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2011 UBF Application - Loz

WARNING. This is long! XD I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible.

For :iconpokemon-ubf:

Whoo, been working on this steadily for the last couple of days, and I’m really pleased with it. I feel like I’ve come a long way since I started drawing, even just since the start of Helios last year. AND I didn’t stay up until 3 the night before Round 1 starts! XD

Why YES, this IS a self-insert. :lol: ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT. And all my friends will find it REALLY obvious. Worst part? I realised half of my Pokemon have names/nicknames shared with characters I love or at least have a vague fondness for in some way (Blaine, Cas, Merlin). Alas.


Name: Lauren (Loz) Shaw
Age: 20
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 48 kg
Hometown: Petalburg City
Region: Hoenn

Brief Bio: Loz was given her first Pokemon, Alexis (Eevee) at the age of 10, a gift from her parents. She never did a lot of battling, despite her friends’ urging, she preferred raising Pokemon and developing a different kind of friendship and loyalty. When she DID try battling, she kind of sucked at it – she’s not too bad at double battles, though, because she’s reasonably adept at reading her partner and working to support them and their decisions.

Recently, she heard about the 2010 UBF, and the upcoming 2011 tournament. She mentioned it to her friends and admitted to thinking about trying out, it looked kind of fun and all. Her friends basically laughed and said that she was pretty awful at battling, so probably wouldn’t get very far. So she applied to show them otherwise.

Personality: Loz comes across as reasonably friendly, social and polite, but she’s actually pretty shy and struggles to form conversation with new people. She can be stubborn, and also thinks she’s right all the time (until proven beyond all doubt otherwise). She’s loyal, and once she’s found a few friends she’ll stick to them, and support them as much as she can. Loz gets nervous about EVERYTHING, but she usually pulls through to be able to cope with that and move on – she also second guesses herself CONSTANTLY.

She’s crap at battling and prefers to raise her Pokemon in other ways. She’s more than willing to accept her friends’ help and advice with her Pokemon, though.

Did I mention she thinks she’s always right?

Likes: Friends, eating, really crap jokes, people who are polite.

Dislikes: Children, idiots (or people who come across as idiots), BIRD POKEMON (HATEHATEHATE), people who interrupt her, and RUDE people in general.

Fears: THE OCEAN. :noes:


Name: Alexis (Ali)
Gender: Female
Species: Glaceon
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Impish
Item: Icy Rock
:bulletblue: Hail
:bulletblue: Blizzard
:bulletblue: Dig
:bulletblue: Ice Beam
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: Doesn’t battle, but battle ready (Loz’s friend helped pick moves).
:bulletyellow: In fact, little battle experience.
:bulletyellow: Evolved on a trip to Sinnoh.

Name: Blaine
Gender: Male
Species: Ampharos
Ability: Static
Nature: Brave
Item: Magnet
:bulletblue: Discharge
:bulletblue: Thunderpunch
:bulletblue: Thunderbolt
:bulletblue: Facade
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: Preferred for battles.
:bulletyellow: Works hard; very loyal to Loz and protective of her.

Name: Reed
Gender: Male
Species: Vulpix
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Timid
Item: Wise Glasses
:bulletblue: Flamethrower
:bulletblue: Payback
:bulletblue: Fireblast
:bulletblue: Sunny Day
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: Very nervous!
:bulletyellow: Really miserable in battles until he lands a few hits, then gains confidence quickly.

Name: Caspian (Cas)
Gender: Male
Species: Tentacruel
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Nature: Adamant
Item: Poison Barb
:bulletblue: Water Pulse
:bulletblue: Poison Jab
:bulletblue: Brine
:bulletblue: Surf
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: Highly obedient, and keeps other Pokemon in check.
:bulletyellow: HATES Merlin, because the Flygon is always up to no good.

Name: Merlin
Gender: Male
Species: Flygon
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Quirky
Item: Smooth Rock
:bulletblue: Earthquake
:bulletblue: Sandstorm
:bulletblue: Dragon Claw
:bulletblue: Rock Slide
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: LOVES BERRIES. Eats as many as he can get his hands on.
:bulletyellow: Enjoys teasing Caspian.

Name: Tyrone (Ty)
Gender: Male
Species: Roselia
Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Sassy
Item: Miracle Seed
:bulletblue: Petal Dance
:bulletblue: Poison Jab
:bulletblue: Grass Knot
:bulletblue: Aromatherapy
Extra Info:
:bulletyellow: Disobedient. Doesn’t easily obey Loz, and prefers to use his own moves. Because of this, Loz doesn’t use him much.
:bulletyellow: Given to Loz by a friend.
:bulletyellow: VERY particular about his looks.

So, I was lazy with backgrounds. Here are the brushes I used:
And I thank all of them greatly.
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AyaneYeti's avatar
You are one of my opponents for Round 2. :heart: Nice to meet you! ;D
You may ask me about my character anytime if needed! :)
sorry if I happen to draw your character slightly wrong.
Good luck for this round!
FullMetalMono's avatar
Oh hey! :) Pleasure to meet you, too.

Of course, you should also feel free to ask me anything about Loz at any point - and don't apologize for drawing her wrong, you haven't seen me fail drawing your character, yet. :lmao:
AyaneYeti's avatar
Haha xD~ I would gladly ask if needed.
Don't worry, I believe you'll draw Am just fine ^_^
TarunaRei's avatar
Hello new apartment roomate~! ovo
Nice to know Im not the only one in our apartment that did a selfinsertkinda |D Your arts really cute, and I adore the pokes+personalities *O*
FullMetalMono's avatar
Sweet, Loz gets to share with a guy who loves jumpsuits! :la:
Oh Lord, someone with adorable art like yours telling me mine is cute. :lol: I might die. Hah hah, thank you! ^^

Look forward to seeing you (and Tatuna) around. :D
TarunaRei's avatar
yess~! we should definately rp or somethin sometime ovo
maybe get our entire apartment to have fun, rp, whatev and become the coolest apartmentroomys out there >|D
so, on that note, you have a msn or somethin? XD;
FullMetalMono's avatar
;A; I haven't RP'd in a LOOOOONG time. I'd be definitely willing to try it again, though.

I do have MSN, but I so rarely use it. Buuuut, let me know if you want me to PM it to you, we could arrange times to be on at the same time (if time zones permit).
FrozenRevolver's avatar
Nice entry! Good luck!
Metamorphosing's avatar
Haha, she's so obviously you. ;) Her shirt collar looks a little weird though.
FullMetalMono's avatar
In the headshot? Oh Lord yes. I also accidentally gave her weirdly proportioned (much larger than mine) breasts in that picture. D:
Metamorphosing's avatar
Front view with the shirt abnormality. :P Haha, poor widdle Kristal. <3
FullMetalMono's avatar
Ah, okay. Yeah, I see what you mean. :lol: That's a fault in me not being able to draw a proper human form properly, but I'll work on it next time. Thanks. :)
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