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A World of Color (speed paint) by FullmetalDevil A World of Color (speed paint) :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 47 12 Feel Familiar by FullmetalDevil Feel Familiar :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 88 6
Batim Stitched AU ch 5. A Dancing Demon
Tom slowly rose from his bed quietly groaning with each movement, his body protesting the stress he has been subjected to. He glanced over his shoulder at the sleeping figure next to him and a faint smile graced his features. He slowly and carefully extended a hand and brushed away a few stray strands of hair from Allison's sleeping face. Tom wanted nothing more then to give his wife a great big hug shouting and cheering, but he wouldn't celebrate until the ink machine was running and Joey wasn't breathing down his throat anymore. he quietly got dressed grunting and groaning the entire time, his body had enough of him beating it into the ground and wanted rest. He silently chanted a mental mantra 'just a few more hours', just a few more hours', he would have to survive a few more hours then he would be able to catch up on all the sleep he could ever want. Tom grabbed his work coat and car keys and headed out the door, he figured he could grab a quick 5¢ burger and penny coffee for
:iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 5 4
A Sick Day
Early morning had risen on a modest home, and within a demon was stirring. Benny tossed and tuned on his bed moaning in his sleep before snapping awake and sat up looking around the room in fear. The demon looked around the space he was in dreading that he would see yellowed walls and endless hallways coated in ebony ink. Yet he was met with a soft baby blue wall and white trim. The spot were he was resting was his bed that Tom and Allison had recently bought for him. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the morning sun was shining through his window, and yet no one had come to get him. He was used to being woken at a set time by the the other residents of the home and yet he slept in. He listened carefully and come to realize that there was no sound of pattering feet or grumbling in the hallway. The normal sounds he had come to associate with mornings.
He lifted his blankets up and slid out of bed carefully to not make any noise. He opened his bedroom door slowly and saw that hous
:iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 3 2
Taking care of 'Mom' by FullmetalDevil Taking care of 'Mom' :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 34 12 Valentine is for Family Too by FullmetalDevil Valentine is for Family Too :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 37 8 Benny Ragdoll by FullmetalDevil Benny Ragdoll :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 79 11 Cagney Carnation by FullmetalDevil Cagney Carnation :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 13 12 Valentine's Sammy Lawrence by FullmetalDevil Valentine's Sammy Lawrence :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 26 0 Valentine's Alice Angel by FullmetalDevil Valentine's Alice Angel :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 42 0 Valentine's Ink Bendy by FullmetalDevil Valentine's Ink Bendy :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 43 0 The Projectionist Valentine by FullmetalDevil The Projectionist Valentine :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 28 16
A Devil Can Be Cupid Too
Tom paced to and fro around the house, worry written all over the man's face, he had the look of contemplating his entire life's decisions in a single moment. He paused his wearing a groove in the floor to glance up at the calendar then resumed his pacing at a faster rate. The calendar served as a grim reminder that it was Valentine's day, a day for couples to show one another how much they love each other. Tom never really gave the holiday much thought since he felt that love is something you show someone year round, which he always did little things to show Allison how much he cared for her. Despite them having been married for so long, it was that being trapped in the studio for 30 years. That meant 30 years without being able to show someone how much you love someone without fear for your life.
It would be the first Valentines spent together after the studio and Tom wanted to make it special, but being out of touch with the new trends he had no clue where to start. He thought he co
:iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 3 4
Benny's Valentine by FullmetalDevil Benny's Valentine :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 23 0 Bendy's Valentine by FullmetalDevil Bendy's Valentine :iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 49 0
Batim Stitched AU ch 4. The Gears are Turning
Allison woke the next morning to her dismay that Tom had once again left before her. She didn't even remember him coming home from work the previous night either. The last thing she remembered was reading a book on the couch waiting for him to come home, she had long since eaten her dinner and vowed to stay up to wait for him. Now she found herself in their bedroom tucked neatly in bed still wearing the clothes from the previous night, and no sign of her husband at all.
She sighed in annoyance while she got out of bed and grabbed a change of clothes. She washed herself up and came out to the kitchen. Despite her husband's questionable behavior irritating her, there was only one thing that tugged a smile out of her. Benny. The thought of coming to her dressing room and seeing the toons excitement as he would throw himself at her in a tight embrace warmed her heart. Her heart danced in excitement at how the little plushdemon would react to the days food choices.
Allison rolled up her sle
:iconfullmetaldevil:FullmetalDevil 3 2


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A World of Color (speed paint)
Bendy is enjoying not only the flower fields, but also the Painted Lady butterflies that are migrating. In my area millions are passing through and they resemble orange rivers in the sky or large clusters of leaves blowing in the wind.

The entire painting took 40 minutes from start to finish and only Bendy himself was sketched. Everything else is pure paint.
Feel Familiar
Bendy (Ink Demon): Bendy and the Ink Machine

I have to say I am very much pleased with how this painting turned out. I only had 2 reference photos to work with along with my own game play (If Bendy didn’t get me in the hallway while I was staring at the scene, the little creeper.) 

Painting wise this took 1 full day laying out the sketch and line art, and 2 full days of painting. For the actual painting itself I rarely used strait liquid paint except for the black for the ink and Bendy’s body. All of the coloring and shading was done by careful control over the amount of water I mixed with the paint. If anything I felt the sketch and line art took longer since I’m not used to drawing interiors and did a lot of measurements and research (in particular the Miracle Station).

For Bendy himself I wanted to have more of the inky veins he generates rather then all the excessive ink that oozes from every nook and cranny. Mostly because I didn’t want to take away from the background too much and to have the ink demon disappear along with it.  Though while drawing him I had many ideas about how I wanted him for this particular spot. My initial thought was to have him standing before the station but off to the side to reveal the message, but after awhile I felt it was better to have him behind the station in a more  mockery like position.
Tom slowly rose from his bed quietly groaning with each movement, his body protesting the stress he has been subjected to. He glanced over his shoulder at the sleeping figure next to him and a faint smile graced his features. He slowly and carefully extended a hand and brushed away a few stray strands of hair from Allison's sleeping face. Tom wanted nothing more then to give his wife a great big hug shouting and cheering, but he wouldn't celebrate until the ink machine was running and Joey wasn't breathing down his throat anymore. he quietly got dressed grunting and groaning the entire time, his body had enough of him beating it into the ground and wanted rest. He silently chanted a mental mantra 'just a few more hours', just a few more hours', he would have to survive a few more hours then he would be able to catch up on all the sleep he could ever want. Tom grabbed his work coat and car keys and headed out the door, he figured he could grab a quick 5¢ burger and penny coffee for breakfast. Again. He quietly longed for Allison's early morning breakfasts where he would be graced with anything from warm pancakes to sausages and hash browns. The little mantra resurfaced in his mind while he stopped at the local diner and got his breakfast, 'just a few more hours'.

Tom drove down the road towards Joey Drew Studios and his thoughts drifted to his journey to this point. The beginning of the week the experimental ink machine was completed after weeks of planning and building. The frosting on the cake was the darn thing actually worked! It even made a living toon on the first try, but Joey had to ruin that by attacking and killing the innocent creature. Tom truly felt bad for the little toon, it didn't ask to be made and was killed for looking different. Then to add insult to injury Joey threatens his wife's life if the machine isn't working properly and produces a perfect toon. Tom gritted his teeth at the memory of the verbal exchange with Joey. He silently wished that Bendy would turn against Joey and bring about his ruin in some fashion, but not at the expense of the toon's life. He already hated the loss of one toon he couldn't bear the thought of another being killed for no reason. Tom gripped the steering wheel a little tighter as the only thought that ran through his mind is that 'the nightmare is almost over' as he saw the outline of the studio coming into view.

Tom barely got out of his car when he spied a annoyingly familiar sight. Joey Drew. The studio director was standing in the doorway of the studio staring directly at Tom. The mechanic couldn't help but mentally question if Joey doesn't have a home to go home to since the man always seemed to be at the studio. Tom decided to grin and bear it for a bit longer and approached the entrance with Joey ready and waiting for him.

“Morning Mr. Drew” Tom spoke through clenched teeth on a fake smile he plastered on his face.

“And a good morning to you too Mr. Connor. Today we will make dreams come true.” Joey happily placed his hand on Tom's shoulder and showed the man inside either ignorant or ignoring the mechanic's fake attitude. Tom took Joey's actions as a good sign that the director was in a good mood and felt it was best not to fight the man at this point, it was safer to go with the flow rather then go against it.

Joey lead Tom to the ink machine room for him to begin the initial checks and preparation prior to the rest of the GENT staff arriving. Joey left Tom to his own devices and made a hasty retreat to the depths of the studio, the sounds of his foot steps and cane disappearing down the halls. With a clipboard in hand, Tom drifted about the base of the machine checking and double checking nuts and bolts making sure the primary pipes that fed the machine were secure. Once he double checked each nut personally with his own wrench finding that he had to tighten a few that Wally claimed he had secured, he started checking the two backup pipes. He knew the machine only needed the four central pipes to operate but he liked having the backup just in case something happens to the primary set. Tom gently crawled under the machine and ran his wrench over each bolt on the back ups making sure that all was secured.

With all the pipes checked and secured Tom checked the gauges ensuring they could handle the pressure they would soon be subjected to and hoped that Wally had remembered his lecture about how to handle the machine if it's pressure exceeds a certain number. Though he was quietly thankful wally was not around to bumble over the simplest of tasks. The last thing he needed was for something to get ruined and potentially cause a malfunction and end up with something that is far worse then just the image of a cartoon devil. Tom shook his head slightly, those thoughts were the last thing he needed on his mind. He needed to stay focused and make sure everything went off without a hitch. Though he found the strange circular patterns that Joey drew all over the machine and on the floor at it's base distracting. They were an eyesore and took away from the machine itself. Joey called them 'decoration' but while Tom wasn't an interior designer he knew the primary focus should be on the machine and not the strange children's drawing all over the place.

