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Ho man, I've been waiting anxiously to indulge you guys in the amount of stuff we've managed to get done in the past few months. It's not in my nature to keep a sealed lid on game projects of mine, as I like receiving tons of feedback on the tiniest of changes, but as much input I've had since joining the game's development, I'm not exactly the one who's in totally in charge of this project. So, I've been keeping a closed lid on the things we have added to Majikana since the demo since July.

However, with the new trailers revealing the features, I guess I'm finally free to discuss these additions. You can check out the videos yourself.

-Short Version-

-Long Version-

~New Weapons~

In the original demo, there were only two weapons: the hammer, and the mace. The mace was exactly like the hammer, only it was stronger and had a longer reach. While certainly a useful upgrade, it's not exactly a mechanical difference. There was no functional difference between the two weapons. However, we've since added two new weapons, each with their own special abilities!

-The Flail-

MajiKana - Flail powerup by Michirin9801
  • Slightly stronger than the hammer, but not as strong as the mace, the flail excels in reach far greater than both.
  • Pressing and releasing the attack button will perform a standard attack.
  • Holding the attack button will activate free-swing mode: press the D-pad to manually swing the flail in any direction you want.

-The Quarterstaff-

MajiKana - Quarterstaff powerup by Michirin9801
  • Equally as strong as the hammer, but excels in maneuverability.
  • Pressing the attack button on the ground with thrust the staff forward.
  • Pressing the attack button in the air with swing the staff downwards.
  • Pressing down, plus the attack button will slide across the ground.
  • Pressing down, plus the jump button will perform a jump attack.
  • Holding the attack button in midair, then colliding with a wall will enable you to perform wall-jumps.

~New Magic Powers~

We've also increased the amount of magic powers from a measly one to a total of three! The demo only featured the Fireball Magic, a small projectile that simply traveled in a straight line. But now, each magic power has their own specialization, and certain enemies may be weaker to a certain type of magic...

-Magic Bomb-

MajiKana - Magic Bomb Powerup by Michirin9801
  • Throws a bomb in an upward arc.
  • Specializes in clearing out flying enemies.

-Lightning Wave-

MajiKana - Lightning Wave Magic Powerup by Michirin9801
  • Shoots a ball of charged lightning diagonally downwards
  • Travels along floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces.
  • Useful for clearing the path of grounded enemies.

And now, the bad news. T_T

Being a game developer in one's spare time is a harrowing ordeal. Working a full-time job is both time-consuming and exhausting, so I either work on the game at the expense of my other hobbies (And risk over-taxing myself.), or enjoy my other hobbies at the expense of working on the game (Which means the game's development cycle is slower). Completing an entire game from scratch without any kind of distractions can take a year or two, but I don't have that luxury. As such, I'm afraid I'm going to have announce that the expected release of Majikana will be delayed to Spring 2016, rather than December as we had hoped. While I'm sure this isn't the news everyone would like to hear, I personally think it's for the best, since rushing a game to meet a deadline would mean risking the game to have game-breaking issues like bugs, exploits, and oversights (Cough cough, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006). Rest assured, we are working as hard as possible to ensure that the game meets our personal standards of quality. We'd rather release a delayed game that's perfect, than have one that's punctual, but flawed.
RedFalcon696 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Really looking forward to this, and I appreciate the authentic Genesis early 1990s style gameplay and graphics.
Keep up the great work, you and Ruko are doing and awesome job!
Michirin9801 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the support! It really gives me the willpower to continue working on the game ^^
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November 28, 2015


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