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zer0es and 1nes

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wall: cloud storage simpledesktops.com/browse/desk…
girl in snow photo: wall.sf.co.ua/id98724
xdefaults michael china colors 1 crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopi… (slightly modified)

crunchbang waldorf + awesomeWM, conky, urxvt + ranger, htop, ncmpcpp
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TheSpiritualPainterHobbyist Digital Artist
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Love it! :D
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cheers paz, that's an old one :D
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Oldie but goodie :D
I'm missing a lot lately.. Too busy :(
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This is really nice.
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can i get your urxvt's .Xdefaults config pls? thanks.
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sorry this shot was so long ago that my configs have changed many times since then
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nice, minimal and clean setup. Way to go. :)
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I would like to try tilling wm but I failed setup mpd, mpc, ncmpcpp even Xresources or Xdefaults...Even I could try tilling wm? :(

just watching your nice shot and saying "Wow~~"

-A Newbie of linux- ;)
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you should read all the online documentation before installing a window manager, i read everything i could before installing awesomeWM, i even printed quite a lot of things out ;)
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Yep...that's right...

I can't say anything without efforts like you...;)

Anyways...Linux setup is really enjoyable and thankful for pro user's setting shots like you :)

already installed Archlinux and openbox, I hope that i will make tilling setup someday ;)

thanks for advise and nice shots friend...:)

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you're welcome :)
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MizuTaifuxHobbyist Interface Designer
Good desktop.
Maybe i change to linux too.. :)
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i would recommend anyone to change to linux ;)
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Dobbie03Hobbyist Interface Designer
Nice colours, I like.
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cheers dobs!
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very nice, love the back and blue :)
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thanks LB, black and blue is always a great combination :)
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nice shot!!
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Awesome... again :D
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thank you...again! :D
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