Tom spent quite a bit of time checking and double checking the ink machine making sure every nut, bolt, rivet, gauge and pipe were all in place and ready to go. The bustling of the rest of the GENT staffs arrival was the only relief he got and briefly sat down relaxing ever so slightly while the team rechecked everything and filtered throughout the studio checking all the machines inner workings and veins. While he relaxed Tom looked at the machine in it's entire. The massive boxy mechanism with a single nozzle with pipes that encased the studio, it was like a strange heart. The machine itself made dull throbbing sounds when ink was filtered through it on a low pressure and the throbbing eerily was at the same pace as a heart beat. The ink that flowed through it was it's blood that provided life to a mechanism that was designed to make life. Tom chuckled at the irony, creating a machine that imitated the proof of life with it's heartbeat to make life. He knew full well that despite Joey's claims it was only an illusion, the life he saw was real.

Tom momentary relaxation didn't last long until he saw Joey striding up to him with that eager gleam in his eye and sporting a bag. Tom inwardly groaned, it was the bag containing the 'sacrifices' that Joey had added onto the machine to operate. He seriously couldn't help but question why Joey insisted on having 6 items from the different departments being used as “keys” to turning on a machine when a simple throw of a switch yielded the same results. “Ugh, Someone is eager.” Tom rolled his eyes, sarcasm rolling off him in waves.

“You should be too, Mr. Connor. Our dreams are about to come true and we'll be famous.” Joey walked over to Tom resting his arm on Tom's shoulder as he waved towards the ink machine. “Think of all the people who would line up to see living toons, the joy on the children's faces at seeing their favorite characters physically in front of them rather then on a silver screen. To be able to shake their hands, hug them, talk to them and to play with them. It all begins here and it will be greatest moment in our studio's history” Joey's grin growing wide and his eyes held a bright gleam of enthusiasm. All his efforts aren't for naught and he will be able to salvage his studio from near bankruptcy and will rise up to quash all his competition. He, Joey Drew director of Joey Drew Studios will sit upon the throne of a glorious empire.

Tom didn't say a word while he listened to his bosses sickeningly sweet words. He could only wonder how many people where fooled by honeyed words from Joey, the mans 'golden smile and silver tongue' luring people to false promises. He now knew that all this effort from him, his staff, hell even everyone in the studio, it was all for Joey's benefit. None of them were having their dreams come true. Many were hired on with the gift of a dream job, only to find that it was bitter, cold and merely a foot hold for someone else. He silently cursed his own horrid luck with getting tangled with Joey, but he hoped that this would be the last thing he does for the man then he will take a page from Wally's book and 'get outta here'.

“Sir!” A GENT staffer ran up to Tom and Joey. “All checks have been completed, and all the staff are reporting that all systems are a go.”

Tom was about to speak when he was interrupted by joey “ Good show man, now you all should go home for the day.” The director waving his hand dismissively.

The GENT worker looked over at Tom confused, they had only been at the studio for a few hours and yet were being told to go home. They had yet to see the machine operate properly say for the repeated running it on a low pressure to circulate the ink and check it's efficiency. It was more confusing when Joey himself was telling them to leave when all he did was bar them from going home on time and straddled them with one task after another.

Tom saw the confused yet curious look on the workers face, but at this point he couldn't risk his team being subjected to Joey's torment anymore. “It's ok. Let the team know they can go home. I can man the machine myself for the time being.” Tom tried to smile reassuringly to his employee.

The young man looked at Joey and then back at Tom “Yes, sir. Thank you sir.” He tipped his hat and strode down the hall to round up the rest of the staff.
“So you actually can manage a team of staff, and here I thought that title of 'Lead GENT' worker was just for your intelligence and not people skills. A good show none the less” Joey grinned as he shot a small glace at Tom while they watched clusters of GENT workers leaving.

Tom shot the man a glare. He knew he didn't always have the best people skills and he wasn't big on communicating his emotions, but he was a professional. He took his job very seriously and didn't hesitate to communicate information pertaining to construction, maintenance or general knowledge. A grin crept up across his face “Well at least I can keep my staff happy instead of miserable” while he waved good-bye to a few members of his team who eagerly waved back.

“No matter. Once we're done here I won't be needing you anymore Mr. Thomas Connor. You are relieved of your duties once I see Bendy. I'm well aware that Wally has been training under you, and he will be taking your place once you are gone.” Joey coolly shot back.

Joey's words were music to Tom's ears he couldn't contain the smile on his face “Oh whatever shall I do?” Tom dramatically rested his arm across his face. “I guess I'll have to seek out another full time employer, hopefully one who has money and isn't bankrupt.” letting out a overly dramatic sigh. He couldn't wait to go back to the GENT headquarters and seek out another contract with an employer whom he wished would have more compassion then the shew Mr. Drew. He didn't miss the red that was dusting the director's face. He knew he struck a nerve with Joey, and he frankly didn't care.

“I am not bankrupt you scoundrel and pathetic excuse of a mechanic!” Joey barked, his voice echoing off the walls of the room “ I will have my rise and this is merely a 'business expense' and 'investment'.” Joey brushed his hands over his hair trying to smoothen his ruffled hair back to it's normal slicked back look, a sneer plastered on his face “Do keep in mind your precious wife works for me. She can always have an accident if things don't work out.”

Tom returned the sneer with own confident grin “I'm certain it will work cause it worked the first time on a experimental phase and now it is on the real run. Though do keep in mind sir in the 'agreement' if you want to call it that, was that she was to be safe from harm as long as the machine was 'completed on time and you have a on-model Bendy'. So the machine is completed on time and it will produce a perfect Bendy, therefore I have met your terms to the 'agreement' and you can no longer touch her. If you do hurt her and label it an 'accident' I can testify as a witness and victim to threats and the damages done will be viewed at 'premeditated' or even so far as 'attempted murder'. You'll loose everything you've ever built and most of all, you'll loose Bendy.”

Joey scowled at the confident GENT worker, Tom had him pinned and the tables have turned. “Just get the items ready and prepare the machine, you're still mine till further notice.” Joey lowly growled out.

'Regrettably yes, for now.” Tom grinned relishing in the small victory over Joey. It wasn't everyday the director was taken down a notch, but for now he had to play nice since he was still on his payroll and they didn't have Bendy just yet. It was still too early to celebrate. Tom gestured towards the hall and Joey glared at him, but followed.

The dueling duo paced down the hall in silence say for the occasional clicking sound of Joey's cane and the two came upon the primary control room for the machine. The room was long and had 6 large posters with 3 on each side of the room and before them a pedestal. Pipes radiated from the base of the pedestals and the posters above indicated what was needed to be placed on each respective slot. The pipes lead to the back wall of the room which was covered in pistons, pipes and other mechanics with a large black panel that read 'Low Pressure' and a large sign above reading 'Ink Machine'. It was a strange room that felt like a shrine with altars, but it was Joey's 'unique' requirement and the eerie commentary about 'appeasing the gods'.

Tom turned to face Joey fully and extended his hand. “The items, sir.”

Joey glanced down and the bag he held tightly in his hand before handing it over to Tom, his Grey eyes studying every motion critically. He watched impatiently as Tom took each item out of the bag and was about to place them onto the pedestals. “Hold it Mr. Connor.”

The mechanic halted his action and looked at Joey frustrated “What is it now? Do you want Bendy or not?” Tom was surprised at Joey's sudden intrusion but at the same time growing frustrated with yet another delay.
Joey gestures at the Bendy Doll in Tom's hand “The cog wheel goes first, then it's followed by the wrench, inkwell, vinyl record, the doll, and finally” Joey reached into his pocket and pulled out his black book. The Illusion of Living. “This is the last piece” he held it out for Tom.

Tom looked at the strange book with a sense of foreboding. He had never seen such a book before and Joey told him that there were 6 items used for the pedestals but never eluded as to what the last one was. This strange book gave off an unsettling aura about it, like it wasn't meant to be in the hands of a human, or anyone for that matter. He extended his hand carefully plucking the book from Joey and dare not look at it any longer then he had to and resumed his placing the items in the strange order Joey specified. Yet another annoying requirement for a machine that already complicated enough on its own.

Tom swallowed his scornful thoughts and one by one he approached each pedestal and placed the respective items. He briefly paused at the Bendy doll in his hand and his memory briefly drifted to the first Bendy toon but he shook the thought out of his head and placed the doll on the pedestal. As soon as the pedestal registered the items placement it sank into the ground slightly clicking into place as a light above turned on. With the last item in hand Tom approached the last pedestal and placed the book, the pedestal slumped into the ground clicking into place joining the rest. All 6 were in place and were ready to go. Tom quickly vacated the room going down the hall to another room and turned the pressure valve. He couldn't help but wonder why Joey insisted on it being so far away from the main controls rather then next to it where it was easier. He turned the valve till it was fully opened and he could hear the ink rapidly flow through the pipes in the area making the building vibrate from the pressure. He ran back to the main control room and noted the 'Low pressure' had now changed to 'Ready' the machine was ready to begin. He lowered the lever and in response the lights in the building flickered from the strain of the machine but held fast.

“Let's go sir.” Tom gestured to Joey for them to return to the room containing the machine itself. Tom was in no sense of the word in a hurry to reach the room, remembering the first time with the experimental machine and the chaos that followed. Joey on the other hand seemed to ignore his limp and held a purposeful stride to the chamber. The directors eyes were now mad with excitement, something that Tom wished he could wipe clean   off the mans face.

The two men arrived at the ink machine room and could hear the machine humming with ink flowing through it. It seemed almost alive with it's low hums, seemingly waiting for it's master.

“Now Mr. Connor, on my mark I want you to pull the lever” Joey pointed to the control panel on the side of the room and Tom raised a brow but didn't feel like arguing and complied.

The mechanic took up his position by the side of the room with the controls and Joey pressed his hand against the side of the machine. He couldn't believe it. All this time and preparation were for this moment, something he thought he would never see. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. He stared down at the drawing. It was a simple drawing but one that started it all. The little piece of paper contained the first official drawing of Bendy the dancing demon. Henry had spent hours drawing that day and the man had drawn such a cute endearing character that was sure to attract the crowds. He gifted one of his first drawing of the devil darling to Joey and apologized for smudges on the edges of the paper where his sweaty palm had rested as well as a tiny blood spot from where he got a paper cut earlier that day. The drawing wasn't in pristine condition being slightly soiled by Henry laboring over it, but it was the first. If this wasn't enough to bring Bendy to life then nothing in the studio was, except the creator himself.

