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Ultimate Blanka colors



i dug the lines o' this guy so colored him up to se his bio check out the original pic (lines)
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Awesome work sir!
I dig the bio you wrote up.
I know most people think that the 95 SF movie was crap but I dig it for the camp and for the fact that it made some interesting additions to SF's weak ass plots.
I think yer version of the Guile, Nash, Bison "triangle" works well. They actually have a past with enough room for twists and turns as well as peaks and valleys.
Yer design is nice too. The spikes give him a bit more menace, plus since charlie's in there too, he'd be a serious threat. Also, with this redux he has a real story. Waaay beter than those lame-ass ankle shackles.
Check out kasF [link] he did a camy re-design.
So far he rounds out the group in this jam.
Good shite!