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So i am in need of a artist who can do a comic for me that can be finished by october of a Woman turning into a Were-Bat(Think manbat only female ). If anybody is interested or knows somebody please note me ^_^
So all my ideas for my 31 nights slots have been filled but if your still interested in doing soemthing feel free to let me know :)
i was thinking i could use my FA account to post all the preview images of the paysets ( then i could even post the ones i cant post here)  My FA account just kinda sits there and does nothing..i would still post about the paysets here as well. but the preview pages would be there
is there any discord servers dedecated to tf?
so i have a discord so if anybody wants to chat wioth me on discord note me and ill give ya my Id
well you all voted and Batgirl come out on top so guess batgirl will be turning into something under a full moon this october ;) Never fear tho the others will likely get used as well at some point.
A brand new Comic that i am hosting from :iconsavagefleshtf: . More werewolf antics because of being absent minded during a full moon. $5 for 10 pages B&W Werewolf transformation comic.

Click here to buy comic:…

Also here: Buy Now
Just wanna say thanks for all the B-Day wishes yesterday :)
I just want to say thank you to everybody that has bought reefer moonlight. Sales have been phenomenal and way beyond anything i could have expected.
Also thank you to all the new customers who have recently discovered my store. Lastly given the very robust sales that continue you guys will get a full slate for
the 31 nights this year ^_^

PS any artist who want might be looking for commissions, feel free to contact me i am always looking for new artist to feature.
Paje was having a hard night working the bar. So during a break she decided to smoke some weed to chill out. Unfortunately it was a new kind dusted with moon dust. Apparently smoking it under a full moon is a bad idea, as you will find out. $6 for 13 pages of high quality colored comic pages.

click here to see the free preview pages: Reefer Moonlight preview 01 by FullMoonMaster     

Mature Content

Reefer Moonlight Preview 02 by FullMoonMaster

commission by: Bonete

click here to buy: Buy Now

click here to buy my other paysets:
Last update..i literally just finished the dialogue. having it proof read. its possible might be out late tonight but more then likely tommorrow!
So it will not be ready today but i am going to try and have it ready by tuesday assuming all goes to plan :)
Unfortunately there may be slight delay in the release. Im having trouble finishing the dialogue. I am hopefully i will get it done tho just letting people know :(
to all those who are curious Reefer Moonlight, the new payset shall premier this weekend!
The first of hopefully many commissions from other people that i sell thru my E-Junkie store. Now for sale is a commission for :iconbanned4noreasonneway: from :iconmikemcelwee: This is one page from a collection of 3 female hulk out comic in a bundle for $15 bucks.

Examples of the comics:

Her Dream Comes True by FullMoonMaster              PT Hulkout by FullMoonMaster             

Mature Content

Rita by FullMoonMaster

Hopefully it will be here before the end of June!
so i commissioned a artist on Nov 23rd to do a comic for me and paid half upfront. and i have yet to receive even some sketches and very little communication. am i being unreasonable being a bit ticked off about it?
Been a looong time since i was this into hockey and i finally have team to root for. So ill just say GO KNIGHTS!!
will get back to responding to notes and stuff within the next day or 2
As of now I am going into radio silence. Will still try to check notes when possible.