Joey took one final look at the paper before inserting it into the panel on the side of the machine. He then turned his attention to the pile of film reels that had been brought in earlier and one by one he fed all the materials to the machine. It felt like the feeding wouldn't end until he finally held up the last reel. The very first film reel that Henry had made; 'Tombstone panic', it was a cute little introductory short with the devil darling that had jump started Bendy's popularity. Joey remembered the short and remembered that something had happened to the film causing it to break and the ending portion disappeared. Only a beginning with no end, but it was the first and most important. With a slide of the panel the reel was placed inside and swallowed by the hungry machine.
“Now Tom!” Joey hollered across the room.  He watched as the mechanic pulled the level and then hovered intently over the gauges and valves.

The Machine grumbled and choked initially, but once it's stuttering was done it roared to life violently swaying on it's chains, the lights of the room flickering from the renewed strain. Sounds of grinding and shredding emanated from the base of the machine as it chewed and swallowed the cells, reels and drawing all converting them to the ink they originally came from. The grinding sounds died down and the machine's bellowing died down to a content hum as it waited for further action.

Joey rested his hand lovingly on the side of the machine and produced a ink pen from his pocket. With tender and careful hands Joey drew a small circle and pentagram on the side of the machine. Satisfied with the inscription he removed himself from the side of the machine and stood before the machine admiring it before he knelt down and redrew the same circle and pentagram on the floor beneath the nozzle. Despite a circle having already been drawn beneath the base of the machine he wanted to be absolutely sure of the scriptures he had read and wanted no errors.

Tom watched Joey out the corner of his eye. He wasn't in a position to do anything about Joey since he had to make sure the machine was operating correctly, but he couldn't help but be concerned about the new additional patterns decorating the side of the machine and Joey retracing the one on the floor. If he didn't know any better, it resembled something from some strange occult and didn't and shouldn't belong in a place meant to make people smile, but he could do was watch.
With the final stroke of a finger Joey grinned satisfied with his work, but that satisfaction faltered as he stood back up. His body protesting his actions, a reminder that his body was broken and didn't work as well as he'd like. He backed away from the machine and stood before it with outstretched arms, boasting to the open air before the machine. “The 6 items of sacrifice each a mere fraction of life, offered to create the demon born of paper and ink. I call forth Bendy to rise out of simulation to the world of realization.”

With the last of Joey's words leaving his lips the markings that were drawn on the side of the machine as well as the floor lit up with a dull red glow. The air seemed to grow cold as the lights flickered and dimmed, making the red glow seem even brighter then before. The machine reacted violently to this sudden change of events and  quivered on it's chains. It's content hums now screeching and straining as it's pipes were pulsing and writhing like snakes from the ebb and flow of the ink. The building itself rattling from the sheer force of the pipes strain. Tom frantically reached to turn the valves to lower the pressure of ink flowing to the machine, but a shout from joey told the man to merely release the safety on the machine allowing it to be completely open and to back away in case something went wrong. Tom swallowed heavily and with the spin of a valve he removed the safety lock and backed away still watching the machine writhe in a strange possessed agony. The screeches and wails died down and the nozzle shook as a mass of thick ink oozed from it and dropped onto the pentagram beneath it on the floor. The machine stopped swaying as if exhausted from use and hung limply on its chains, the pipes surrounding it no longer violently thrashed as they all limply slumped and sprawled out all over the floor.

Tom was instantly reminded of the first Bendy and like the first one the gelatin mass of ink pulsed and swayed as it was taking shape, the ink splitting in two like the first time. The bottom portion of ink grew two short limbs ending in shiny boots and was swiftly followed by two additional limbs sporting a white gloved hand with two buttons on each hand. Tom immediately noted the lack of color on the gloves, they were monochrome like how Bendy is in the cartoon unlike the sepia colored version. The final gelatin mass of ink took on the very characteristic round shape ending with two little stubby horns atop the head and sporting a large white face. The face had a small frown and the eyes were closed as the little black and white toon lay on the floor in the puddle of ink he was made from.

Tom initially made a move to remove himself from his station to inspect the newborn toon, but Joey was already leaning over the toon picking him up. A twinge of annoyance hit Tom as he felt Joey was not handling the newborn toon as gently as he should, the director lifting the toon by his stomach placing him over his shoulder rather then cradling him like a child.

Joey turned towards Tom and gave him a smile “You may go now Mr. Connor. Your work here is done, make sure to clean out your closet before leaving.” Tom nodded slightly and watched Joey turn on his heel and leave taking Bendy with him. The toon barely cracked his pie cut eyes open and looked up at Tom sleepily. He gave a small smile and a wave before Joey disappeared out the door closing it behind himself.

Tom gently rested against the control panel, all his energy drained from him. His work in this hell hole was done and was finally free. Laughter bubbled up out of the man, but was soon quashed by feelings of regret and shame. He regretted taking on the ink machine project for this stubborn controlling client even though it was very well paying. He was ashamed of his hand in creating two infant toons that were reduced sadly to one. He could only hope in the back of his mind that Bendy will not meet the same fate as his experimental predecessor.

Thoughts warred against themselves in Tom's mind, but he was done with this place. He removed himself from his momentary resting place and turned to face the control panel. His hands glided across the levers and vales turning them to shut the machine down as it was not needed for the remainder of the day. With the machine put to bed, Tom slowly wandered down the halls taking in the sights one last time. He knew he wouldn't miss this place at all. The stench of ink that permeated the air nearly giving anyone who entered the building a gag reflex. The constant drips from pipe bursts and the occasional flooding of the halls. Oh yeah he would not miss those days. It was all Wally's problem now and he frankly didn't care. The young lazy janitor hardly did anything as it was and now he was to man the machine. Heh. Good luck with that. A Smile crept across Tom's lips as he could easily picture Wally pitching a fit over the smallest of spills, heaven forbid the boy had to work.

Tom drifted down the halls to his work station rummaging through papers and boxes. He piled all the papers into a box carefully examining them one by one, weeding out unneeded documents. He found the first draft blueprint of the ink machine and laughed to himself how much the machine had grown and changed. The original ink machine felt quite small in comparison to it's final counterpart. It was hard to believe that such a small machine was so successful and paved the way for the larger one to follow. The weeks mulling over the drafts, the slow process in building the parts and assembling it was all dead and gone. He boxed up the original blueprints and decided to leave a copy of the final version of the machine for Wally just in case the man had to fix something on the machine.

Tom briefly sat at his former desk looking over the room once everything was packed. This tiny room had served as his office and prison for the past few weeks and now its all over. He slumped in his chair relaxing when a poster caught his attention. It was Bendy's second short titled “Bendy in The Dancing Demon”. Tom didn't really watch the cartoons since he felt he was too old for them but this short left him chuckling watching the little demon's love of dancing. His mind drifted to the living Bendy that Joey took with him. He could only hope that the little demon could live up to the expectations of the crazed man, but something about Bendy didn't feel right. He remembered the first toon that was killed and the little devil felt sweet and gave off a feel of home. He didn't know why, but he felt like he somehow knew the little toon even though it had just been born. Though Bendy felt very different in comparison, like there was something in him that felt unsettling as if you were looking at a monster wearing the guise of a innocent toon.

Tom let out a sigh and looked back at his pile of boxes he had prepared, it's time to leave. He made sure all his tools were packed and put away and with several boxes in hand he left his work station and headed out the studio to his truck. He packed all his things in the back and started the truck to head home. The man completely forgetting the one thing his wife had entrusted him to do.

-----Meanwhile in the Studio-----

Joey retreated to his office with Bendy in tow and set the demon down on the couch while he himself sat across, eyeing him critically. The toon was perfectly on model and not a thing out of place, he thought Bendy would be bigger but he was surprisingly small, about the same size as a small child. He was a demon meant for children after all. Bendy laid on the couch sleeping while Joey presumed the toon was exhausted from his birth and went back to his desk to examine paperwork for the theme park that was in the making. He couldn't wait to debut the living toon and relish the in spotlight with his success of the park and studio. Bertrum Piedmont liked to boast about how the park is his ticket to grandeur, oh no silly fool, he is merely a stepping stone on his own path to glory. Joey's thoughts were ground to a halt when heard stirring within the room, he looked up from his paperwork to see Bendy sitting up on the couch looking around the room.
“Finally awake I see.” Joey's words catching the toon's attention.

Bendy looked over at the older man and gave a smile “Hi-ya!” he waved at the man. “mah name's Bendy. What's yours?”

Joey's eyes were wide as he was taken back by the toon's voice dropping his paperwork. Bendy had never spoken in any of their shorts and it was largely up for debate as to how the toon would sound when finally given a speaking role. He didn't expect Bendy to speak at all, just the cute little wheezing like laughter everyone was familiar with. If anything he found his voice very alarming. The toon sounded similar to Henry when he was a much younger man, a boy in fact. The days he and Henry spent running around as children with him trying to keep Henry in line since the man was quite the devil as a child.

“where am I?” Bendy's voice snapping Joey's train of thought.

Joey straitened up trying to gauge the demon. “We are in my office, and I'm Joey Drew. Director of this studio.”

“Ooh”  Bendy let out a small whistle as he looked around the room. “What's a studio?”

“A studio is where a form of art is made, be it drawings, music or film. This studio makes cartoons, your cartoons.” Joey gestured to a Bendy cutout in the corner of his office.

“Mah cartoons?” Bendy tilted his head in confusion looking at the cutout. He didn't understand what this director guy was going on about. All he knew was that he was in a room decorated in strange objects and a large paper copy of himself in a corner. “Why do ya have a paper drawing of me? Do ya like me that much?”

“It's not a matter of like Bendy. You're the star of our show, children love your cartoons on the big screen. You draw in crowds of people to see you and your friends Boris and Alice.” Joey leaned back in his chair.

