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Field Team Leader x Reader

Author’s Note: So I know that Monster Hunter World has not created any names for their characters, but it’s kind’ve hard to write ‘Field Team Leader’ every time so I gave him the name Maximus for this story.  It’s more a pilot and I hope you all enjoy!
(Y/N): Your Name
(P/N): Palico’s Name
(F/M): Favorite Material
(F/W): Favorite Weapon
Making it back to Astera was a long journey from the Coral Highlands.  However, my Palico (P/N) and I made quite a haul with materials especially slaying a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.  I made it down to the trade yard to turn in some various herbs to the Lead Botanist and collect some bounties from the Resource Center.
“Meowster,” (P/N) called.  “Can we take a break?”
(P/N) plopped down and began gr
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Mature content
Fallen (Raphael x OC) Ch. 4 :iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 0 0
Fallen (Raphael x OC) Ch. 3

Another one down.  The ring man announced that I had won the fight.  Knowing how late it was getting I decided to call it and collect the money I had won.  Once I collected my money, I grabbed my backpack then quickly made my way away from the fight club as fast as I could.  I draped my hood over my head and kept to the alleys to get back home, I really didn’t want to run into some Purple Dragons on the way.
With my neighborhood in view I felt I was in the clear until I heard a scuffle around the corner.  Curiosity getting the best of me, I noticed there was a full on brawl going on with some men wearing all black and the turtles.  Also, I could see a skull faced hockey mask fighting as well.
While Uncle Casey was fighting off two people, I noticed someone tried to jump on his back from behind.  Without thinking I ran over grabbing a nearby trashcan lid then I threw it at him before he could
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Fallen (Raphael x OC) Ch. 2

Months later it was becoming a regular occasion that I visit the turtles.  We were getting along great, especially me and Raphael, and for the first time in a long time I had friends.  Even Master Splinter enjoyed my company, mostly because I was so intrigued about learning more about Japan and Ninjutsu.  When the turtles would go out on their nightly patrol that’s when I would go home while trying to avoid the turtles following me.
However, things weren’t so dilly-dally once I left the sewer.  I would have to make up an excuse to my mom and Steve as to where I’ve been.  Usually, I’ve been getting by with saying that I’m hanging out with Uncle Casey, which is not an entire lie.  Steve pressed more than anything about my whereabouts trying to insist that I am doing illegal stuff or I’m whoring around.  Yeah Steve and I really don’t get along.
I grabbed my portfolio, stuffed i
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Fallen (Raphael x OC) Ch. 1

Name: Mia Jones
Age: 15 turning 16
Family: Sarah Jones (Mother), Casey Jones (Uncle)
Author’s Note: All the turtles are going to be around 17 age range and this is the 2003 version.
My lungs were burning as I ran through the dark alleys of New York trying to lose some low-life thugs that were chasing me.  
*Dammit!  I can never catch a break!*

“That way!”
I knocked down a nearby trashcan to try and slow them down then I turned down another alley only to be met with a dead end.
I slammed my hands against the wall.  I could hear my pursuers getting closer and the only escape route I could see was a manhole cover.  But if I disappear now, they will know where I went because that’s my only escape route.  The heavy footsteps were getting closer so I took a defensive stance while grabbing a nearby trashcan lid for defense.
Three men of the Purple Dragons gang rounded th
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Jealousy (Soundwave x Reader)

It’s been a few weeks since I was turned into a human and it was not so bad after the first week.  Knockout and Soundwave had to install a bathroom for me, along with a small kitchen for me to prepare meals for myself.  Learning a new lifestyle to survive was difficult at first, but I have to keep going if I was going to be turned back into a Cybertronion.
One of the main things that hurt was the fact that Soundwave barely spoke to me anymore and refused to spend any time with me.  I understand that he’s not attracted to me anymore, but is that really a reason to ignore me?  I mean we were so close, and I was beginning to have a deeper love for him…but he decided to act like a complete slagtard!
I leaned back on my bed that I had in my berthroom just mulling the thoughts in my head about how much I missed Soundwave.  To distract myself, I took the most infiltration missions from Megatron and I was hanging o
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Treasure (Mihawk x OC) Final

