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What are fumis?

Fumis are an original species created by Fumi-LEX, they are currently a closed species, meaning you may not make one for yourself under normal circumstances.

Required reading
((includes the fumi ownership rules))

Info center
Custom prices (customs are closed)
MYO prices/openings

How do I obtain my own fumi?

So that all aside, how to obtain a fumi?
- Adoptions (only sold by official designers, listed below)
- Customs (sold by official designers, again, listed below)
- Make your own while paying a fee (Currently OPEN!)
- Trading/buying/or receiving one as a gift from someone else please remember that I need to be informed if a fumi is being traded/gifted/sold away

Having trouble getting a fumi?

You might consider getting a feebz!
Feebz, unlike fumis, are a semi-open species. You can read more about them here [LINK]

The Creator
It's me, the creator of the species!
Lead Designers
They are allowed to create fumis for themselves or for others without restriction (mostly)!
They aren't allowed to sell/trade/gift mutant fumis though, please don't pester them for mutants.

:iconvcr-wolfe: :iconmrgremble:
The members listed here are allowed to design fumis to sell via flatsales, auctions, cash-only OTAs, CYOPs, or customs!
They are not allowed to create mutant or carrier breed fumis, or use restricted or unique features, however.

:icon5019: :iconraevei: :iconalunaa: :iconarukanoda: :iconumbral-wind: :iconcrowlets: :iconedelilah:
:iconfaios: :icongoatr: :iconhydrabones: :iconinkray: :icongh0styb0i: :iconalkemistry: :iconmoriartea-time:
:iconodvunir: :iconpiecuddlie: :iconpitbullie: :iconblackpyres: :iconskelefrog: :iconstarosis: :iconstoried:
:iconstoryshepherd: :iconscootistry: :iconmarshmu: :icontorntethers: :iconlastnight-light:





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GabyIsTrash Featured By Owner May 20, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've traded and bought two fumis and have been waiting for their masterlists (Seen here… and here… ) to get updated and was wondering how long it usually takes c:
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ObeliskValhala Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2021
can i join ? 
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ethanoI Featured By Owner Edited Mar 1, 2021  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there! I was wondering if Fumis had some kind of Discord server that isn't limited to just members of the ARPG? I don't like my chances of being able to join while it's in closed alpha but I also really want to find some place to hang out and chat about the species and my characters :'D
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Xerxes-Texas-Toast Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Hello! Is it permissible to pop into the Discord server to sell or trade a Fumi, or is it for ARPG activity only?
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AnzuNite Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2020
hi! i was just wondering if the discord for the arpg is still up/active?
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