“But I've never been on a show, whatever a show is. Plus I don' know who Boris an Alice are.” Bendy looked at him confused. Bendy knew he didn't have too many memories and this guy was eluding to things and people he doesn't remember.

Joey's eyes widened slightly. Bendy had no form of recollection of being the character he is supposed to be, let alone his partner toons Boris and Alice. This toon before him looks like Bendy but acts completely different from the Bendy on the screen and on paper. Why is that? They used everything that made Bendy who he is and yet his personality is different. Did something go wrong? Was there something mixed in that changed something in Bendy?

Joey sat still staring at Bendy who had resumed looking around the room now that the man was stunned into silence. The toon attention now captured by a gramophone against the wall next to Joey's desk. Bendy carefully circled around the device looking over the equipment with immense fascination. He gently rest his fingers on the level and it lowered making a grumbling sound from the pavilion and the turntable spun slightly. A little light bulb appeared over the toon's head and he grabbed the crank and spun it around several times rapidly. The gramophone grumbled initially but soon swayed to life playing music from the Bendy show.

Joey watched as Bendy's head slowly start to bob to the beat of the shows music that was being played on his gramophone, the toon clearly content with himself. After a minute Bendy stated to actually dance to the beat of the music, he was the dancing demon after all. Joey all the while was too stunned to say anything and merely watched the dancing devil.

“I like the music Mr.” Bendy chirped as he happily tap danced to the music.  “ I don't know where it's from but I like it.”

His dance moves were exactly like the show but wrong. They were fluid and cleaner then any animator could possibly draw. He easily dipped in and out dance moves, he even did a small twirl at one point, but his head didn't spin with his body but rather floated there following his body's movements. Joey watched in growing disdain. Bendy was wrong, he's speaking when he shouldn't and he is dancing when there is no need to do such action. He is supposed to  know his toon friends and know the music to his own show. Why doesn't he know anything that makes him, him?

A little chime sounded through the room as the clock on the wall sounded off the evening hours instantly catching the toon's attention. Bendy stopped dancing and hopped up on the couch to get a better look at the clock. “Oooh what's that?” the toon pointing up at the clock.

“A clock.” Joey grumbled out starting to rub his temples.

Bendy started up at the clock in amazement at the little bird that popped in and out before hopping off the couch and climbing onto a short shelf near a wall of photos beneath the clock. The toon was fascinated by all the photos of various people and figures upon the wall. The clattering around of the energetic toon rapidly getting on Joey's nerves. The director remembered Bendy is a bit of a energetic character, but never this energetic. Why is everything going wrong with Bendy?

“Hey!” Bendy's voice causing the frustrated director to look up. “Is that Henry?” Bendy pointed at a photo of two young men both standing before the studio each man wearing an ear to ear grin. He pointed at the younger chestnut haired man whom was shorter of the two. The man wore a simple black suit and a white bow tie while holding  handful of papers and an inkwell with a pen sticking out of it. It was the day the studio opened, a day Joey remembered all too well. He and Henry had pooled what little money they had between them to buy the older building that was slated to be torn down. Both were excited to finally have a studio of their own even if it wasn't much and they only had two staffers at the time, Norman and Sammy. Joey had begged Sammy to join them in creating music since the man had a high level of talent but no place to truly shine, promising him the position of musical director. Norman was a rare find and one that he was more then happy to acquire. The man being dark skinned had gotten him some rough treatment in his home state, but on this side of the country his skin color didn't matter. Norman knew his profession exceedingly well and was a diligent worker. Naught but 2 weeks into the studio's opening and the small staff Joey had acquired and continuously added, Henry had come up to him with the little cartoon devil and it proved to be their ticket to fame. The devil was a instant hit with children.

Joey rose from his chair, his anger starting to boil over. “How do you know Henry?” he stomped up to the oblivious toon. Bendy shouldn't know Henry, the man was not present for the toon's creation, he was. Henry only drew the toon and he, Joey Drew owns the rights.

Bendy placed a finger on his chin in thought “Hmm, Dunno. All I do know is Henry is mah creator.” He beamed up the now outraged studio director, an action he regretted when Joey was now looming over the toon.

“Henry has nothing to do with you. You are my toon from my Studio” Joey growled. Bendy quivered under the man's frigid glare.

“B-But, H-Henry-” Bendy stuttered out, ink dripping from the side of his head.

“Henry is gone! I own you!” Joey bellowed out, his patience with the toon at its end. “You could never know Henry cause he isn't here!”

Bendy mustered up the little courage he had to face the enraged man “I-I do know Henry! His blood, sweat 'n tears are in mah ink!” he emphasized his point by placing his hand over his chest where his heart would be. “He is mah creator, not you!”

Joey had enough of the toon, He reached out and grabbed Bendy by his sides pinning his arms and lifted the toon up. The toon screamed and struggled in the mans grasp kicking Joey in his leg during his struggle sending the man toppling. With his grip loosened on the toon, Bendy wiggled out of the mans grasp and ran for the door trying desperately to open it. His cries for help and for someone, anyone to help him fell silent on the long halls of the studio void of any and all staff. While Bendy was trying to open the locks on the door his gloved fingers too large to open the small locks properly, he failed to realize that Joey had regained his composure and brandished his cane. With one swift and heavy swing Joey struck Bendy on the back of the head knocking the toon out cold, his body crumbling to the ground.

Joey stood over the toon with labored breath. This isn't Bendy, it looks like Bendy but it acts like Henry. Bendy is supposed to be Bendy and not have traits from his creator. He is supposed to have a whistling like sound not a voice. He is supposed to be the little devil darling and dancing demon that had many little misadventures and never seems to get his way. He's supposed to make the crowd pity him, not stand up for himself.  Something went wrong.

Joey grabbed Bendy's unconscious body and held him under his arm as he hastily made his way out his office and to the elevator. Joey's mind racing with all the work and time spent on the toon in his arms, he needed the toon out of the way and to try and figure out what went wrong. There must be a way to fix Bendy, to make him proper. The elevator gate creaked open and joey rushed inside pressing the button for the lowest possible level in the studio. The gates closed with a groan and the mechanism slowly made it's way down to the depths of the studio. Joey spent the ride staring out through the gates of the elevator as it passed each level of the studio, the floors steadily getting darker and darker the further they went. When the elevator finally stopped Joey stormed out and twisted and turned his way downs halls and unfinished corridors heading even further down. As he made his decent he caught the occasional glimpse of the shaft that the ink machine was suspended over and all he had to do was follow it.
When Joey finally reached the true bottom of the studio the place was cold, dark and damp, ink oozed out of the walls in small streams forming a vast river.  The GENT team was shocked upon the caverns discovery and Joey urged them to use it to store the ink for the machine rather then to use holding containers. Why not use mother natures natural well to hold the ink. The director tossed Bendy's unconscious body onto one of the small paddle boats that GENT made to transport cargo. With a small turn of the motor the paddle wheel creaked to life sending them down the river. The man grew frustrated as the boat kept constantly getting clogged by clumps of ink, as if the ink itself was protesting him. He had to constantly stop to use his cane to clear the ink all the while making sure Bendy was still unconscious. This was by no sense of the word Joey's preferred route of reaching the depths of the studio but if he took the normal halls and stairwells he ran the risk of being seen, even if the staff was off for the day there was always the chance of a lingering employee.

The tunnel of ink finally opened up to a larger cavern which signaled they were at the true heart of the studio. Joey steered the boat to the small dock that had been made and grabbed his prisoner and entered the cavern coming to the door built within its walls. The area had not been finished yet but it had been planned to move the Administration offices further down and for the moment it was merely empty halls and offices yet to be filled by new staff. The stairwells leading downwards were completed but not in full use except the film team and maintenance crews. The pride and joy of the converted cavern besides saving costs of digging was the amount of space to house the new Vault room and heart of the ink machine. Other studios had fancy vault rooms that needed constant supervision, but Joey Drew studios had a cavern buried beneath the studio. What better place to store the films then under ground where they will be protected from the harsh weather and away from prying eyes. A perfect place to hide Bendy until he was perfected.

Joey  reached the small hallway leading to the vault room and unlocked the door entering the space that housed the massive vault door. The door was a sight to behold, standing at 12 feet in diameter and several feet thick. No one could open such a door easily. Joey turned the wheel on the door unlocking it bolt by bolt, the creaks and groans of the vault door opening causing the demon in his arms to slowly stir. Joey realizing his captive was slowly waking, he quickly entered the vault room and hurried to the small doors nestled towards the back right side of the chamber. The only path to the heart of the ink machine. Joey wasted no time walking down the hallways that wound around and ultimately bellied out to another section of the cavern that housed the ink lake that was the well for the machine.

Bendy slowly stirred and once he regained his focus and realized he was somewhere different, he immediately squirmed and screamed in Joeys grasp trying to break free from the mad director. Growing tired of Bendy's pleas for Joey to release him and his frantic screams, Joey submerged the toons head under the ink to silence him. He had enough of Bendy's voice and wished to no longer hear it. The toon violently thrashing and fighting to breathe, doing his best to punch, kick or do anything to make Joey let him go. The only thoughts through Bendy's mind were 'what did I do to deserve this? Please someone anyone, help me!' Joey was unflinching as he held the toons head down watching air bubbles slowly form in the ink as Bendy was loosing air. Slowly Bendy's body grew weaker and more limp and Joey lifted the toon's head back up so he wouldn't kill him by accident. Bendy's consciousness slowly fading again as a small wish crossed his mind 'Henry, help me', after that the toon's world went black.

Joey watched  the toon's strength fade and he once again slipped into unconsciousness. He tucked the demon under his arm securely and slowly waded into the ebony moat leading to the chamber housing the heart of the machine. His progress across was slow as if the ink was grabbing onto him and trying to pull him down, his only saving grace was that the fluid was not any deeper and he at least had his cane to steady himself. Joey glanced up at the heart of the machine. It looked like a far larger version of the machine that rested on the upper floors. The ink machine above made people stare and gawk at it's intimidating size, if they only saw the one below. The heart called 'the belly of the beast' by most of the GENT team including Tom had a large circular room surrounded by large silver screens meant to show case the darling devil shorts. The room had been designed to not only create the living toons but to showcase to investors the art of the studio and it's toons. This central room was like a throne room to the empire that was to be known as Joey Drew Studios, now it will serve as a prison cell until he is able to figure out what went wrong with Bendy and fix him.

