipped with fully functioning nictating membranes (third eyelid) to keep them clear of debris. The pupils come in a wide variety of shapes, although some are more difficult to produce than others. 
Click HERE to learn more about fumi eyes and pupils

HornsMost fumis have bony protrusions extending from their skulls, known as horns. These horns are completely covered in skin, and are oftentimes used for mating displays rather than violence. There are many different varieties of horns, although some are more difficult to produce than others.
Click HERE to learn more about fumi horns

EarsFumi ears have large, radar-like ears with ripped insides. Though normally very stiff and cartilaginous, some ears may lack cartilage in certain areas or even, giving them a different shape. Some ear shapes are more difficult to produce than others, though.
Click HERE to learn more about fumi ears

Mouth and TeethFumi muzzles are round and squishy, housing a complex sinus system. The tongue, which should display the color of the fumi's aether on it, are fat and forked at the tip. Many fumis possess tusks, although some tusks types are more difficult to produce than others. 
Click HERE to learn more about fumi mouths and teeth

Restricted FeaturesGenetic defects that have hugely negative impacts on the fumi's physical, mental, emotional, and/or social well-being. These features are categorized as restricted, since they are restricted from public access. Fumi breeders are required by law to turn fumis with these features into the local authorities, and failing to do so results in major repercussions. Even so, individuals with these features still persist in private collections and in wild populations.
Click HERE to learn more about restricted features (this information on the bottom of the page)

Painted and Dwarf Fumi Breeds

Painted Fumi
This breed is widely considered the 'original' one by the general public, although this is not true. Painted fumis are the result of many (mostly failed) experiments done on the true original fumis (dubbed simply as Eremians by those who know of them) These fumis would not have otherwise survived on Earth as their anatomy was suited for completely different environmental conditions. 
Painted fumis get their name from the many colors they are able to come in! These fumis are the most common and are extremely popular as companion animals, although the cost of owning and caring for one tends to be very expensive. All information in the description above, as well as the information in the aging and classes guide, apply directly to this breed.

Dwarf Fumi
This breed is essentially the same as the painted breed, but are bred to be much more petite. Adult dwarf fumi sizes average around the size of a painted rookie (juvenile) although brute dwarfs can grow to be similar in size to a painted nurse class fumi. The same information that applies to painted fumis in the description above, as well as in the aging and classes guide, also apply to the dwarf breed.

Fumi Guides

Required ReadingBare Minimum Info Packet ((includes the fumi ownership rules))

[Fumi in a Nutshell] Part 1: Basics
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Part 2: Aging and Classes
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Gummi Breed
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Snowfumi Breed
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Faerumi
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Seraphumi
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Cannigoomi
[Fumi in a Nutshell] Mushroomi Transformation

[Expanded Fumi Guide] Breeds and Transformations
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Aether and Vapor
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Vapor sacks
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Eyes
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Horns
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Ears
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Mouth
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Markings and Skin

Care Essentials
[Expanded fumi guide] Care, Injury, and Restricted Features
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Behavior and Social
[Expanded Fumi Guide] Lifestyle

More fumi information:
Information Center
Fumi Ownership Rules
Masterlist account - LEX-dex


Species, art, and character belongs to me. Fumis are, again, a closed species. 
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kiddraws123's avatar

Dose this species have a discord?-

Fumi-LEX's avatar

There is a discord for the ARPG for beta testers (just mentioning it to avoid any confusion), but there isn't one for the species as a whole atm!

starryprinxe's avatar
quick question, what is the average weight of say a painted thug, and about how much variation is there in weight between each breed/class?
Fumi-LEX's avatar
I'm admittedly not sure, I haven't done my research on weight compared to height in other animals.
I would think it's something similar to horses or ponies of similar size to the individual fumi, dwarfs probably weigh about 1 and a half more than a dog of similar size to them, maybe? Gummi fumis would be very light, like a small rabbit or chihuahua. Snowfumis would be surprisingly light for their size, although that might be due to their levitating abilities (which makes it hard to accurately weigh them)
starryprinxe's avatar
gotcha, thank you! :D
Fumi-LEX's avatar
No problem at all!
peepkid's avatar
i was wondering if fumis would be able to eat candy or if they could get sick from it?
Fumi-LEX's avatar
It probably depends on the fumi, some individuals might be able to eat a lot of candy and be fine, while it might make others sick. And although I don't think a diet of just candy would be able to properly sustain a fumi, you would be allowed to do that with your own if you really wanted to! It's totally up to you how your own fumi reacts to candy! 
peepkid's avatar
okay great ! i was planning on making my fumi a candy fanatic ! tysm !!!!
Fumi-LEX's avatar
No problem, I'm glad to help out! I hope you have fun!
Roseqalaxy's avatar
SO I was wondering if there was a fumi mascot?? I was gonna make some gift art and I was wondering if there was a specific bby I should draw or if I can just go ahead and pick one of your fumis ;0;
Fumi-LEX's avatar
AW man, that's really sweet of you to offer! The species mascot is the fumi shown in this deviation (he's actually a personal fumi of mine, named Cake!) I have some other fumis you could choose from if you'd want to, but this one is probably closest to the 'default' fumi look!
Roseqalaxy's avatar
alright! tysm <3
CraftyAllie's avatar
Can a Grem2 have a pet Fumi? If i'm correct, don't they live in the same universe?
Fumi-LEX's avatar
Yes and yes! Me and Densy discussed this not too long ago and agreed that fumis could exist on Palleth (grem world) and grems can exist on the unnamed version of Earth fumis live on and vice versa, so your grem could totally have a pet fumi! 
CraftyAllie's avatar
Okay I'm excited now.

