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Experiment #59 = Plant Link

Description of Experiment: The subject has been made part plant. Unlike the tree on subject #47, Rantaro Amami, the plants on this experiment contain his DNA, and are more like extra limbs or organs. The subject’s blood has been altered and contains a lot of Chlorophyll, which inevitably caused parts of the skin to turn green. The vine-like plants were then surgically attached to the subject. The subject can move the vines to some extent, and they seem to respond to the subject’s emotions, thorns poke out of the vines whenever the subject is distressed or upset. The subject will also glow under sunlight, the cause of which we are still researching.

History: Subject #59 went to investigate the lab’s entrance with subject #65. Chisa ended up secretly betraying him and locking him in a room without him noticing, and then left while Mukuro then broke into the room and attacked him while he was cornered. He was pretty scared when he woke up, but still refused to harm any of the lab’s staff despite his strength. He sometimes talks with the staff when they check up on the subjects.

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what is plant link?

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He looks so offended-
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He is like "I just wanted to plant shit you son of a bish!"

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Everyone in the lab is suffering.
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I k n o w
He doesnt look that suffering tho
Just so downrigt offended!