Joey set Bendy down in the chair knowing full well the toon would not be moving anytime soon and  used the levers and valves to lower some of the excess chains that were suspended from the ceiling. To his dismay he had no way of trying the chains off until a small pile of clasps in the corner of the room caught his attention. He hobbled over to the pile and dug within them to seek out his desired sizes and managed to secure 2 that would fit his needs. With cane and clasps in hand, he hobbled back to the loops of chain he left on the floor before the chair that housed Bendy. He grabbed the chains and attached 2 clasps to them and tightened the clasps around Bendy's wrists securing the demon. He wrapped the excess chain around Bendy's stomach to prevent him from getting out of the chair. Once he was sure that all the chains were in place Joey headed back to the levers and valves lifting the excess chain off the floor causing the chains around Bendy's stomach to tighten and the chains holding his arms to pull them up suspending his arms in the air. Bendy the Dancing Demon was now secured in the heart of the machine, and there he will remain. Joey brushed off some of the excess ink that stubbornly clung to him taking once last glance at the imprisoned toon, he huffed and slowly left the room closing the door behind him.

Joey seethed his entire trip to the upper levels, glaring holes in all the departments and floors as he climbed one by one. He finally reached his office and roughly sat at his chair exhausted from restraining Bendy and making the trip to the lower levels. The man's thoughts burned with rage about why everything seemed to be going wrong in his life. His studio that he founded with Henry that was now solely his since Henry abandoned him. He owns the toons and that now one was brought to life and questioned his ownership. It's his studio for gods sake, not Henry's. He worked himself to the bone to make the place what it is, he crawled atop mountains of people to achieve that which could not be achieved. It is his right to stand on top for all that he did to get this far, so why is everything he built falling apart now? Henry was the one that abandoned him, his toons, everything. Yet Bendy' was insistent on following his creator, a man he never met and held a high level of confidence in.
Joey looked over at his phone on the edge of his desk and reached out gently pulling the device to him to make a call. He lifted the earpiece off the receiver and spun the rotary dial around a few times and waited for the line to be picked up.

“Operator? Operator?” Joey patiently waited on the line and soon heard the sounds of the line being picked up.

“Yes?” A woman's voice sounded through the ear piece.

“Yes, I'd like to place a call to the GENT Corporation the customer service branch.”

“Yes sir, one moment please” Joey heard the line cut as he waiting to be patched through.

The line buzzed for a brief moment before it came to life with a man's voice on the end. “GENT Corporation customer service how can I help you today?”

Joey schooled his hair back as he leaned against the phone “Yes my name is Joey Drew and I'd like to put in a complaint about one of your staff members.”

“I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience sir, let me jot down the information and we will handle the problem to the best of our ability.”

The man's words were music to Joey's ears. Tom thought he could bite joey like a dog biting it's owner and leave a job half done. No. His job wasn't done and he will see it through even if he had to be forced to stay within the studio and never allowed to leave. “Yes. I'd like to file a complaint about the lead engineer and worker assigned to a requested project by the name of Thomas Connor. He had been working on a project at my studio by the name of Joey Drew Studios and not only did he not finish the project requested but he has been delaying the project repeatedly and has now walked out on it. He claimed that we were not paying him enough for his expertise despite being handsomely paid. I'd like for him to at least come back and finish the project if it were at all possible.”

Joey could heard the sounds of scratching as the man was writing down his words .“Certainly sir. I will put in the complaint with my higher ups and Mr. Connor will be dealt with accordingly.” The man responded. “I apologize for any inconvenience. Will that be all?”

“Yes sir, thank you for your help.” Joey grinned maniacally while lightly tapping his fingers on the side of the phone's body.

“No problem, have a nice day.” With parting words the line was cut ending the call.

Joey leaned forward gently placing the ear piece back on it's receiving hook before leaning back in his chair. His grin stretched wider and wider nearly rivaling the Bendy cutout in the corner of his office before he broke into a full raucous laughter. The mans voice echoing off walls of the room as he laughed at his actions, Tom will pay for his actions and perfect the machine, he now has no escape since he will loose his job if he doesn't comply. If you want to hurt someone hurt them where it hurts the most, the wallet. Joey was well aware of Allison's income and as a woman she doesn't make nearly as much as her male counterparts. Tom's income more then made up for the difference especially with him being an engineer which was already a high paying occupation. The couple will struggle if Tom's income is cut short and the only way to make a living was to stay. There is no place to run no hide, the machine will be finished or else their livelihood will be finished.

Joey slowly composed himself after his laughing fit and carefully started to gather up the remaining paperwork of the day. He opened up his drawer to grab his black book when he realized it was missing. He chuckled to himself he forgot that he was using it as one of the 6 sacrifices 'the machine is not operating at the moment so it doesn't need the book' he thought to himself while he packed the last few papers in his briefcase. He lifted himself from the desk and with cane and case in hand slowly heading out his office locking the door behind him. Joey drifted down the silent halls looking at the posters of Bendy and his friends, he vowed that the toons will be perfect no matter what. The man rounded corners till he finally reached the sacrifice room, all 6 sacrifices still sitting where Tom had left them.

Joey gingerly took his book from the pedestal causing the platform to lift back up in it's original position. He looked the book over and turned around ready to leave when something caught his eye. He looked at the pedestal directly across from his and saw the little Bendy doll sacrifice. He walked up to the doll scowling a it. It reminded him too much of the doll turned toon that escaped and is running loose in his studio. Though seeing a doll up close gave him pause, how could an object with no solid connection to Bendy say for only appearance produce a living toon? There was no reels, no sketches, no drawings or any other memorabilia used, only a doll, yet it was somehow alive just like Bendy. It was as off model as they get and while Bendy was on model in appearance he was as off model as his predecessor. This was going to be something that warranted an explanation from the failure of a mechanic. With a precise swing Joey knocked the doll off it's stand sending it flying across the room striking the wall, the little doll make a pitiful squeak upon impact and lay on the floor facing the frustrated man. Joey shot one final glare at the doll before pocketing his book, turning on his heel and leaving.

-----------Later at the Connor's---------------

Allison practically danced around her home, she couldn't wait for her husband to come home with Benny in tow. Her mind joyously going over potential introduction scenarios a mile a minute, she had even gone out of her way to cook enough for 4 people. Allison stood at the edge of her table triumphantly taking in the sight of the feast she carefully labored over, a small turkey sat in the center of the table surrounded by plates of greens, mashed potatoes and a small gravy bowl. She had even gone out to the garage and pulled out a spare fold out chair she hid on the side of the stove out of sight. Her heart beat faster when he heard the familiar sound of tires coming up the little driveway and coming to a stop. Allison all but ran to her front door throwing it open. Her smile bright and arms up at the ready to catch the little ball of energy known as Benny as he would immediately attach himself to her upon sight. However the sight she saw made her arms fall limp to her sides and her smile faded.

Tom limped out of his truck like a whipped dog completely coated in ink, his body slumped from exhaustion as he exited the vehicle. He shot her a small smile before he walked to  the passenger side opening up the door and grabbed the boxes and pulling them out. He nudged the door closed and made his way up the walkway to the house. Allison silently watched him all the while, she wanted to ask him where her 'doll'  was and she hoped he was inside one of the boxes that were in Tom's arms. She nudged the door open for him so he could come inside and Tom gently kissed her as he walked by before he set his keys down on the little nightstand by the door. She closed the door once he was inside and turned to watch the man take the pile of boxes to his office. She carefully followed him stopping at the doorway of the room watching him open up all the boxes and putting papers away.

One by one Tom opened up the boxes and bit by bit Allison's heart broke, Benny was in none of the boxes. She could feel her heart beating faster with dread the more he moved around with no toon in tow. Allison spun on her heel and walked as fast as she could down the hall to keep Tom from hearing her running. She snatched Tom's truck keys off the little stand before heading to his truck, her hand was shaking as she tried to unlock the  door. She grabbed her hand with the other to steady herself and unlocked the door crawling in the side of the vehicle.

“Benny? Benny?!” She cried out hoping to get the toon's attention, nearly turning the truck inside out as she lifted the seats and dug through boxes and bags of tools. She hoped that she would magically lift a box or bag and the toon would launch himself at her and everything would perfect. Allison bit back her tears as her pace of rummaging the boxes slowed as grim reality set in. Benny wasn't here. Tom forgot. The dam of hope she tried to build shattered, tears poured from her eyes as sorrow overtook her.

Tom finished putting away the last of his things when he turned to look for Allison. He drifted through the house looking around in the living room and then to the kitchen. He paused at the table covered in what looked like a mini Thanksgiving feast. Was this all for him? Was it because he's finally done with the ink machine project and Allison was rewarding him? A smile crept up on his face, he couldn't believe that she would go through so much effort for him when these past two weeks he was hardly home and got to spend so little time with her. What did he do to deserve such a wonderful woman, when he hasn't been able to reciprocate the gesture?

“Allison?” Tom called out looking around the house. 'I could have sworn I saw her earlier. Where did she go?' he thought to himself as he checked all the rooms. He passed by the front door and saw that the screen door was closed but the front door itself was open and a figure sat on the porch. “Allison?”

Tom carefully stepped out the door to see Allison curled up on the porch. She had her back turned to him and her face buried in her arms. “Sweetie?” He gently rest his hand on her shoulder.

Allison looked up at Tom her cheeks red and her eyes puffy from crying, the sight before him nearly broke his heart. He rarely saw Allison cry and it was something he didn't like to see. “What's wrong?” Tom gently scooted her over sitting next to her and slowly rubbed her back gaining a few more sobs from her. He pulled her towards him gently and rest his head on hers.

“He-He wasn't brought home.” Allison whimpered out, her voice low. Her body shook as she was holding back her tears and her building anger.

