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Please don't use pings/mentions or dA chat to contact me. Neither consistently notify me, so your message will most likely not be seen. Notes or comments are better! Hello, you can call me Lex!

[ 28 | ♀ | INFP | 4w5 ] Sagittarius (sun) ~ Virgo (moon)

I'm a digital artist with a passion for creature and headworld design! I try to treat others with the same respect that I like to be shown myself. However please do keep in mind that I have high social anxiety. Sometimes I might end up not replying to comments, or my reply is short or strange. This is due to that social anxiety and having trouble figuring out what to say, it's nothing personal!

Please do not be afraid to contact me if you need something!

More information can be found in my FAQ

Queue/to-do list Please click HERE to view.

Other places to find me

Please be aware that I'm most active here on dA! Twitter (public account) Toyhou.se Masterlist account (hosted here on deviantart) Tumblr (inactive) Furaffinity (inactive) Weasyl (inactive)

Commission Information This list is not an indication of an opening, it's simply a reference source for prices/information for each respective commission type I've offered (in the past or present). If you are wanting a commission, you may either wait for a public opening via journal or inquire via note (I accept commissions outside of regular openings if/when I have room on my queue to do so comfortably, so it doesn't hurt to ask!) Design Customs (Potion Sippers, Poke'hybrids, and Fumis) - one-off design customs (designs not associated with any species, such as a general monster design) are available but prices will vary depending on art quality/other details, please feel free to inquire via note and I'll calculate a quote for you. General Payment info from the link above still applies to one-offs. Mini/chibi Style Commissions Fumi Commission Hub (fumi crossing YCH, juicy tail YCH, fumi references, transformations) - I might be willing to do commission types that aren't listed
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Been a little bit since I had a public opening! Opening 3 slots! Turnout time for these will be somewhere between 2 weeks - 1 and a half months. @plumbeach @GabyIsTrash @Scheppen @sweetspea - one claim per person with some exceptions (I may do up to two designs per claim if the designs are meant to be created as a pair. Click for example) (For customs, I may be available for one-offs or other designs as well, though we will need to discuss what you have in mind specifically to determine a price!) Payment Info (General) - Paypal USD only (invoicing highly preferred) please send in a single payment (payment plans not currently accepted). - Payment sent within 2 days of claiming is highly preferred (though if a little more time is needed, exceptions can be made!) - I'm uncomfortable doing business with accounts that are empty and/or new (below 2 months of age), it sets off red flags for me as I've had bad business with such accounts in the past. If you can provide an older
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10 MYO sipper slots are available for purchase! See further information below, and if you're interested in claiming one, feel free to comment! "Welcome to Etherheim" is a worldbuilding project inspired by high fantasy RPG settings (click on the image above or here to visit the site!). I'd like to make it into a game one day, something browser-based with very light ARPG elements, but it's a pretty lofty goal that may take a very long time to reach fruition (if ever). In the meantime, I'd love for others to join me in my worldbuilding adventure, in the form of a closed species community! 'Playable races', potion sippers in particular, are obtainable via adopts, customs, and MYOs. Additionally, owning a player character grants you access to all of Etherheim's 'MSS companions' (semi-open species), which you can freely create and distribute amongst other player character owners! ABOUT - Potion sippers are currently a closed species, meaning only sippers obtained in a official
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do you do custom fakemon designs as commissions?

I do, although I'm not open at this time, I will post a journal (and cross-post on my twitter account) when there's an opening! Thank you for inquiring!

ah ok can't wait for an opening, i really love your art

Can I adopt a fumi?

There aren't currently any available for adoption, I apologize!