Marcelina’s POV

A cold chill ran down my spine stirring me from my sleep.  Groaning slightly I opened my eyes feeling heavy blankets towering over me.  Pushing the blankets down I leaned up feeling the bruises around my body ache.  
Looking around my room I didn’t see my Papa anywhere.  Maybe he was tired and he went to bed.  In my hand I felt something wrapped around my fist; I looked down and noticed my Mama’s sash.  I clutched onto her sash and I hugged it to myself missing her touch.  I felt tears well up in my eyes, I missed my Mama.
“I’m sorry Mama…I should have listened.”
Crying into her sash, I let the memories of what happened flash before my eyes.  The dolphin, my reflection, then those amber eyes that formed through the water.  It just attacked us from under the boat.  I remember the sky changing to a storm, then
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Oops (Soundwave x Reader)

There were no energon signals in the area I was sent to.  All there was, was a mass of dense forest.  Deciding to call it, I flew back to the Nemesis while avoiding Air Marshalls.  Didn’t want to get my new wings damaged.  When I landed on the runway of the ship I was met by Knockout.
“What’s up Knockout?”
“Just checking on you and your new wings.  Flying pretty smooth with the new modifications, if I do say so myself.”
I rolled my optics, “Yes Knockout, you are an amazing mechanic for wings.  Thank you very much.”
“You’re quite welcome.  Now I’m also here because I just brought in a new relic and I thought that you would like to see it first before I take it in to Megatron.”
“Ohh, sounds like trouble.  I like it, let’s go see!”
We hurried down to corridors to the med bay so we can get a good look at this new relic before
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Redemption (Soundwave x Reader)

Starscream’s POV

I tapped my pede while crossing my servos over my cockpit waiting on Megatron to meet me in my quarters to discuss the situation with (C/N).
“Where is that fragging—?”
“Finish that sentence and I’ll remove your glossa Starscream,” he finally entered.
“Wouldn’t be the first time you threatened me with that.”
“What is this about Starscream?”
“You know slagging well what this is about Megatron!  It’s about your sparkling and you lacking the ability to be a parent!”
“Be a parent?  Starscream, if you recall I told you from the beginning that I am a leader, a ruler, not a parent.”
“Need I remind you that you embraced the thought of having an heir once you found out that I was carrying.  Remember Megatron, it takes two to create and you had no problem creating (C/N) with me.”
“Starscream you were ord
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Something Precious (Sephiroth x OC) Ch. 14

Tears kept falling down my face while I cradled Angeal to me.  What have I done?  His blood stained my hands and dress and mixed with my tears.  No, he can’t die on me; I’m not going to let him die like this.  Shaking my head to pull myself together.
I laid him down and began ripping parts of his shirt off and placed them on his wounds then wrapped the rest of the shirt around his torso to hold it in place.
“No way, you’re not going down like this Angeal.”
After gathering our weapons, I lifted him up onto my shoulders fireman style and ran out of the plaza.  I was not going to let it end like this, he’s giving his life to bring me home, now it’s time that I return the favor.  Doors from the south entrance burst open and foot soldiers were coming quickly towards us.  Against my better judgement, I opted to run because I couldn’t risk any more time.
Running as fast as I
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For Nothing (Sasuke x Reader) Oneshot

