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A tragedy

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A horrible misunderstanding...
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Wait...where's Donnie?
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Love this so much!
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I like it but just saying, Mario isn't bald.
Ok. It was meant as a joke though
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Oh. OK It's a cool drawing
dnaexmosn's avatar
Genius, it takes a little bit to realize what actually happened because the turtle shells and splinter are a little dark and at a small image size it looks like casey jones is jason.  This may actually work for the image in the end, because the split second to realize -why- makes it all the more funny.
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Such a creative concept. I really like this. The colors and design all work so well together. Excellent work.
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awwwwwwww hahaha....thats so sad and cute...
Temporalvisions's avatar
HA HA HA!!!! Awesome!
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God this is so genius!!
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Good think Donny survived! :D
A great masterpiece of black comedy. Poor mario, his muscle memory was faster than his mind.
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In Mario's defense, if I was used to be attacked by turtles and saw the TMNT, I jump first and ask questions later...

Just give them a minute. They'll pop back out of their shells none the worse for wear.
neopie's avatar
Haha very noice, that damn mario just assuming every turtle is up to no good.:shifty::toast:
DarqfangofSeido's avatar
Um, what's Jason doing here?
MorriganXWarden's avatar
That's actually Casey Jones, who wears a hockey mask whenever he works as a vigilante.
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