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"Your wrath has swept over me; your dreadful assaults destroy me"
- the Spirit of Jesus Christ speaking through Psalm 88:16

"He was crushed for our sins; upon Him was the punishment that brought us peace."
- Isaiah 53:5

"He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness"
- 1 Peter 2:24
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Thank you Yashua ✞
Wow! What a descriptive image of the one who absorbs the wrath we deserve! Well done.
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This is magnificent. The power of Jesus Christ is so visual and obvious. Really, really good.
Thank you.
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This drawing and this video (heck, ALL your videos!) are incredible. Thank you for sharing your talent for His Kingdom.
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i love this one.. it's just wowwwwieeeooo.. God bless u for the efforts u've put into this work..!! n the video u added this to is super amazing..! dude u should totally put up more images..! looking forward to that! :) :) :)
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That Christ took the Father's wrath for us is a point we many times forget. I bought a print to hang in my home to remind me and others of just this point. Thank you!
My favorite scene from my favorite video that you made!!!!!!!!! Thank you so, so, so, so much for your faithful ministry to making God BIG in our lives. I pray that the Lord will continue to glorified in all that you do for His kingdom! These videos have had such a big impact on the faith of my family and to the small but awesome youth group we have been teaching!
Are you by any chance in Canada? I'd love to meet and exchange some creative ideas with you, and just share in God's knowledge and love, cheers!
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Oh praise the Lord! This is my favorite SCENE from the video you made with this image in it!!!!!! I am amazed and breathtaken by the Kindness of our SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!! BLESSED BE HIS NAME HE TOOK MY PLACE!!!!!!!! THIS IMAGE CAPTURES SUCH BEAUTY, CHRIST'S BLOOD IS BEING SPRINKLED UPON THIS MAN. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!
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Cereal, the explosion is just a visual way of representing the wrath of God that Christ absorbed on the cross. It also harkens back to the fire that fell on the sin and guilt offerings at the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
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...this is from my favorite animation of yours!
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Love this, these resources are such perfect timing for me, just had a text inviting me to lead a lesson on expressing faith through Art. I'll be showing your pics to inspire the young people. Thank you thank you thank you
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Awesome! I'm glad to hear (though, not suprised) that God's timing is perfect!
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