I'm thinking of getting a thug fumi MYO as a pet for my Grem2 gal, Mars. She's 5 ft tall so I'm just wondering how tall a dwarf thug or a painted thug would be in relation to her. I'm quite not sure if I want a dog sized fumi, or a more pikachu sized one that rides around on her head. XD 

Also, can very young (like, puggle age) fumis survive being hand-reared or do they need to be with their mothers? 

Thank you for the quick reply! <3
Fumi-LEX's avatar
AW that would be super cute!! It sounds like your grem would stand about as tall as the thug fumi's head (not including the fumi's horn and ears) in the size chart here Fumi Size Chart by Fumi-LEX Either way it sounds like it would be super cute!
Yes, a puggle would survive being hand-raised as long as the person raising them knows what they're doing! And no problem omg!
CraftyAllie's avatar
Sweet! I think I might get a painted thug slot and have her hand raise it from infancy
(it'll make for some funny scenarios once the bab is all grown up and still tries to ride on her head XD)

If that is the case, I just have a couple more questions!

Would it be okay if I draw the new Fumi as a youngster (puggle/rookie) most of the time as long as I clarify that it isn't a dwarf breed?
Are all puggles born brown?
Are puggles the same size as a gummi fumi? Smaller? Bigger?

Also, is there some free lineart I can use to test out designs, or will I need to make my own? 

Sorry for all the questions and thank you for the answers! <3
Fumi-LEX's avatar
OOO I'm a sucker for those types of backstories, they are way cute XwX

For your questions
- Yes drawing them at a younger age would be fine! If you haven't already, you might want to review the aging guide so that you're drawing them correctly for the age you're depicting them at!
- Puggles and gummi fumis are roughly the same size, although with different body proportions (you can compare the size guide I showed you with the puggle on the aging guide) 
- I don't have any lineart specifically made for other people to use, however I do have this zzz. I use it for fumis who don't have artwork I can use for their masterlist, the reason it's low quality is because I didn't want people pretending that they don't have any art for me to use in order to extort free artwork from me. ANYWAYS, if you'd like to use that, you have my permission to reference or trace it as long as you give me credit should you post the resulting image publicly! 
CraftyAllie's avatar
Ahh thank you!

I'll study the guide and make sure to get everything right.
Just to clarify -  all puggles are born brown? Even the ones who won't have any brown on them at all as an adult?

As for that adorable lineart, I was bored so I went ahead and relined it and edited the head a bit in inkscape. Now it's nice and big! 
Fumi Lines by CraftyAllie  
I actually think the edits came out really good, so I figured I'd give it back to you to use if you want.
Maybe you could also give it out to others who just want some lineart to experiment with MYO designs? ^^

I'm going to play around with coloring it for now, and once I've got a design down that I love I'll purchase my slot! 
Thank you so much for answering my questions! 
Fumi-LEX's avatar
Yes, all puggles are born brown (can be different shades and tints of brown) and all rookies are brown with splotches of their adult colors coming in, the aging guide shows an example of how that works!

Aw man that's really sweet of you, but I wouldn't be using it for the reason I made it in the first place if it looks nice and clean! (like I said, the one before was low quality to discourage peeps from trying to get free art out of me) The edits look nice though! 
Alright, I hope you have fun designing! And no problem, I'm glad to help!
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quartz-witch's avatar
do you still have the older fumi trait images that you did with this image by chance? 
Fumi-LEX's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean, the old fumi trait images weren't made with this image? Maybe you're thinking of the images that are in the expanded chapters (links in the image description) or maybe even this RETIRED (which is obviously no longer up to date!)

Just in case though, here are the old trait charts (but please keep in mind that they aren't up to date and shouldn't be followed as official guides!)
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