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:butterfly: Ukyou "Kami" Kamimura - February 1, 1973 - "June 21, 1999" :butterfly:

Ukyou "Kami" Kamimura, born February 1, 1973 in Ibaraki, Japan, was best known as the drummer of the visual kei/art rock band Malice Mizer. Though very little is known about his personal life, those who have met him often described him as gentle and kind-hearted, his attitude in interviews often showed him as the shy one, and those who knew him best often described him as crazy and fun, always jumping around and being silly when around those he really trusted (bandmate Kozi even affectionately nicknamed him "Monkey Man").

Kami's first venture into creating his own music was when he was in fifth grade, though it was very brief; he took to playing the drums, and was extremely competitive about it - he was one of three children chosen to play the drums for his school festival and was even asked to help teach the other two. As a professional musician, Kami first wanted to be a guitarist before remembering his amazing talent with - and redeveloping his love for - drums. He was active from 1993 until his death in 1999.

He was known mainly for three things - his talent on drums, naturally; his love for butterflies - he was known to buy anything with a butterfly on it; and his hair, which was kept mainly its natural color with only very slight, gentle changes from a special "hair manicuring" shampoo he always used, and was long enough for him to sit on (though he cut it in 1998 as it got in the way too much - and returned to the stage with dramatic improvement in his drumming). He also had many lesser-known quirks - including a fascination with samurai, and specifically their suicide rituals, a love for some childrens' songs, and well as a habit of buying lottery tickets simply because he was bored (which cost him the equivalent of roughly $2000 in one year).

Ten years ago today he passed away of a subarachnoid hemorrhage - a type of stroke caused by a burst aneurysm - in his sleep at the age of 26. Though no one was around at the time, it is believed by the situations that it was instant; he never even felt a thing. His body was found four days later; the funeral was, strangely, held the same day, attended only by his family and closest friends.

However, in these ten years, I and many others I know have realized something. Though he "died" ten years ago...he is far from "dead." It's all too easy for me to forget that the unfortunate event of ten years even happened - it often feels like he's still here with us, simply for how his influence is still felt.

:frail: Personal Thoughts :frail:

Here I have gathered personal thoughts from other fans, be them long-time friends of mine or people I've just been fortunate enough to run into. If you have something you'd like to say but didn't get a chance to make it into the article, please comment or note me - a regularly updated index of journals can be found here, and a collection of deviations in honor of Kami can be found here.

"I can't say I know a whole lot about [Kami], but what I do know is that he was a kind, sweet (sometimes crazy, but hey, who isn't?) person, not to mention a excellent drummer.

"It's sad that the world lost such a wonderful person so early, but I can't be sad for him himself. I know that he knew he was loved, and so he must be at peace."
- Sonikki-Valentine, :thumb126652036:

"It's unbelievable that so much time has passed, even though I didn't know about him 10 years ago ; ; I do feel as if he's still here, and I am unable to bring myself to be sad ^^ He'd definitely want us to be happy!!

"His existence has brightened my life so much and will continue to do so! ^^ Forever fan!!"
- Arvata,… and comments

"[Kami's] death taught me something important. Life is short, so you have to try your hardest. If you do the best you can, then, even after you die, you'll continue to impact people."
- Charexl-chan, In Tribute to KamiI guess I'm a newer fan of Malice Mizer, but they've already influenced me, and none as much as Kami. When I found out that he was dead, I was shocked. How could he be dead? I saw the interviews with him in them, and he seemed so lively, almost glowing with life.
However, his death taught me something important. Life is short, so you have to try your hardest. If you do the best you can, then, even after you die, you'll continue to impact people. I can't be sad for his death - although his life was short, he had friends who cared deeply for him, and even if you die alone, if you have friends who are close to you, you are never truly gone. You live on in the hearts of those who loved you.
I cry not for him, but for his family and friends who lost such a bright star far too soon.
R.I.P. Kami - We love you.

And a few thoughts of my own...

Kami is - not was, but IS a personal hero to me. I shudder to imagine where I'd be if he had never existed - I do know however, that my band would likely be out a drummer, and I would DEFINITELY be out a wonderful inspiration and several wonderful friends. He taught me many things, both in the way he lived his life and in death as well. The unfortunate event a decade ago taught me two important things - the value of looking out for your health, no matter your age...and the fact that there are some things that transcend "death."

I want to live as he did - happy, kind, and embracing all my little quirks - and "die" as he did as well; leaving behind an everlasting impact on others.