Tom barely heard her and tilted his head in confusion. “Brought home?”  He felt that he was forgetting something but couldn't place it.

“The doll.”

Tom paused in thought. “The doll?” Tom didn't remember any dolls.

“You didn't bring him home.” Allison's voice returning stronger, she scooted out of the mans embrace to put distance between herself and him.

“Umm what doll?” Tom paused trying to think “What exactly are you going on about?”

Allison looked up at her husband anger all over her face. “The Bendy plush toy Tom, the one you promised to bring home! Now's hes stuck there all alone!” Allison nearly shouted at the top of her lungs. She was outraged. How could Tom forget the one little thing she had asked of him? All their plans and scrambling trying to get Benny out was set aside cause Tom said he would bring him home. If she knew the man was going to forget then she wouldn't have relied on him with such an important task.

Tom flinched away from her, he had never seen her so angry so suddenly. His mind drifted back to the other day during the lunch spent together when he held a little Bendy plush that was gifted to Allison.  “You mean the Bendy plush you got from a coworker? I'm sure they'll be another chance to sneak the toy out.” He tried to reassure her gently placing his hand on her shoulder.

“That's not how he'll see it.” Allison bitterly uttered before she brushed off Tom's hand off her shoulder and got up leaving him sitting outside the house.

Tom quietly sat on the porch completely baffled by Allison's swirl of emotions she threw at him. One minute she is upset and crying and the next she looks like she wants to hurt him. He didn't get it. Yeah he knew the toy was a gift but why would it get her so upset that he forgot? It's not like it was a big deal if he forgot the thing today, besides Allison still works at the studio she would have plenty of opportunities to sneak the doll out. Tom  folded his hands and rested his elbows on his knees as he stared out into the evening sky. Tomorrow he will get to report back to GENT headquarters and seek out another job and hopefully one that didn't give him as many Grey hairs as the previous one. His thoughts broken by the sound of the telephone in the kitchen.

Tom sighed and got up to head back into house, he sauntered through the kitchen to the corner where the phone was loudly ringing. He leaned against the wall and picked up the earpiece off the receiver. “Hello? Thomas Connor speaking.”

“Ah, Good evening Mr. Connor. I am a representative from GENT headquarters. I have regrettably received a complaint from your previous employer about failure to complete a contract.” Tom's eye's widened upon hearing the mans voice commenting about 'failure to complete a contract' there was only one person that fits that role and that was Joey Drew. “You are to return to your previous employer and finish the work assigned. If you refuse to do so, then there will be repercussions by means of a pay cut or even termination.”

Tom froze holding the earpiece to his ear, his hand gripped the side of the phone box. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Anger building up rapidly within the man, how dare Joey screw with him. That pathetic excuse of a studio director got what he wanted and yet he is still not satisfied. Tom's voice was low and dripped with venom as he politely thanked the GENT rep and hung up the phone. He wanted nothing more then to break something and that pleasure would be reserved for Joey's neck.

Tom turned to see the table piled high with food and let out a long sigh. 'guess the celebration of finishing the stupid machine will have to wait' he thought to himself. He grabbed a plate and started to set up a portion for himself when he noted that Allison was no where to be found. Again. He got up from the table and walked into the living room to see her on the couch fast asleep. Tom ran his fingers down the sides of his face. He didn't know how to explain it but watching her little outburst over a toy was baffling and it felt like she was avoiding him now. He didn't understand it, how could a little toy be so important? Yeah sure it was a gift from a grateful staffer, but it can't be important enough to warrant such and outburst. Tom grabbed a spare blanket from the linen closet and covered Allison up for the night deciding to let her rest and hopefully she would have calmed down by morning.

Tom headed back to the kitchen and the plate of food he made up for himself suddenly didn't look so appealing, but he knew his body needed it. He grabbed a chair and sat down quietly eating the now cold meal. He appreciated his wife's gesture with the meal but she didn't have to go so far for him, he would have been happy with just a small 'congratulations' and a make one of her famous cookies but not a full course meal. He silently thanked her for her efforts and once he was done eating he carefully packed the items in containers and placed them in the refrigerator. Tom washed up the dishes, putting them away and started cleaning around the table when a fold up chair on the side of the stove caught his attention. He lifted his brow as he pulled the chair out confused as to why it had been taken out of the garage, but decided to leave it alone and slid it back in it's hiding place.

The kitchen had been restored to order and Tom sighed looking at the sleeping figure in the living room letting out a soft sigh, 'I'll talk to her in the morning'. He turned the lights off one by one and lightly kissed Allison on the forehead before he drifted to his own room to get some much needed rest. Little did he know Allison was awake and she sat up to look at the empty hallway her husband had traveled down. She knew the man was worn and beat but the thoughts of Benny not being home where he belonged and the fact that a promise had been broken had cut into her deeply. She laid her head back down as the tears once again welled up in her eyes. She had no clue what to say to Benny in the morning, and could only hope that he wouldn't take the forgotten promise too hard.

------------Meanwhile At The Studio-------------------

A Small figure sat a top a lonely throne bound by chains, the chains were as heavy as his heart.  Large black tears poured from Bendy's eyes he spent hours screaming, crying and trying to free himself from his cold prison only to find that he can't move and that no one was coming for him. His inky skin was covered in bruises and cuts from his struggling within the chains, each desperate twist and turn of his body resulted in more pain till he couldn't take it anymore and lay limply on the chair. He didn't understand, what did he do wrong? What did he do to deserve such treatment? Bendy wept resigned to his fate to be left in a place where it was dark and cold, a place for him to rot away and be forgotten.

A separate figure sat inside a crate on the bottom of a shelf curled up into a tight ball. Large tears poured from Benny's eyes and he had come to the realization that he had been left behind. He sat on Allison's desk for hours out in the open keeping a ever watchful eye on her door hoping to see Tom come in and take him home. He wanted nothing more to see the man's smiling face as he scooped him up and took him out of the studio, to be welcomed by Allison in his new home. That wasn't going to happen, Tom broke his promise. The only chance to get out and it was gone. Benny wept resigned to his fate to be stuck in a place where if he is ever found he will be killed, and that Allison's protection was not guaranteed.
Early morning had risen on a modest home, and within a demon was stirring. Benny tossed and tuned on his bed moaning in his sleep before snapping awake and sat up looking around the room in fear. The demon looked around the space he was in dreading that he would see yellowed walls and endless hallways coated in ebony ink. Yet he was met with a soft baby blue wall and white trim. The spot were he was resting was his bed that Tom and Allison had recently bought for him. He looked over his shoulder and saw that the morning sun was shining through his window, and yet no one had come to get him. He was used to being woken at a set time by the the other residents of the home and yet he slept in. He listened carefully and come to realize that there was no sound of pattering feet or grumbling in the hallway. The normal sounds he had come to associate with mornings.

He lifted his blankets up and slid out of bed carefully to not make any noise. He opened his bedroom door slowly and saw that house had remained as still as it was the night before. The house itself was still sleeping and its occupants weren't a stir except for himself.

Benny quietly crept down the hall to the living room and den, no one was there. He drifted to the kitchen to find that it too was void of activity. He quietly groaned to himself that no one was up. The coffee pot was empty, there was no figure at the stove cooking, nothing. Just empty silence. The house was never quiet in the morning, someone was always up. The lack of sound was starting to make the little demon uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of the silence of the studio except for the occasional drip of ink or the moan of a tortured soul.

A sense of panic started bubbling up within the plushdemon. Why is he alone? Is this a bad dream where he thought he got out of the studio? Is he going to wake up and find the familiar yellowed walls of the factory and the stench of ink so thick you could gag? Will he be alone again?The edges of his eyes started to produce small droplets of ink before a rough but warm hand rested on the top of his head.

Benny whirled around and was met with a pair of tired eyes. "Hey, Benny. Good morning".

Tom smiled down at Benny and then noted the hints of ink at the demons eyes and knelt down. "Hey, whats wrong?" He rubbed his thumb on the demons cheek to wipe away the ink. A look of worry across the older man's face.

"I didn't see or hear anyone. There was no one here and I thought...I thought..." Benny's voice devolved into small whines as he leaned into Tom.

"Hey hey hey, it's ok" Tom hugged the toon and started to rub his back. "We're here and aren't going anywhere."

Tom knew all to well what Benny was probably going through. It was common for all of them to have horrid nightmares of being back in the hell hole of a studio. The yellowed wooden walls, the seemingly endless hallways dripping with ink, the creaks and moans of the building as ink was pumped through it like veins with the Ink machine at it's heart. Tom at least had Allison with him, but the plushdemon was separated from them. He didn't know what all the little devil  had gone through since Benny didn't talk about it much, nor did he want to press him on it. One thing he knew for certain is that the demon had grown very attached now that the three were reunited. Benny had developed separation issues after the reunion, but he couldn't blame him. Benny was alone for so long just trying to survive the hell hole like everyone else. The only thing he could do was to be there for the toon whenever he needed him.

Tom just stayed there kneeling on his knee rubbing Benny's back while he waiting for the little toon to calm down. Benny's whining slowly stopped and he looked up at Tom. "Thank you".

Tom smiled and pointed at his leg for which Benny gladly clung to, sitting on top of Tom's foot as the man moved throughout the kitchen.

Benny watched as Tom drifted through the house opening up cabinets and drawers pulling out dishes and utensils. He set the table quickly and walked over to a stack of boxes and rummaged through them pulling out brand new pots and pans. Benny quietly sat and watched the man work his thoughts drifted to how he got to this point in his life.

It had been 2 weeks since they got out of the studio and Tom and Allison had no home to go home to since they were gone for years from being trapped in the studio. They had to start anew with nothing but the ink soaked clothes on their back and an old car long since rusted, a dead battery and flat tires. Luckily they still had a sizable bank account and managed to buy a house nestled in between some hills overlooking a valley. So much had happened so fast Benny had no clue what to make of it. The three of them had to move from one place called a 'hotel' to another one every few days, and they had to move at night so no one would see him. It felt like forever with moving from place to place with either Allison or Tom gone all day. He still remembered the day Allison came to the hotel room all grins shouting something about them finally getting a place called a 'house' and that they could move in in 3 days time.

