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Please don't use pings/mentions or dA chat to contact me. Neither consistently notify me, so your message will most likely not be seen. Notes or comments are better! Hello, you can call me Lex!

[ 29 | ♀ | INFP | 4w5 ] Sagittarius (sun) ~ Virgo (moon)

I'm a digital artist with a passion for creature and headworld design! I try to treat others with the same respect that I like to be shown myself. However please do keep in mind that I have high social anxiety. Sometimes I might end up not replying to comments, or my reply is short or strange. This is due to that social anxiety and having trouble figuring out what to say, it's nothing personal!

Please do not be afraid to contact me if you need something!

More information can be found in my FAQ

Queue/to-do list Please click HERE to view.

Other places to find me

Please be aware that I'm most active here on dA! Twitter (public account) Masterlist account (hosted here on deviantart) Tumblr (inactive) Furaffinity (inactive) Weasyl (inactive)

Commission Information This list is not an indication of an opening, it's simply a reference source for prices/information for each respective commission type I've offered (in the past or present). If you are wanting a commission, you may either wait for a public opening via journal or inquire via note (I accept commissions outside of regular openings if/when I have room on my queue to do so comfortably, so it doesn't hurt to ask!) Design Customs (Potion Sippers, Poke'hybrids, and Fumis) - one-off design customs (designs not associated with any species, such as a general monster design) are available but prices will vary depending on art quality/other details, please feel free to inquire via note and I'll calculate a quote for you. General Payment info from the link above still applies to one-offs. Mini/chibi Style Commissions Fumi Commission Hub (fumi crossing YCH, juicy tail YCH, fumi references, transformations) - I might be willing to do commission types that aren't listed
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All 4 slots have been claimed and I'm closing for now, thank you guys! Turnout time for these is estimated to be somewhere between 3 weeks - 2 months. I'll mark this journal as closed when my queue is full, so if it's still listed as open, don't be afraid to comment/note me! (For customs, I may be available for one-offs or other designs as well, though we will need to discuss what you have in mind specifically to determine a price!) Payment Info (General) - Paypal USD only (invoicing highly preferred) please send in a single payment (payment plans not currently accepted). - I'm uncomfortable doing business with accounts that are empty and/or new (below 2 months of age), it sets off red flags for me as I've had bad business with such accounts in the past. If you can provide an older account used by you that isn't empty/new (you can provide it in private, if needed), I may reconsider not doing business with you. - I won't accept payment from a paypal account that you aren't legally
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Custom commissions (pokehybrids, fumis, potion sippers, etc) will have a small opening in a couple hours after I eat dinner! Keep an eye out for the journal if you're interested!
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I’m also a Sagittarius :0 I don’t understand the sun and moon stuff though lol

I saw your work on Keepsake Carbuncles. They’re amazing and adorable. Since you drawn Carbuncles of different kinds in the past. You can try making fan art of a Largebuncle from World of Final Fantasy.

Hi Lex just wanted to tell you! incase you sent me messages/dms on toyhouse and i don't reply in two-ish days feel free to resend em again cuz im always online and i've noticed that toyhouse has also been a bit weird lately

I don't know how many people have asked about it, but, does the species, Fumis, has a Discord server or is it still in progress since then? :o

I apologize for replying so late! The biofumes-ARPG has a discord that is connected to the fumi species for members of the arpg, but otherwise there is currently not a species discord for fumis or one planned!

Ah alright then, also, the arpg join button is currently closed? Like, not accepting newcomers rn?

I am so sorry for replying to this so late, I just saw your message here XwX The arpg is not closed but is currently on development hiatus! You can absolutely join if you're still interested, but things may be pretty quiet here and in the discord!