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It has come to my Attention to bring you, that a Voice actor who voices as Furher King Bradly from Fullmetal Alchemist & FMA Brotherhood, and also a voice actor of many other Anime shows such as Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, DBZ, Fairy Tail, and much more
has passed away.

I got notified by one of my best friends about this on Twitter and hearing this sudden passing was saddening to hear.
I know he will be forever remembered by many of the lovely fans, friends, family, and many more.

RIP Ed Blaylock,
You'll be remembered.

Red Rose In Teardrop Crystal Vase Dewless by HalEmote

Article News of his Passing:…
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Group Info

Hello FMA Fans! My name is Em and This is my 1st group of for all you Fullmetal Alchemist Fans!

Ok I'm kinda new about making a group so please don't fuss if i did something wrong. ok now i don't know what the hell am I saying.....
anyways here are some Info.

In this group we submit some art of FMA. Here are what we can submit.

you can submit ONLY FMA otherwise its confusing if you put other art that is NOT FMA. people WILL be confused. trust me.

You CAN submit RPC and OC's

and if you guys are wondering you CAN submit comics and all. im still new to this so about the contest.

Their will be a contest for all you guys.

The contest that I will might do is..... well....this:

Secret Alchemist Contest:

ok this is where you guys will tell me witch character that you guys want that wants to be drawn. Chose one. Then after maybe a week. Then...
each member of this group will receive a note from me. I will tell them who are you drawing. Dont tell anyone cause its a surprise. Then when the month is over I will quickly announce you guys to SUBMIT your drawings now for the Contest! It cant be late so better do it fast! :D

Also if you want Im also putting up stories of My FMA stuff if you guys have spare time on your hands. well im off....more info comin soon.
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art of Anime- Fullmetal Alchemist and more

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Writing Commissions Open!I am taking writing commissions again!† Updated my fandom list and rules just a little bit and here you go: Examples of my work:†(†1,†2, 3†) I also have†this†tumblr account specifically for my writings.As you can see, I am capable of doing both short stories and multiple-chapter stories.†:)†I am very flexible in general.Fandoms I am most familiar with:Dragon AgeMass EffectWitcherAmnesiaOkamiDisneyTransformers†(specify universe)Historical fictionLOTR/the Hobbit/The†SilmarillionGoTHarry PotterPercy JacksonTwilightWarriorsSilent HillSupernaturalATLA/ATLKHetaliaPokemon/DigimonStar TrekStar WarsMLPThe LabyrinthLovecraftian horrorMortal KombatMarvel/DCUSteven UniverseFNAFLeague of LegendsDon't StarveKingdom HeartsSonic the HedgehogFinal Fantasy (VII/VIII/X)Dragon Ball ZBleachFullmetal AlchemistSailor MoonTomb RaiderDnDSkyrimOverwatchResident EvilAlienPredator (franchise)Fire EmblemDoki Doki Literature Club!Yu-Gi-Oh!And if you donít see a fandom here you can ask me and I will tell you if I know it or not! I didnít list them all here.Things I will write:Your OCs/Self-insertsLGBT+NSFWOriginal Fiction (as long as enough information is provided)AngstFluffHorror/CreepypastasCrossovers (If I know the series)HeadcanonsTorture/GoreBDSMOmegaverseAUsRape/DubconTentacles/AliensVampires/Werewolves/Monsters etc.Furries/Anthro (both SFW and NSFW)Fetishes (please specify so I can see whether Iím okay with it or not)If I havenít mentioned anything that you wish to know feel free to ask as well!Things I will NOT write:Pedophilia/UnderageDD/LG (Daddies/Mommies and littles)Vore/CannibalismInflationWatersports/ScatBestialityNecrophiliaEven if I haven't mentioned something, there are still things I may still not like and will not write it.Prices:Short and simple! 1 USD for every 100 words, which I think is pretty fair. I take payments through PayPal.†PLEASE NOTE†that I have every right to reject a commission, even if it fits my rules.Send me a note if you have an offer! :)
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Journal Writers

Welcome! Please Read the Rules before joining!

:bluebutterfly: by CherushiMetsumari Green Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari :bluebutterfly: by CherushiMetsumari

Welcome to the Group!
Before you join this group please read the rules.

:flame: remake by arriochRules: :flame: remake by arrioch

:bulletred: NO Cyberbullying. bullying, harassment allowed in this group. Result in such things will be giving a warning, but if it continues you will be suspended for a month.

:bulletred: Please Respect everyones work of Art.

:bulletred: Anyone has any issues you are here to contact me immediately through notes.

:bulletred: Any Questions? Please Note me or Comment on the profile for questions.

:bulletred: Please Have fun! :)

What is allowed in this Group:

Anything Related to Fullmetal Alchemist Only.

Cross over with Fullmetal Alchemist is welcomed so long as Fullmetal Alchemist characters is in the cross over.

What is NOT Allowed:

For those who have posted some slight nudity or nudity, make sure you use the mature content.

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