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WSWC: Story of Eastern Wonderland in a Shellnut

Holy crap, an actual Walfas submission? I haven't done one of those since October! But since the PC-98 Contest was finally launched, I could finally make the comic I'd planned to make a year ago when it was announced.

-Best Story-Driven Comic
-Best Use of Characters
-Best Action
-Best Comedy

Prop credits

Hands by Ceej39
Soft shadow by Rumiflan
PC-98 Nameless Cast by DeityDiz93
Crossed Arms by Tsukune429
Soccer Field by Feraligono
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Darkstar-001's avatar
This is so goooooood. I really don't know what else to say.
gervin51's avatar
You gotta wonder, "how many years has it been?". XD
PopulousMaster's avatar
Hilarious on all aspects.
RinJiku's avatar
Yay, it's cool!
illuminatitriforce's avatar
and nobody else took the money
valosthegrand's avatar
ok that made me laugh. very nice.
Miss-Shiki-Scarlet's avatar
That was a lot of fun to read =D
wodkanna's avatar
to much epicness for my eyes!!!
LostRey's avatar
Best comedy entry!
ShinKong's avatar
I say . . . . WE GOT A WINNER HERE!

I loved it! The humor is perfect in every panel.
DarkJar001's avatar
That was hilarious!!!
Silent-Aswang's avatar
I love this.
Everything about.
I haven't seen much Walfas yet.
But, I must say, this is really awesome.
Congratulations, this is great.
EvilNazgul0616's avatar
Somewhere, the Five Magic Stones are crying...
AlgaeNymph's avatar
And that's how you make a Walfas comic.

Specifics?  Okay:

1. The speech bubbles are placed in an easily readable order.

2. No big blocks of text.

3. Each panel is different.

4. Where the panels are similar, character position are varied.

5. Most importantly, the story focuses on Touhou, and doesn't obsess about gappies.
DeityDiz93's avatar
I agree, FullHitPoints really set an example for himself here. This became my favorite Walfas comic nigh-instantly after my initial look. Many of the things you mentioned are indeed parts that make up an effective Walfas comic, but the best part here was the humor behind it as that, of course, helps a ton.

As for the fifth specific: Well this contest has a rule against original characters and especially gappy usage so that is one thing you will not be able to see in the PC-98 Oldworks Contest. It's for that reason that I think that's what great about contests because they give members a theme and a platform to explore with in Touhou's narratives or whatever other theme there is.
ORT451's avatar
Your "standard" comes off as being heavy handed.
FullHitPoints's avatar
As great as Diamond in the Rough was, there's a difference between imitating its surface qualities, and understanding the subtle details that made the story work. Most Gappy-centric works that follow in DitR's wake generally fall into the former category, which in turn makes the idea of "Kid gets warped into Gensokyo" a tired cliche.

The rest of Algae's standards are just general marks of a quality Walfas comic.
ORT451's avatar
It's that last one that feels forced, because while not everything focuses on an outsider, not everything focuses on touhou either.
AlgaeNymph's avatar
You're right, I am being heavy-handed, and I probably should've split that last one into two.  I know that the WSW technically allows non-Touhou works if they’re rendered in Walfas, but anything that’s all OCs needs more effort to get my interest than something that looks like two gamers on a couch.

The gappie comics bothers me because there’s so much more to Touhou than the occasional wish-fulfillment self-insert badfic.  I wish people would be more interested in making good fics instead of obsessing over bad ones.

Yes, I will admit I’m a difficult-to-please perfectionist.  I apologize if I upset you, I just want more originality from the community.
MarioSonicHQ's avatar
"Red-Headed Step-Child." I approve. XD
javi-lso's avatar
This is godly on just how funny you made SoEW. I can't get enough of Gay Meira (or should I say, Gayra? Ahuhuhuhu...)
Pokirby's avatar
Dang it... Now I want to see Reimu battle Santa Claus... Darn you, FHP for your hilarious jokes! Darn yooooou~
DeityDiz93's avatar
I legitimately have never laughed so hard at a Walfas comic in my entire life, I'm not even joking.

FullHitPoints, you started off this contest with one of the best Walfas comics I have ever seen, I blew out my sides with how fantastic the humor in this was. Rika being a reoccurrence was hilarious, freaking Noroiko made a tourettes guy reference, you summed up the exchange with Meira very accurately, Reimu's 'Blastoise' had me wheezing so hard, and you also managed to get in a Touhou soccer thing in here! The only thing you missed the mark on was the 24th panel where Genji said 'qust' instead of 'quest', but no panel was without a great set up.

Good news is, this is also eligible for the P.C. 98% Challenge as well if you would also like to run for that too since it (hilariously) follows the Story of Eastern Wonderland plot with Reimu; also, you can also run for Advance Tier for your victories in the previous contests!

Great job, FullHitPoints, I'm glad to see you pitch in.
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