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Sonosuke Izayoi

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Experiment #58 = Dragon Replica/ Adaptation

Description of Experiment: While the original plan for a dragon experiment was destroyed, something like this seemed too fitting for Sonosuke, so we re-made it. Horns were drilled into the head and hands were modified. Teeth were altered, and a tail was added to the spine and dragon wings were added to the back. Chemicals added caused the ears to change and the eyes to become lizard-like. Red scales have also been forming on the subject’s body as a result. The lungs and throat were modified so the subject can breathe fire.

History: Izayoi was taken along with subject #57, Ruruka Andou, when the two tried to escape Hope’s Peak through the pool room and were caught by Kiibo and Mukuro. He was confused when he woke up with his new form, but his focus immediately turned to the safety of subject #57. He’s become very aggressive and often tries to attack the staff, and often fails because of the tranquilizer bracelet. The only one who can easily calm him down is subject #57, and the two talk often.

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what is demon replica/adaptation?

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Oh no he's hot! 

(I love him too much and if someone doesn't get the reference you had no childhood)
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What's after this group? hit list targets?