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Kyosuke Munakata

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Experiment #56 = Wraith Replica

Description of Experiment: This experiment was an interesting one, and a lot of chemicals were added and modifications done, to give the subject the smoke-like appearance of a wraith. Chemicals were added and the organs were modified to make the subject lighter and give the subject movements more like a ghost, and also turned the eyes black. Unfortunately the chemicals reacted with the tranquilizer that was shot rear his right eye, ended up messing it up.  More chemicals were added to make the body wispier, mostly in the legs, causing them to completely dematerialize and become more like a mass of smoke. Because of the modifications and lack of proper legs, the subject hovers above the ground like a ghost.

History: Since we learned about his plans from subject #55, Ryota Mitarai, we decided to take him straight to the lab when we abducted the Future Foundation heads. He immediately threatened Kichiro once he woke up after the operation, but since he wasn’t used to moving his new form, he wasn’t able to attack any of the staff members in the operating room. He’s still getting used to his new form, and doesn’t talk much to the staff or neighboring experiments.

The Dangan Ronpa Lab au future foundation are made by me, pommefrite-official (pommefrite-official), birb-noisesmintflavouredtentaclesKnackMaster77hufflepoofing, and Skydendrin. (The mods of the lab au blog)
Dangan Ronpa Lab Au Kyosuke's Sprite is made by 
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what is wraith replica?

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I've never even seen the anime why am I here oh well at least it's pretty interesting XD
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i'm glad you did a Danganronpa 3 sprites, i wish you can make a sprite of Gozu 
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Don't you worry about that you'll see. Upupupup~ 
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skydendrin.deviantart.com/ did all the ff sprites for the au. they've all already been posted on the tumblr, as well.
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oooh, i see
and there's nothing in the Tumblr, is empty the page
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