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Ruruka Ando

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Experiment #57 = Candy Link

Description of Experiment: Being a confectioner, it seemed fitting to turn her into a living piece of candy. Organs were modified, and sugary chemicals were added, to raise the sugar concentration of the subject’s body. Eyes changed color and have swirl patterns . The wrist and lower neck of the subject contains extra sugars, and cotton candy-like candy has formed there. It does not hurt her if the cotton candy puffs are eaten or removed, as they grow back, and come off fairly easily.

History: Ruruka was taken along with subject #58, Sonosuke Izayoi, when the two went to the pool room in Hope’s Peak to escape through an unguarded window. The two were followed by Kiibo and Mukuro. Ruruka ended up pushing Izayoi into the pool to get away but ended up being caught along with him and both were dragged to the lab. She started sobbing and saying that she was a monster after seeing what was done to her, and demanded to see subject #58. Sometimes we tear off the candy puffs and eat them, just for the despair of it. She often talks to subject #58.

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That bitch looks cute... seiko best look bad ass
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Ando: Begone my husbando be a sacirfice
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Hey girl, you are not a monster. if anything you look adorable. I'm actual serious about Ando being adorable. And look on the bright side, UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF CANDY! If it were me, I'd be happy, shock and possibly tramatized, but still happy.
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yeah and lucky for her she's not all candy (so her flesh isn't any more edible than regular human) and the puffs grow back.
(It's ironic that she calls herself a monster considering what her boyfriend looks like.)
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I actually feel bad for her.
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