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the long waited godtier jade hood tutorial!
it's really shitty, but it's my first tutorial + i suck to explain things, but so many suggested that i should make it, so i thought "why the shit not" 8I

i hope you can read my handwriting hahhahah

just ask if there's anything you're unsure about!
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Do you think that sewing it together by hand is a bad idea? Because I want to make one, but I don't have a sewing machine :/

also, is the front of piece b curved? 
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I sew my cosplay by hand all the time because I don't have a sewing machine yet and it works out fine, you just have to have some patience, know what you're doing, take breaks every now and then, and just pay attention to what you're doing. I just got done sewing it all this morning and I was working on it since the day before with a few activities and breaks in between so it is a process but it's all very much worth it! Hope I helped :)
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Is it 1,50 meters or 1.50 m ?
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ehhh dunno the difference... 150 cm?
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OK, so me the coma meant that it was over 100, the dot meant it was one like 1.40 or whatever, sorry >.<
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otherwise i would have written cm and that doesn't make sense in that context hah
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Yassss! I'm cosplaying Jade and I needed this sooo much!!
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this is going to be very helpful for my sylph cosplay thanx ^_^!!
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your tutorial helped me so much <3
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really happy that i could help!
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Thank you so much for this tutorial!!!
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Hey, so I'm really inexperienced with all of this, so I was wondering if there were any benefits to keeping the collar in two different pieces to sew together if you have enough space/fabric to just cut it out in one piece? Thanks!
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well no not really if you got the fabric for it ^^
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Coolio, thanks for the help, your tutorial is great.
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i just finished my hood and it looks AMAZING
thank you!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1
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ah, i'm happy for that! :D can i see a pic?
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OMG THIS LOOKS SO USEFULL. i've been serching for a good jade god tier tutorial all NIGHT!!!! cant wait to get some fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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Thank you so much!!! I'm going to add dog ears to a Hero of Space hoodie for a casualstuck Jade cosplay, and the button part explanation was really useful!
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Question: when cutting out the second piece of the x2 pieces, should I mirror it?
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hmmm, no. just cut them symmetrical
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Hello I love you~! It was helpful as hell, I've made the upper half quite fast. But about the lower - before i cut it out and start to sew, I wanted to ask how big this hole should be... I don't want to make it too big, you know. It would look awkward.
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