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Koichi Kizakura

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Experiment #63 = Comatose Telepath

Description of Experiment: When obtaining the subject, we ended up knocking him out with so much force that it ended up sending him into a coma. Instead of letting him die, we ended up modifying his body and keeping him in a tank. During all of this, we noticed that his brain was sending out very strong mental signals, most likely due to his ability to scout out ultimates. Further tests have enhanced these mental signals, and he can telepathically communicate to people from any location, though the headpiece allows us to limit this range to the cells next to his, and a few people he was close with and had pre-existing strong mental links. The headpiece on his head also contains poisons, which can be used to kill him if he tries anything suspicious.

History: After the fight with subject #50, Koichi was left behind to be captured later. Instead of letting that happen, he decided to go into the lab and find out as much as he could about it before his capture so he could help in a potential escape. He didn’t find what he was looking for… but found something he really shouldn’t have. When Junko herself knocked him unconscious, both she and Kichiro (Who was in the room with her) got a terrible headache for a minute. Once this happened Junko decided to see what had happened to him and discovered that he had been put in a coma somehow, and that his mental energy was extremely heightened. The headset allows us to limit the range of the telepathic abilities to the cells next to him, but he seems to have a pre-existing long-range mental connection with subject #12, Kyoko Kirigiri, Subject #55, Ryota Mitarai, and subject #56, Kyosuke Munakata, so he communicates with them along with subject #62, and #64.

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I didnt know who it was till I read
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out of all the experiments, this one's the most relatable because he sleeps all day and is confused as hell and honestly me too koichi