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Seven Doors: Kio



Kio. Sometimes called "Koi" and "Fur-Bag".

~6 million years*.


Basic Information
*Kio is the last of Epicyon Haydeni, a now-extinct species of canine that existed in Earth's early-late Miocene. After the others of her species eventually starved to death, and on the brink of destruction herself, Kio was "taken" to Limbo, where she existed along with the last of many other now-extinct species of animals for the next 6 million years.

When the Doctor's TARDIS crash-landed in Limbo, Kio was more than happy to leave the realm and become the Doctor's companion.

Because of her inability to speak as humans do, she usually communicates in grunts and growls. However, in her state of immortality due to her time spent in Limbo, her mind is highly developed and she can easily process human speech, and she has recently started learning written English.

Kio is usually the first to leap into battle (largely in part because she, unlike the others, has no chance of dying) and is willing to kill to defend her companions.

Kio likes reading, destroying Edward's video games, and stashing everyone else's personal belongings in undisclosed locations throughout the TARDIS.

She dislikes theatre, small rodents, bananas, and the prospect of returning to Limbo.

Seven Doors Characters
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I'm so sorry that I didn't post this yesterday. I had to go into work earlier than usual and didn't get a chance to finish it.
The Doctor's character bust will be finished tomorrow; I promise!

Also, yes, I did change up Kio's design a bit for the purpose of Seven Doors. This new design may or may not end up being her permanent design.
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Adorable! I love it!