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Irisera, Tamer of Nightmares by FullElven Irisera, Tamer of Nightmares by FullElven
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Okay, I love my little Iris so much. My friend and I roleplay a lot of World of Warcraft, and pretty much only on our own so that we can play however we want without elitists/rp purists, and just because our style of roleplaying has almost just become joint writing novels rather than play by play. But, anyway, my little green dragon, one of the very many daughters of the Dreamer...shit happened, she ended up realizing the Nightmare can be a resource rather than something to fear, but you have to grip it out of want not out of desperation. Long story short, she can shift between wielding nature and wielding nightmare blah blah blah, she's cute and I love her and I just love this pic because it's the face she makes when someone tells her they like her or aren't bothered by her (she's well aware of the stigma surrounding the Nightmare, she doesn't assume anyone will want to be around her because of it.)

Anyway, yeah, Iris is my baby and I love her. And watching Zach Fischer stream his art for Project Ebon Blade so much had me itching to draw something new, and try to embody some of the techniques he uses. I'm sure I didn't pull it off, but yeah.

Used this as stock because the expression was amazing, and it's the first time I've had a picture really grasp me and make me think of Iris. She's the perfect embodiment of her.

12 hours in Paint Tool Sai
Night Elves and Green Dragons are (c) Blizzard Entertainment
Iris is mine ^.^
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