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Juzo Sakakura

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Experiment #33=Wolf Adaptation/ Werewolf Replica

Description of Experiment: Hands were amputated and replaced with more adapted ones. A tail was attached to the spine and connected to nerves, and ears were replaced with wolf ears. Both the tail and ears are quite sensitive. Teeth were sharpened as well. Hearing and sense of smell have also been enhanced. A special collar was put on the subject, to prevent him from fighting back.

History: The experiment has a long history with the headmaster, Michiko Tsukiko. Brother and sister, older brother, and little sister. Before the trial was over, the experiment decided to give himself up for the sake of his sister. The "clones" had put him in the basement tied up until Michiko arrived with a couple of "surprises". When she saw him, she was surprise that he gave himself up. She told him that his comrades left him behind, and handed him a cupcake to calm him down. He was passed out, as Michiko took him to the laboratory to be changed. After being experimented on, Juzo woke up to a smell of sweets. He saw Michiko eating some cake, and tried to attack her, but couldn't due to the shock of the collar around his neck. He then looked at himself in horror of what he become, and question his sister on why she did this. She walked over to him and hugged him stating that he's here to protect her and that she only did it for love. The experiment stays with Michiko now as her loyal pet as they both work together on the "surprises"

K.Y Notes: Juzo Sakakura is a very interesting patient. His dedication to his younger sister despite her betrayal is very intriguing to say the least. While the patient refuses to speak to me, on occasional visits I’ve overheard him murmuring to himself about someone named “Munakata”. I’ll have to look into this, perhaps Miss Michiko knows something??

(Note: Michiko Tsukiko is a new oc of mine's that I will explain after all the v3 experiments have been revealed)

The Dangan Ronpa Lab au V3 kids are made by me, pommefrite-official (pommefrite-official), birb-noisesmintflavouredtentaclesKnackMaster77hufflepoofing, and Skydendrin. (The mods of the lab au blog)
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Yeah, that guy sure makes a good werewolf, if his massive fur collar doesn't give it up XD
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Owww xd el mas sano de estas versiones xD 
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omg he looks amazing