Even just in small things his influence can be seen with me, and I'm proud of it. Most notably, his love of butterflies has rubbed off on me more than just a little! Luckily I'm able to resist the gambling! ;)

I hold firm in my belief that he is not truly dead and he never will be - because even though his physical form no longer walks the streets of Japan or performs on stage alongside equally fun people, he still continues to make an impact of some sort on near everyone who hears of him.

Because of him, I realize that being alive isn't just the state of being in a physical body with a beating heart. Being alive is about how you affect those around you. Today, even ten years after his death, he is more "alive" than near anyone else I know.

Kami, thank you for all you've done - for the people you've moved and inspired, for the beautiful music you left us with, and for teaching us so very much about true immortality.

:frail: On Prevention :frail:

Though I no longer feel sadness for the "loss" of someone who is still with us in so many ways, I still am saddened for the friends and family he left behind...and as such I feel it only appropriate to include an educational section to hopefully prevent other lives from being claimed by the same sudden illness.

Stroke Mini Stamp by PoetryOD

The specific condition that took Kami's life, a subarachnoid hemorrhage, is a type of stroke caused when a stretched out, weakened "balloon" in a blood vessel in the brain suddenly ruptures, flooding the area with blood and depriving the brain of oxygen.

There are two main types of strokes - hemorrhagic (caused by bleeding, such as the above) and ischemic (caused by a clot blocking a blood vessel in the brain). Both have many symptoms in common; however a hemorrhagic stroke frequently has symptoms that an ischemic stroke will not.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to:
:bulletred: Severe headache.
:bulletred:  Numbness, weakness, or paralysis of the face, arm, or leg, typically on one side of the body.
:bulletred: Trouble seeing in one or both eyes, such as dimness, blurring, double vision, or loss of vision.
:bulletred: Confusion, trouble understanding.
:bulletred: Slurred or garbled speech.
:bulletred: Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

Less common symptoms may include:
:bulletred: Pain in the face or half of the body
:bulletred: Mental change status (disorientation, confusion, or loss of consciousness)
:bulletred: Lightheadedness
:bulletred: Headache
:bulletred: General neurological symptoms (such as nausea, hiccups, and weakness)
:bulletred: Non-neurological symptoms (such as chest pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath)

Symptoms if an ischemic stroke are often, but not always, specifically on one side of the body; the side opposite where the blockage occurs. Symptoms of a hemorrhagic stroke may also include nausea and vomiting, neck stiffness, dizziness, seizures, irritability, confusion, and possibly unconsciousness, due to the higher pressure on the brain.

Ordinarily symptoms set on suddenly. However, in the case of ischemic strokes caused by atherosclerosis, symptoms may develop gradually or in steps over the course of several minutes, hours, or even days.

Women are more likely than men to show "nontraditional" or "irregular" symptoms of stroke, especially disorientation, confusion, or loss of consciousness.

Risk factors for stroke include:
:bulletred: Age - the largest risk factor; stroke risk increases as one gets older, nearly doubling for every ten years one lives over 55. However, all of 34% of strokes occur in those UNDER 65, and being young does not guarantee your safety from a stroke (remember, Kami was only 26).
:bulletred: High blood pressure - the biggest controllable risk factor. if you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor and get it under control - it puts you at increased risk for many serious problems.
:bulletred: High cholesterol
:bulletred: Diabetes - due to the circulation problems associated with diabetes, the condition doubles your risk of stroke.
:bulletred: Coronary artery disease, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.
:bulletred: Other heart conditions, such as atrial fibrillation, endocarditis, heart valve conditions, patent foramen ovale, or heart failure.
:bulletred: Peripheral arterial disease
:bulletred: Smoking, including secondhand smoke
:bulletred: Physical inactivity
:bulletred: Obesity
:bulletred: Diet with few fruits and vegetables
:bulletred: Excessive sodium consumption (over 2,300 milligrams per day)
:bulletred: Use of some medicines, especially birth control or hormone replacement treatments, steroids, and anticoagulants.
:bulletred: Heavy use of alcohol
:bulletred: Recreational drug use
:bulletred: Race - African-Americans, Native Americans, and Alaskan Natives have a higher risk of stroke than most.
:bulletred: Gender - More men than women have strokes before the age of 75; after 75 women have more strokes. In all age ranges, women are more likely to die of strokes than men.
:bulletred: Family or personal history of stroke

The treatment window for stroke is very small - 4 1/2 hours at most for otherwise healthy individuals - so if you suspect a stroke in yourself or someone around you, call emergency services and get medical help immediately.

