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Seiko Kimura

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Experiment #60 = Kiyohime Replica/ Sea Serpent Hybrid

Description of Experiment: Seiko’s experiment was based off of the Folklore tale of Kiyohime, a woman abandoned by her lover, who turned into a serpent out of pure rage when she chased after him. Horns were drilled into the subject’s head and hands were replaced with better adapted claws. Chemicals added and modifications to the lungs allow the subject to breathe both on and land and in water, side effects being the formation of large fangs and the ears to become fin-like. Since she can breathe air as easily as water, we added a serpent tail to the subject’s spine, but she still has her legs unlike the other aquatic experiments.We modified the lungs and throat, like we did to subject #58, so she can also breathe fire. We also keep her on medications so she is constantly in her “beast mode”, which changed the whites of her eyes to black, hair grows much faster, and she is almost always enraged and aggressive.

History: Once half of the Future Foundation heads were gone, Seiko decided to end the lab by taking strength enhancing pills and going down into the lab. She ended up going to Sector 1, where all the subjects there had recently been let out. Instead of attacking Junko’s ex-minions or even Kichiro, she ended up turning her attention to Michiko, and then to Kiibo and Mukuro once they started to try to apprehend her. She eventually was knocked down once the drugs wore off. After the experiment, she’s always aggressive and often tries to break out of her cell, which we have reinforced so she can’t get out. She often talks about killing the people who made her a monster, and about killing subjects #57 and #58.

The Dangan Ronpa Lab au future foundation are made by me, pommefrite-official (pommefrite-official), birb-noisesmintflavouredtentaclesKnackMaster77hufflepoofing, and Skydendrin. (The mods of the lab au blog)
Dangan Ronpa Lab Au Seiko's Sprite is made by Skydendrin
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Any chance I can undergo the same experimentation as Seiko cause she looks awesome