This 'house' as he was told, is where he would be living from now on. It was much bigger then the hotel. He didn't quite know what to make of the place at the time since there were only walls, no bed, couch, fridge, or a device called 'television'. Tom insisted that Allison and Benny stay at the hotel one more day so he could try and get furnishings, but Allison countered with the argument that they needed to use the money for clothes, blankets and other necessities instead of a night in a hotel. Allison had told the man that she would gladly sleep on the floor of her new home and be at peace, then at a hotel. Tom was only able to bring home two sleeping bags since the beds would be delivered the following day, but it was more then enough for Allison. Their first night in the house was spent in sleeping bags on the living room floor with Benny sleeping with Allison.

The first few days made Benny's head spin. Either Allison or Tom were gone all day and would come home multiple times with boxes and boxes of stuff. Though when the delivery truck arrived to set up the beds and deliver the couch, Benny ran and hid under the kitchen sink till the crew was gone. As soon as the beds arrived Allison and Tom divvied up the rooms, he learned that he was getting his own room right next to theirs. He didn't like being separated from Allison, but Tom insisted that Benny have his own room so the he could have his owns things and his own personal space.

Though the house had little things that Benny liked about it. There was a strange wall where light came through the ceiling that Tom called a 'atrium' that spanned one side of the living room and opposite of it was a large structure called a 'fireplace and mantle'. He liked the living room cause it was large and he could run around, but his favorite place of all was the kitchen. Allison would always be in the room making something good to eat. He would watch her drift throughout the room opening cabinets and drawers stocking them with new utensils and china they just purchased. He always looked forward to what foods Allison was gonna make since the first room that was stocked with necessities was the kitchen. He often sat on the chair and hummed with her while he watched her cook. He really enjoyed it when Allison would ask him to help out, she would show him little things like how to cut fruit or vegetables without hurting himself.

His thoughts drifted to why Allison wasn't up yet and why Tom was. Normally it would be Allison up making breakfast and Tom would stumble out some time later. His thoughts were interrupted by a voice "Benny? Benny? You listening?"

Benny looked up to see Tom looking down at him with a worried expression. "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. What were you saying?" He looked up at Tom sheepishly.

"I asked; what did you want for breakfast, cause we only have eggs or cereal."

"May I have some cereal please?".

"Ok." Tom walked over to the cabinet and pulled down 2 bowls, a box of cereal from the adjacent cabinet, and set them down at the table. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of milk and he stopped and looked down at the still clinging toon while chuckling. "Benny you're gonna have to get off my leg so you can sit at the table to eat" Tom nearly forgot the toon was there considering Benny was pretty light, but if the toon expected to eat, he would have to let go the man's leg.

"...ok" Benny slowly lifted himself off Tom's leg and soon found himself being picked up and sat at the table with a freshly poured bowl of cereal being placed in front of him "Thank you".

"You're welcome little guy". Tom smiled while pouring himself his own bowl of cereal. He returned to the fridge and put the milk away and came back to the table and started to eat quietly.

<lBenny didn't take a bite of his food, but rather looked around before looking back at Tom. "Where's Allison?"

Tom stopped eating and sighed slightly "She caught a cold and isn't feeling well, so she is sleeping in for now."

Benny got instantly worried "Will she get better?"

"Yeah, she just over did it and tired herself out. All she needs is medicine and rest." he smiled at the worried demon.

Tom couldn't bring himself to say that both he and Allison were exhausted. Neither have been able to catch a decent break since once out of the studio they were jobless and homeless. It would have been one thing if it were just the two of them and they could take a little more time on things but with having Benny, they couldn't wait too long on anything. They had to hit the ground running. They were thankful they still had their savings from working with the studio and Henry was more then willing to help with lodging, but neither Tom nor Allison wanted to burden the older animator, especially now that he had his own demon to deal with.

Tom and Allison ran around everywhere and to their dismay, so much had changed. Stores they used to know were no longer around, and some areas that used to be grassy fields were all covered in either houses or shopping centers. Cars were a a different story all together. There were new vehicles and designs that to Tom looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it helped prove a point that neither he nor Allison liked: they were frozen in time while the world left them behind. Both he and Allison had to adjust to their new world just as much as their new companion, but they couldn't show that they were just as lost and scared as the toon was. Henry was heaven sent as he spent a bit of time catching Tom and Allison both up on current events and managed to show them around town so they wouldn't feel so lost. He was also kind enough to help them with the house search since he too was also moving out of his apartment and into a new home since he now had Bendy to look after. His small apartment just wasn't cutting it for the energetic devil.

"Is there anything we can do for her in the meantime?" Benny's voice breaking Tom out of his thoughts.

He looked down at Benny and smiled at the thoughtfulness of the toon "Actually, there is something we can do."

"What is it?" Benny leaned over the table, tom had the toons undivided attention.

"Well, we can make her some soup and get her some medicine, so she can get better faster."

"Yay! " Benny was about to leap off his seat when Tom caught the plushdemon's arm.

"Finish your breakfast first young man." Benny was met with a stern look from Tom.

"Ok!" Tom watched as Benny seemed to inhale his cereal before hopping off the chair with his bowl and dashing to the sink. He got on a step stool and placed his bowl in the sink before swiftly returning to Tom's side eager to get started.

The man nearly choked on his own food while trying to keep from laughing at the energetic devil. This was something he was going to have to get used to. Tom finished his cereal and washed the dishes with Benny following him like a little demonic shadow. He reached back into the box of pots and pans and pulled out a small pot and handed it to Benny.

"Here, can you set this on the table while I get the chicken?"

"Ok." Benny took the pot and step stool over to the table. He hopped up on the step stool with the pot and set it on top and waited for Tom to come over.

Tom went to the fridge and pulled out some chicken breasts, carrots, celery, an onion and 2 potatoes. He approached the table with all the groceries in hand and set them down. He returned to the drawers and pulled out 2 knives, 2 cutting boards, a potato peeler and returned to the table.

Tom washed and cut the chicken breasts very thinly and slid them in the pot and filled it with water, setting it to boil. While he waited, he helped Benny peel and cut up the veggies into small pieces so all the food could cook quickly. He was thankful Benny spent a lot of time with Allison in the kitchen and didn't have to watch him too much as Benny handled his knife carefully. The toon handled each vegetable carefully and steadily cut each one in equal sizes at a steady pace in comparison to Tom's 'slow and steady wins the race' pace. Tom felt a little embarrassed that the toon was faster at chopping up the vegetables, but at least Tom knew how to cook.

It didn't take too long for the chicken to come to a full boil with Tom stirring the pot on occasion. He grabbed the cutting board with the veggies and poured them into the pot along with some seasonings and let it continue to boil. While he waited for the veggies to cook, he gathered up the dishes on the table and started washing them and handed them to Benny so he could dry them. Benny couldn't quite reach the cabinets to put the cutting boards away but was able to put the utensils away. After handing Benny the last cutting board he waited for the toon to finish drying it and gingerly took the board from him and returned it to the cabinet. L

Tom returned to his former position over the stove occasionally stirring the pot, while Benny had brought his step stool over and was was watching next to him. He took out a small fork and stabbed a piece of potato. Benny asked why he was doing that and he told him that when a fork can penetrate a potato easily then it is ready. He went to one of the cabinets and pulled out a box of macaroni noodles and poured them into the pot. After making sure the soup was on a high boil he covered the pot with it's lid and immediately shut the flame off.

"Why did you do that? The noodles aren't cooked." Benny looked up at Tom confused. He had seen Allison cook noodles for a dish called 'spaghetti' and she would only turn the flame off after the noodles were cooked, and that took awhile. Not in the matter of seconds.

"Bring water to a high boil and throw in noodles and cover it, after 10 minutes the noodles will be cooked from the heat contained within the pot." Tom smiled while scooping Benny off his step stool setting the devil down on the floor "Now, While that is cooking I need go to the store to buy some medicine."

"What do I do in the meantime?" Benny looked up at Tom.

"You can be a good boy and watch Allison for me while I'm gone, but don't disturb her. She needs her rest.".

"Ok". Benny gave a small mock salute.

He watched Tom put a coat on over his Pajamas, grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. Once Benny was sure Tom was long gone he turned on his heel and headed for Allison's room. He knew Tom told him to not 'disturb her', but how would he know if she was ok if he didn't check on her? He quietly approached the door and turned the nob slowly opening the door to be as quiet as possible. The lights were off, and he could make out a mound of blankets rolled up on the bed.

"Allison?" he quietly called out, but didn't get a response. He walked over to the bed and carefully crawled up on the bed and scooted over to her. "Allison?"

The blanket mound finally stirred and Benny was greeted by a tired shaky smile. "Hey, sweetie." Allison whispered.

Benny laid on his stomach and was inches away from Allison's face and whispered " How do you feel?"

"I've been better." She lifted her hand and gently petted him between his horns.

"Tom went to get medicine. Do you need anything?" He leaned into her hand purring slightly. It was then he felt how clammy her hand was, the contact made him frown slightly.

"Some water if you can. Please." She whispered. It was clear she was exhausted and very much out of it.

Benny nodded and removed himself from her touch and slid off the bed. He walked to the doorway and looked over his shoulder at the woman frowning slightly before leaving.

He walked into the kitchen and looked up at the cabinets that housed the glasses and the faucet where he could get water. All of them were out of his reach. He needed water, and normally he wouldn't care if he had to climb up on a stool to get and glass and fill it with water, but the last thing he wanted was to spill the water by accident cause of his small size. He took a deep breath and thought to himself that in his normal state he can't do much, but in his larger form he is taller then a human and can. Though Tom didn't seem to approve of his other form, but if it's for Allison, it should be ok.