*~Four Years Ago~*
“Sasuke!  Please stop!  Don’t do this!”
Sasuke was staring down at an unconscious Naruto debating whether to finish him off or not.  His eyes shifted to my direction where I was standing at the edge of the lake.  Taking a big gulp, I stepped onto the lake towards him.
“You are stupid to have come here (Y/N),” he said.
“I had to come.  I won’t let you kill my best friend.”
“I thought we were best friends first.  So you care about Naruto, but you don’t care about me leaving?  Some girlfriend you are.”
“Coming from the one who broke up with me unexpectedly,” I snapped.  “But I’m not here for that, I don’t want you to hurt anyone else and…and I don’t want you to leave.  You don’t have to go with Orochimaru to become stronger.”
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Final

“Here you are Mr. Iceburg,” I handed the permits over.
“Thank you (Y/N).  Today is your last day right?”
“Just for a little while.  I’ll be back out there in the yard once I’ve settled in with the new baby.”
“Yes, you look like you’re about to deliver any day now,” he commented.
“Soon I hope.  I’m getting tired of lugging this little one around.”
“I’ve noticed that Lucci has not put in to take time off to be with you when the baby is born.  Why is that?”
“It’s no secret that Lucci is staying on his best behavior due to the circumstances; even taking all the grunt work, overtime, even overnight work.  He really wants to change.”
“I see someone else that’s changed,” he smirked.
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
“Calm down,” he chuckled.  “I mean that y
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 6

Things were getting back to normal over the past few months.  The shipwrights and Iceburg rebuilt Headquarters and we repaired the yard.  It was so nice to get back to my job again, and having time to spend with the boys.  I focused on them to keep my mind off of my heartache.  
In truth it has become difficult to get over Lucci, I put an act on for the boys so they would not worry so much.  I’ve gotten to a good place now where I couldn’t see him everywhere I went and I could get some decent sleep.  I wonder if my dad went through this same thing when my mom left him?  
My thoughts were interrupted when Bubba jumped up to sit on my stomach while I was lying sprawled out on the couch.
“Oof!  Hey what gives?!”
“You’ve got mail!  Can I see?”
I snatched the envelope from his hands then gave a weak glare.
“No, it’s addressed to me.  If I feel like it,
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Only Exception (Lucci x Reader) Ch. 5

“Sissy!” Damon called.
“I’m in the kitchen, what is it?”
“Someone’s here to see you!”
I wiped my hands on the dish towel then went over to my front door to be greeted by a man with pinkish hair and half of his face covered by a leather mask.
“Who are you?”
“Come on you must know me by now (Y/N)?”
“Excuse me?”
The man smirked and snickered.  His laugh sounded vaguely familiar.
“Think back to seventeen years ago, when I dragged your pathetic father out of Water 7 onto the Sea Train to Ennies Lobby.”
Suddenly, a flash of memories flew by my eyes; me running after my father while he was being arrested and loaded onto the Sea Train.
“Or,” he interrupted my thoughts, “you may remember me as his father.”
The man pointed at Damon who was clinging to my pant leg.  Now, I remember.
“You’re Spandam.”
Pushing Damon
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Broken Wings (Soundwave x Reader)

Reading my scanner I was getting closer to an energon signal.  Megatron sent me to the tundra by myself to investigate this signal and discover if it’s a weapon we could use or a dud.  The cold was reacting with my audio receptors, so it was becoming increasingly difficult to communicate back to the Nemesis.  I had to be careful in this cold area because I could be frozen here.
“Where is it?” I asked to no one in particular.
Suddenly there were voices coming from the end of the cavern I was walking through.  Autobots, and one of them sounded like Optimus Prime.  Great just what I need, to be outnumbered in the tundra against Autobots.  However, I could trap them down here if I was able to cause a cave in.  With a sinister grin, I made my way to the end of the cave to an opening where I saw both Optimus and Bulkhead digging into the icy wall.  Vaguely, I could see a small container and I was as
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Mature content
Star Cross Sparks (Knockout x Reader) Final :iconfullmoonwolf:fullmoonwolf 4 0



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Overwatch oneshot? 

4 deviants said Soldier 76
4 deviants said Hanzo Shimada
3 deviants said Genji Shimada
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