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FEBRUARY Winner-raidenokreuz76 by fullmetalalchemist FEBRUARY Winner-raidenokreuz76 :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 124 21 February Award -- raidenokre76 by fullmetalalchemist February Award -- raidenokre76 :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 15 1 JANUARY winner --silvermirror by fullmetalalchemist JANUARY winner --silvermirror :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 10 0 January Award -- silvermirror by fullmetalalchemist January Award -- silvermirror :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 19 1 DECEMBER winner --daklewijd by fullmetalalchemist DECEMBER winner --daklewijd :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 35 3 December Award -- daklewijd by fullmetalalchemist December Award -- daklewijd :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 10 4 NOVEMBER winner--KoLy-Kyohyama by fullmetalalchemist NOVEMBER winner--KoLy-Kyohyama :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 28 3 November Award --KoLy-Kyohyama by fullmetalalchemist November Award --KoLy-Kyohyama :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 5 3 -Birthday Showcase 2004- by fullmetalalchemist -Birthday Showcase 2004- :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 11 1 OCTOBER winner ---ryo-hakkai by fullmetalalchemist OCTOBER winner ---ryo-hakkai :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 68 12 October Award -- ryo-hakkai by fullmetalalchemist October Award -- ryo-hakkai :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 5 4 September Award -- Dzioo by fullmetalalchemist September Award -- Dzioo :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 6 1 August Award -- Yuimii by fullmetalalchemist August Award -- Yuimii :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 3 0 August Award -- makotoshinki by fullmetalalchemist August Award -- makotoshinki :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 3 5 July Award -- Bluerakuen by fullmetalalchemist July Award -- Bluerakuen :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 10 1 June Award -- Knightcat by fullmetalalchemist June Award -- Knightcat :iconfullmetalalchemist:fullmetalalchemist 7 1


FMA Lust by meomnimi FMA Lust :iconmeomnimi:meomnimi 9 8
In My Eyes
In My Eyes
               You're graceful
               Your grace falls
               Down around me in my eyes
               You're lovely
               Your love leaves
               So sadly in my eyes

               ~Rufio "In My Eyes"
I don't understand you, Roy. Honestly. I mean, what do you see in this forever dating of yours? Don't you ever get tired of these one-night stands? Of course, you have more energy than I have. I'm so happy that I have my Gracia. Don't you agree that she looks like an angel? But seriously, Roy, don't you think it's time to find a nice woman and settle down? There should be someone in this world who is your true love.
"Aa, you're right, Maes. But there is only one woman I truly love and she has already been taken by someone else."
Roy Mustang sat slumped down in his chair with a glass of whiskey in his hands. The bottle was nearly empty and he already began to feel that the pain in his heart became less. Soon, he'd slip away
:iconlenihanfighter:lenihanfighter 5 5
Kiriban: Envy by keitsu-hanei Kiriban: Envy :iconkeitsu-hanei:keitsu-hanei 13 12 FMA: Roiai Valentine by hoolijing FMA: Roiai Valentine :iconhoolijing:hoolijing 283 96 Kiriban-FMA for DK by kojika Kiriban-FMA for DK :iconkojika:kojika 40 14 FMA : In The Autumn by akai-sakuranbo FMA : In The Autumn :iconakai-sakuranbo:akai-sakuranbo 558 174 - The Flame Alchemist - by nemutai-kunoichi - The Flame Alchemist - :iconnemutai-kunoichi:nemutai-kunoichi 30 27 FMA : In my place by MoreProject FMA : In my place :iconmoreproject:MoreProject 421 58 Hagane no Samurai 1 by okamikiba Hagane no Samurai 1 :iconokamikiba:okamikiba 4 1 Bundled Moofy by YuukiHikari Bundled Moofy :iconyuukihikari:YuukiHikari 262 93 Edward and AL by atomic-flux Edward and AL :iconatomic-flux:atomic-flux 10 15 The cursed Armor by obin-chan31 The cursed Armor :iconobin-chan31:obin-chan31 19 107 Military party or something by sapphireluna Military party or something :iconsapphireluna:sapphireluna 125 31 FMA boys by Murike FMA boys :iconmurike:Murike 4 3



Homunculus... GETTO DAZE!
Current Residence: Amestris
Favourite genre of music: Fullmetal
Favourite photographer: Maes Hughes
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
Operating System: Automechanics
MP3 player of choice: Radio
Shell of choice: armor
Skin of choice: Forged
Favourite cartoon character: Who's a cartoon character that you say is so non-existant that you can't notice him on tv?!!
Personal Quote: "People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something..."

:pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr:
GENERAL INFO OF THE CLUB: the only Fullmetal Alchemist Club on DeviantArt! you have no choice but to join! XD
HOW TO JOIN: Send a note to the club! You may ONLY join by sending a note (and only once, with the heading something like "JOINING!")! NO EXCEPTIONS. And no, you do not need to have FMA fanart to join, but that'd be nice). oh, and put our icon in your journal/sig if you'd like. Spread the word!

NOTE: If I do not update you on the next update in which I SAY THAT I HAVE UPDATED THE MEMBERS PAGES (I sometimes go an update without adding to the list due to time), THEN send another one. Don't flood with notes asking why you aren't added yet if there hasn't been an update! Thank you!  
Our icon --> ( :iconfullmetalalchemist: )

SUBMITTING ARTWORK/FANFICTION: send a note with a link to your artwork (label it as "fanart!" or "fanfiction!"). Again, devcomments are way too hard to keep track of. Sorry! of course, it has to deal with FMA somehow, sillies. n.n;

As of now, I will not look at the comments for membership requests. Please understand that I am extremely busy and if you cannot read the information above, then I cannot spend the energy to remember to look somewhere besides my organized files. Thank you.

Club founded by: :iconsaucywench:
Maintained by: :iconsv-chan:

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0 Members added (ADDING RIGHT NOW); 1 entry added ; April's theme announced :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr:
:postit: >>June 15th, 2004.

Yeah, still working on that list. The fact that people kept sending in requests after I said that requests are put on hold  isn't helping either. Please no more for now? I swear I will get these done. >.<;;;;;

And I'm not sure if it's because I forgot to say that you have to label your submission as such, but there's only one entry this month. So unless someone has something else, there is a default winner.… by :iconsinisteral:


:pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr:

Please do not publically announce where you can still download FMA episodes. It is licensed by FUNi (for better or for worse).  It's not the first anime ever to get licensed so no bloody wars, alright? I love FMA as much as any of you do, so don't kill me either. Squee. ^_^;;;;;

:pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: :pointr:

:flame: A L C H E M I S T S :flame:
1003  members and growing!
We're getting so large, we have to break up the member lists!

The Name list: (fullmetalalchemist.deviantart.…)
(VERY) iconheavy list: Part one (fullmetalalchemist.deviantart.…)
Part two(fullmetalalchemist.deviantart.…)
Part three (fullmetalalchemist.deviantart.…)

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