Benny felt the fabric of his body expand as the ink within him adjusted and grew. Ink seeped from his face completely coating his right eye and half the stitches on his left either expanded or snapped all together, partially encasing a large singular black eye and yellow iris. His teeth grew sharp and his horns grew long as he gained height. His body grew lanky with the stitches on his stomach pulling open and large white teeth protruding from it's edges. His arms separated at each respective stitch and only remained connected to his body by the threads that held them together. Allison had dubbed his alternate form "Rag doll" due to how shredded and broken his body looked, but it was a form he needed at the moment.

With height now on his side, he walked over to the cabinet and gingerly pulled out a glass and filled it with water from the faucet. He had a bit of a tough time with the faucet since his gloved hands are much larger then a humans. With glass in hand, he walked down the hall and re-entered the Bedroom.

Allison looked up at Benny and smiled tiredly at him. She didn't seem to mind the demons change in physical appearance.

"CaN yOu SiT uP?" His voice came out garbled and deep. He winced at the sound of his own voice, but tried to smile without looking like a horror show.

Allison nodded and started to push the blankets off so she could sit up. It was then that Benny noticed her sheets were soaked as well as her clothes. He frowned at seeing her looking so pale, he didn't know what to do. He knew how to take care of himself, but never a human, let alone a sick one.

He watched as she seemed to struggle with sitting up, her body seemingly not cooperating. He carefully slid his large hand behind her back and helped her to sit up properly "HeRe" he handed her the glass of water and sat next to her.

"Thank you." Allison took the glass and started drinking.

While she was drinking the water, Benny got up from the bed and walked over to her dresser. He opened up the drawers looking for a change of clothes for her. He knew at least that humans change clothes when their current one is soiled, and she was soaked from sweat. Allison protested about Benny rummaging through her belongings, especially when he accidentally held up a bra and underwear. He settled on a change of pajamas and brought them over to her.

"PuT tHeSe On." He held out the clothes. His cheeks were dusted with hints of pink from finding her undergarments by accident. His eye darting around to look anywhere but her.

Allison smiled up at him and took the clothes from him "Thanks". She wanted to laugh at how shy and modest Benny was acting. He very much reminded her of Tom when he would stumble in on her while she would be changing ,and instantly hide his face or turn around.

Benny watched as she slowly got up from the bed, groaning the entire way up, and headed for the bathroom to change. While she was gone, Benny pulled the soaked sheets off the bed and tossed them in the laundry basket. He grabbed the bedding from his room even though they were a bit small and used them to cover the bed back up. They still didn't have a lot of bedding yet since they were still trying to make the house properly livable, but for now it will have to do.

He quickly made his way back to the kitchen to grab a water basin and fill it with cold water, taking care to not get any of the water on himself. He knew that humans sweat when they get too hot and he hoped that a cold cloth will help cool her down. While the basin was filling with water he checked the time and saw that more then 10 minutes had passed. The soup should be ready. He opened up the cabinet and grabbed a bowl filling it with the chicken noodle soup. He shut the water off in the sink and opened up a few kitchen drawers till he found a cloth and soaked it in the basin. Satisfied, he carried the basin in one hand, the bowl of soup in the other, and returned to the bedroom. He laid the basin on the floor near the nightstand and set the soup on the nightstand making sure to not knock over the lamp.

Allison came back to the bedroom and chuckled at the change of bedding, the basin sitting on the floor in front of the nightstand and a bowl of presumably soup atop the stand. She instantly recognized Benny's bedding. The demon in question was standing next to bed and tilted his head.

"ArE yOu FeElInG aNy BeTtEr?"

"I am now sweetie, now that I was able to freshen up a bit and that you're helping me out so much" Allison walked over to Benny and lifted her hand up and caressed the demons cheek which he eagerly leaned into humming a strange garbled purr.

With the demon satisfied Allison sat on the bed and grabbed the bowl of soup examining its contents, while Benny sat on the floor next to her. It was a very basic chicken noodle soup, tom's proclaimed 'specialty'. The man was very basic in his cooking saying that 'all you need are the bare necessities, nothing more, nothing less.' she picked up the spoon and started eating, all the while under the watchful eye of the over sized demondoll.

Is It GoOd?” Benny looked up at her, a hint of nervousness in his eye.

“yes it is.” Allison smiled warmly. Truth be told she could hardly taste it, but for the little she could taste, it was delightful.

Benny hummed at her appreciation for the food “I'm GlAd, ToM aNd I mAdE iT tOgEtHeR.

“And you two did a wonderful job” Allison reached over and scratched Benny between the horns resulting in a much louder purr. The demon clearly happy from her liking the food he helped make, and the show of affection he was getting for it.

Allison ate the soup slowly, savoring it's taste bite by bite. Such a simple meal yet contained so much love within it. Once she finished her food, Benny took the bowl from her and returned to the kitchen while she laid down in the bed trying to rest again. Benny came back to the room and double checked her sheets making sure she was tucking in for bed while he resumed his spot on the floor next to her.

After awhile he noticed that she would toss and turn in the bed and seemed to be shivering again. He lifted his hand up and placed it on her forehead to gauge her temperature and she felt quite warm. He knew he himself wasn't nearly as warm as what was viewed as the 'average' human temperature, but he was sure they weren't supposed to be that hot. yet she was acting like she was cold.  That couldn't be right, she was sweating a lot earlier cause she was hot and now she's acting like she's cold? She has several blankets on the bed, including his. Yeah sure his blankets were smaller in comparison, but he laid them end to end to equate one adult sized blanket, so how is she cold?

"ArE yOu CoLd?"

"I can't seem to get warm for some reason." Allison pulled on her blankets tying to get more comfortable.

Benny frowned slightly, but smiled when a thoughtful idea came to his mind.

Benny made sure his stomach mouth stitching was nice and taut before he carefully slid his hands under Allison tucking the blankets under her, wrapping her like a human sized burrito. She noted the sudden movement and looked to see what he was doing "Benny? What are you doing?"

Benny slid his hands under Allison again getting a small squeak from the woman as he lifted her and moved her to the edge if the bed. With the opposite side of the bed cleared, he crawled next to her. He pulled her body close to his and curled up around her as best he could. His body dwarfing hers, he laid his head next to hers and had his arms and threads wrapped around her to keep her blankets close to her.

Allison instantly caught on as to what the large plushdemon was doing. His body was primarily fabric, and he was using his own body as an additional blanket. "Thank you sweetie" she pressed herself into him, already feeling warmer with the addition of the little body heat he generates.

Benny felt her body relax under him as he himself relaxed. He extended the threads of his arm and reached behind himself and pulled the cloth from the basin. He squeezed it as best he could and brought it back to his main body and laid the cloth on Allison's forehead. He watched her drift off to sleep while he occasionally would remove the cloth, re-soak it and reapply it. It seemed that Allison had finally stopped shivering and wasn't sweating as much anymore, he could only hope that whatever was making her hot and giving her chills had passed.


Tom pulled up to the house cursing that his 'easy trip' to the pharmacy took longer then expected. Traffic was a nightmare thanks to an accident and then at the pharmacy an old man was bitterly arguing about wanting his discount of all but 5 cents off his bill, while Tom stood behind him wishing the man would get a heart attack and drop dead so he could at least pay for his things and leave. Getting back home was a rerun episode of 'return of the traffic accident', 2 cars got into a minor accident and were arguing it out on the road like idiots instead of moving to the shoulder to clear the road. Tom could only hope that Allison was feeling better and that Benny wasn't too much of a handful. While the demon was by no sense of the word a 'problematic child' he was a touch concerned about Benny being left alone for extended periods. Yeah Allison was there with him, but she was sick and in no state to deal with the devil. He steeled himself for potential trouble and opened up the door to pure silence within the home.

"Benny?" He quietly called out. He didn't want to shout for fear of waking Allison, but was confused as to why it was so quiet.

"Ben?" Still no answer.

Tom closed the door and walked into the kitchen. The kitchen was undisturbed except for a open cabinet and a bowl in the sink. He then went to the living room and there was no one there either. Tom sighed and started checking the bedrooms. Benny's door was left open, and his bed had been stripped to the mattress. Tom investigated the room, but other then the missing bedding everything else was in perfect order. He knew he didn't need to spend any energy on the spare room since it was still empty and that only left the last room, his and Allison's.

Tom walked to their room and carefully opened the door and was instantly stunned by what he saw.

Before him, lay Benny in his Rag Doll form curled around a mound of blankets. Tom still wasn't quite used to this form of the toon. He had remembered the day Benny was born how the toon acted, curious and sweet. It was hard to believe that what happened in the studio would warp the sweet little toon into that of a monster. What surprised him the most was despite the demons physical appearance he was still the same sweet demon born of a doll and ink.

Tom walked over to the bed and Benny lifted his head to look at the man. Tom noticed that Allison was under him, she looked peacefully asleep, unlike her fitful sleep through the night as her cold worsened. He noted that the bed was covered in Benny's blankets and that their own blankets were no where to be found. The man smiled and set the medicine on the nightstand and look over to the large demon.

“Thanks Benny. When she gets up tell her that there is some soup. Ok?” the man whispered as to not disturb his wife.

I gAvE hEr SoMe SoUp EaRlIeR

Tom smiled, Benny was doing his best to take care of his wife while he was gone. “Thanks Benny” he reached out and caressed the demon between the horns.

Benny purred under Tom's hand and then laid his head back down resting next to Allison. Tom nodded, turned on his heel and quietly left the room shutting the door behind him. He knew his wife was in good hands, Benny would make sure of that. The demon more ways then one, viewed Allison as his surrogate mom and would do anything and everything for the both of them.


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Current Residence: California
deviantWEAR sizing preference: none
Print preference: none
Favourite genre of music: Anime themes
Favourite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Anime or nature
Operating System: I have 17 computers figure it out
MP3 player of choice: My beloved PSP
Shell of choice: what's that
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Anime
Skin of choice: none
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric (He is a male animated me) and Conan (my Favorite Detective)
Personal Quote: One truth Prevails and Do I need a reason to help someone
Thanks to help from my twin I finally got a brand new computer~! My old one is still alive and kicking however it is quite slow and crashes frequently on any and all my art programs. So now it is that long and painful transition from one to the other.
  • Listening to: Last Surprise Persona 5
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • Drinking: Almond Milk


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