:frail: This concludes the public service announcement, now for everyone's favorite part... :frail:
:frail: Features! :frail:

For the past few days I have been gathering images relating to Kami and his interests to feature here - ones that I believe he would love, and I hope you do too!

The man...
Dear Butterfly by AndarielleVesstte   butterflies scatter by hae-yon  :thumb96106883:   'Merveilles' Kami Plushie by elyachan   Water color Kami by Queran   kami-sama by thweet  :thumb50488870:   Kami - Malice Mizer by x-Yasmine-x   Kami - Illuminati by Rin8   It's Only Love 5: Kami-sama by mona-chan  :thumb117645897:   kami by xXBeastOfBloodXx   Kami-sama by Haru-Barton   Kami by Ukari   will get you :F +kami, mm+ by m-oreada   Illu Kami by Tanbi-no-Kami  :thumb15701171:   . RIP kami . by destianna   Kami - Malice Mizer by twistedguilt   summerschool:Kami:ish:ick by Kyuumai   Chibi Butterfly Kami by superzwiebel  :thumb53102558:  :thumb58927344:   Ukyou -Kami- Kamimura by artychick2009   Butterfly Man 1 by koganemouche   Kami with sunglasses by Haru-Barton  :thumb113207439:  :thumb17833789:   :thumb21543470:     Just Sleeping by Charexl-chan   Kami by Chibi-Yukito   Kami 03 by theVC  :thumb47157236:   Death by suicide by Queran  :thumb29089491:   Kami by TsukiyoKami   Kami -- Au Revoir by seyra   In Memory of Kami by Seph88   Kami by moffattgurl   Kami from Malice Mizer by Miss-Mogget   Kami-san by Haru-Barton   +KAMI+ by clovi   DIE GAME by RyouShirogane  :thumb70057827:   Kami by PerpetualRain1990   Illu Kami by Tanbi-no-Kami   I haven't forget you,butterfly by ShadowOfSilent  :thumb100137671:   Kami--Au Revoir by RyouShirogane   Purple Butterfly-Kami by sanara-le   : ..  ...+In memorian Kami by Curarpikt   Malice Mizer Kami by akuma-exorcist   malice mizer by ruby-misted-eyes   Malice Mizer- Kami -Illuminati by Purest   Malice Mizer Cosplay- Kami by milkymilkshake   Kami- Malice Mizer by DaQiao  

...and his band...
:thumb63416400:  :thumb64797283:  :thumb56889441:   Malice Mizer by PsihotiKPupp3T by visual-kei   Still With You by Es-chan   Mana -n- Kami- Oekaki by shufu   malicious misery by mona-chan  :thumb100597817:  :thumb79803528:   Cyberland Malice Mizer by psyence-kyo   Malice Mizer -downsized- by Divine-Filth  :thumb65905132:  :thumb60211620:

For Kami by TokaiHara :thumb96089786:   KamiHe may be dead,
But fans will always remember him.
He had an aneurism in his head.
The lights are now dim.
His hair was long,
And usually dyed.
He was not Malice Mizer's drummer long.
To be the best he could, he always tried.
Never caring who wrote the song,
Nor who he played in the band.
It was about the music all along.
There will only ever be one of him, he is not a brand.
Like a butterfly he was at one time.
More beautiful than most any other.
He is worth much more than a dime.
To the band he will always be like a brother.

Kami's loves!

The one everyone knows...butterflies!

Butterflies by kazfolio   Butterflies by eitakkatie   Butterflies by donia   Butterflies by XxXJaPpAnErDieXxX   The Butterflies by yamiyalo   dead butterflies by robothearts  :thumb56341852:   Butterflies by declicG   Mangrove Butterflies II by log1t3ch   Blue Butterflies by xXlokiXx   Blue Morpho In Hand 3 by krazeric   Achilles Morpho by Daniel-Storm   White Morpho by ExquisiteDistraction   Common Morpho by TruemarkPhotography   Common Blue Morpho by Daniel-Storm   Morpho Peleides by Aja-Aeris   Study of Blue Morpho by BeyondMotions   S P E C T R U M by rinna   Blue Morpho 4 by krazeric  :thumb21099474:   butterfly by MARIday   Butterfly by Unfaithed   Butterfly by Zjic   Rosy Butterfly by secondclaw   Butterfly by kaytii   Butterfly by donia   butterfly by nickinicki   Butterfly by Dystopian-Optimist  :thumb35691608:   Butterfly by ThisFallingLovex  :thumb35310217:   Butterfly by Yawn-Monster   Monarch Butterfly by Sugargrl14   Butterfly. .. by light-from-Emirates   Butterfly in the Cherry Tree by Charexl-chan   butterfly 01 by negromante   the Butterfly. by AiK-art   december butterfly by klf   butterfly by saiaii   Butterfly by dreamweaver69stock  :thumb66986636:   Butterfly by Rutarisa   Butterfly by Spikylein   Butterfly v3 by Pilzbauer   Butterfly by LabyrinthFairie  :thumb59340822:   :: Butterfly :: by Liek   The blue butterfly by Zindy   Paradise of Butterfly II by jinseinokaze  :thumb66976503:  :thumb66976503:   Butterfly by PaintingKim   Butterfly, butterfly.. by psychorchestra   Red Butterfly by sugardealer   Butterfly by RavinLight   Butterfly by AinhoaOrtez   Butterfly Blue by kuschelirmel  :thumb74723463:   The dream of a butterfly by titiavanbeugen   Butterfly by boy140495  :thumb23563485:     Butterfly 1 by wazabees  :thumb2838232:  :thumb62846030:

Few would expect the kind, peaceful Kami to be fascinated by war, but he did in fact have quite the fascination with the samurai.

A Samurai's Resting Place. by DrakesCrimsonSin   Way of the samurai by yggdrasil   The Slain by IgaNinja   Samurai 1 by Piva900   VxN Samurai by reflexia  :thumb11884331:   iron samurai by hiraistrange   The way of the samurai by kos5tas   Samurai by voonslar   golden samurai by astroaquarius   Samurai On Knee by Piva900   Samurai by Keith-Killer   Samurai Hero by thedudewithstuff   Samurai by dachande   Samurai by Akeiron     seven samurai by tomasoverbai   Old Shit: Samurai Thing by jeffsimpsonkh   Samurai Spirit by Artgerm   Samurai by ChildSuRReaL   Samurai by henryporter   samurai by Peachlab   Samurai by henleystudios   Samurai by thequickbrownfox   samurai warrior by kevintolibao   Samurai by Trevone   Samurai Shadow by lely   samurai by ninjaboy328  :thumb16126619:   Samurai Spirit Two by Artgerm   Samurai Concept I by eterna2   Samurai by MarcWasHere   Samurai Spirit 5 - Slasher by Artgerm   Samurai Spirit 6 by Artgerm   Samurai by AznUnderdoG Samurai Spirit 7 by Artgerm  :thumb17715096:   Takeda Shingen Katana by WarriorofHeaven  

Mature Content

Japan Mural right side by Brizoporto

he had a particular fascination with Takeda Shingen.

:thumb123117326:  :thumb60066963:   Takeda Shingen by L33tM0b1l3  

Mature Content

mural left side by Brizoporto
   left samurai detail by Brizoporto   Takeda Shingen no Kabuto by Animefan-nopbidc   Charge of Shingen by khuon   Shingen Takeda by WhistleSHO  :thumb57619628:

He also had a morbid fascination with seppuku, the suicide ritual of the samurai said to bring honor to death. The process involved the samurai carefully and calmly slitting his stomach and disemboweling himself - so much as flinching was deemed dishonorable. A witness and assistant would then cut off the samurai's head. A gruesome process, indeed...

Mature Content

European Seppuku by bill56

Another of Kami's lesser-known quirks was his habit of collecting perfume bottles - even though he only ever used four out of his hundreds!

Drink Me by auroille Perception by Perventuator :thumb24928527: perfume bottle macro by Ryu-Uta :thumb20507805: :thumb94487085: Awesome Mess by Lolali guci's comercial by tammyjoanna Awesome Mess by Lolali guci's comercial by tammyjoanna Show Your Colors by KtSeery Go by JOOP by TheLoneSeeker The Gift by Urikson Fragrance experiment by Tonya-TJPhotography Perfumes by agguska2 Perfume and Locket by Im-a-Bird Happiness In A Bottle by niteseeker perfume by turquoise-bluu Fairy Perfume Bottle by Rblizzo Perfume by TheGimpMaster01 Perfume by blueflyway :thumb105203296: Perfume. by Woosier Blue Bottle by ztigger2 Starlight by Caelitha The Smell of Old Perfume by Mersault perfume bottle by ruthngo :thumb75029047: Sweet Smells by Belldandy1 Vintage Perfume Bottle by darkpurplehaze Perfume Bottle 3 by lil-judie :thumb35972148: :thumb124275122: The Glass Perfume Bottle by ginaroo Egyptian Perfume Bottles by GrimRose13 Perfume and Promises by elliannah Perfume by junia100 Little Brown Bottle by cradlesongxx perfume flowers by Je-Nice Perfume by Velvetspacetime Pink Bottle by ztigger2 Perfume 2 by TechnicalPuppet Candy Perfume Girl by cwiss Perfume by sweetscissorlips Perfume Bottles by AnnaBananaUMBC Perfume by Antigone17 Perfume. by OGanthony :thumb83611624: bottle part 2 by sleepybutterfly Perfume by charmystic :thumb42227278: :thumb101575937: Perfume Bottle by Darkfaceintheclouds :thumb72051477: bottle by sleepybutterfly Perfume Sample Bottle by vandalised Glass perfume bottle by AilwynRaydom Perfume by theartr perfume by thehollywood Perfume Bottle 2 by Sly-si Perfume Bottle by Missy2498 Perfume by alakinziliel Perfume by niknak123 :thumb69911664: Perfume Bottle by Lost-InThe-Shadows
© 2009 - 2021 Fullmetal-Phantom
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I'm...not really sure how to share my thougths on Kami...But here goes anyway. And I CANNOT use ast tense referring to him.

