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Soshun Murasame

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Prototype #1 = Experiment: Resurrection

Soshun was Junko’s first attempt to bring someone back from the dead, he was chosen because of the nature of his death. After 65 painstakingly long tests, with various chemical tests, physical alterations, and other various surgeries and trials, we somehow brought him back from death. Eventually we figured out the specific combination of chemicals and surgeries that achieved this and allowed the subject’s body to resume homeostasis.

The first chemicals used destroy all the enzymes and bacteria that would usually decompose the body after death. The next part of this was repairing the injured organ(s)(the throat and windpipe, in this case), and then adding and correcting the tissues of all the other vital organs. This was a surprisingly complicated process, and we ended up removing chunks of tissue, blood vessels, muscle,and fat from his thighs and upper arms and used it to correct and heal the vital organs. (In the future, a prototype cloning device that is also in development will be used to create healed tissue, since it’s been able to successfully clone specific types of cells, just not an entire person.)

The next procedure we can determine worked was a variety of other chemicals, enzymes, and nutrient supplements that slowly worked together to heat the body back up and return organ function. The last part of the revival process was a special combination of artificially made neurotransmitters directly injected into the brain, and a series electric shocks that return memories and start up brain function for good.

Since we took a lot of tissue from his arms and legs, we also altered the humerus and femur bones, and added nerves, blood vessels and muscle to it, so he can walk and move properly despite the state of his limbs. Another side effect from the experimentation was the discoloring of his skin which is now a greenish hue (how fitting…), and the yellowing of the whites of his eyes. This is expected to happen with every subject since it’s caused by chemicals necessary to the process. However, the color change of his hair was the result of an unnecessary test, so future experiments will not inherently have this alteration.

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That explains to the chapter 0 part :|