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Miaya Gekkougahara

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Experiment #62 = Super Cyborg Adaptation/ Half Robot

Description of Experiment: Miaya was made into an even more advanced version of both subjects #10, and #34. Internal structure was modified to be stronger and more robotic, and skin was carefully removed bit by bit and replaced with advanced metal plating armor. Eyes and ears removed and replaced with advanced robotic sensors. The special headpiece allows the subject to talk with subject #30, Chiaki Nanami. Two mechanical limbs were also added to the subject’s upper back, and they act as weapons/sensors.

History: Miaya, along with the remaining few, were trying to escape once Gozu gave them a chance to escape. Unfortunately for them, someone had told the staff about the plan, and she and subject #63, Koichi Kizakura, were ambushed. Subject #50, Monaca Towa decided to join the capture, and attacked Miaya with a switchblade. Eventually, Miaya was captured and taken to the lab. She was terrified seeing her new form, barely recognizing her own voice. She hasn’t used any of her new abilities yet and instead spends her time talking to the neighboring experiments and to subject #30.

The Dangan Ronpa Lab au future foundation are made by me, pommefrite-official (pommefrite-official), birb-noisesmintflavouredtentaclesKnackMaster77hufflepoofing, and Skydendrin. (The mods of the lab au blog)
Dangan Ronpa Lab Au Miaya's Sprite is made by Skydendrin

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