Kami is one of those people who is perfect. Not a person who can do anything, nor aperson with no flaws. Kami is a person who has the remarkable gift of simply miling at someone and becoming their friend. The problem: People like this come from a bright place. They leave there to come here and give us more light, but the place they came from is so much darker without them that they are taken back before we want them to go. Kami does live on in us, still. He lives in every butterfly that crosses your path, every drummer with talent, and every person that ever met or knew him. he lives in me, though I was a little girl when he died. His memory still brighens our world, though the one he inhabits now is blessed with his presence.
Kami :iconbutterflyplz: Wasurenai Kara.
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Wow All Of Thes Is So So Amazing You Did a Really Really Good Job On All Of Thes (R.I.P Kami You Will Live In Our Hearts For Ever
Curarpikt's avatar late...
THANKS for the featured...I Love Kami ;O; He is the best...:heart: beautiful words..n__n

Take care~<3

Sorry my bad english
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Kami will forever be in our hearts
Never will he leave
Live on Kami, Just live on
Even if ur gone we still remember you
We will forever love you
And don't forget your a butterfly, so
Fly On, Fly On
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Awwww, this is beautiful!!!! I am so honored to be part of this!!!
Kami, we will love you forever!!!! You will never ever be forgotten...
I am so happy that I could be known by your name when I was in College. That is how much I love you!! ^-^

I wrote this in Dedication to him~

A Butterfly's will

Silken wings of lilac and blue,
bearer of yellow pollen, and orange sunlight,
Visible silence blending into the sea above,
melt your beautiful colours into a soft butter of divinity.


Beauty of the earth, show me your colours.
Embrace your wings and express your freedom
Speed with the wind, and make my moment precious with you.

A Butterfly's will to survive
A server of inspiration
A few colours that make a thousand images,
Images that bond us together.

Dear butterfly, when will you come back?

Open and closing colours of the earth, come to me.
Embrace yourself again my love.
But explain why you flutter back.
Do you feel lonely?

I see colours only because you are here.
Without you, I only see black and white.
That is why I need you to embrace this universe eternally more

A Butterfly's will to survive
A server of inspiration
A few colours that make a thousand images,
Images that bond us together.

Our auras stay warm and pure.
Never feel lonely again,
because now matter how far you are,
we will always share the same sun that you eternally flutter under.
Let us be together forever more.
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Thank you for featuring one of my photos!
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Thanks for the feature ! :aww:

You got good taste when you chose my picture for your selection !

:kiss: Léti :kiss:
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thank you for the feature
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awwe, the tribute is lovely ^^
I'm honored you chose to feature my piccy in this :)

~much love,
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thanks a lot ; 3
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Your tribute/Featuring here for Kami is BEAUTIFUl and brought me so close to to tears--and I sat actually wondering if you would include every detail I had in my own brain, and here I am met with a person who seems to have loved him and known as much about him as I do, and I am very impressed, and touched by this and to be a part of it. Thank you for choosing a few works of mine, its an honor to be included in this. :heart:
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thanks for the feature . :D
maybe a sort of coincidence since i listen to gackt.
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oh, thank you very mucg for featuring it ^^

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Thank you for featuring my tattoo in this. I'm honored that I could be a part of such a lovely dedication to Kami-Sama.
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I am honored to have been featured along with these talented artists.

Kami sounds like a wonderful person and is no doubt smiling on your tribute.

Thank you.
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Wonderful tribute, and thanks for the feature!
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wow cool! thanks for including my samurai sketch!
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thanks for the feature of my golden samurai. :)