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DAO Icon v Cullen I Heart You by FullElven DAO Icon v Cullen I Heart You by FullElven
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The only reason this darn icon took me so long was because of the fact that I couldn't decide on which of the three million Cullen screens that I wanted to use.

Be aware, this icon has a fanfic in the works!

I'm a sucker for star-crossed lovers, and when I found Cullen in the Mage tower with my little Elven Mage, I knew that no matter what happened on her journey, she would love him forever and for always.

Well, that and the stuttering that later becomes bitter hatred is just too great of a character development to ignore, even in a minor character.

In any event, made in Photoshop, twenty minutes of nit picking. The "I <3 U" is hand drawn by mouse (the other reason this took so darn long) and other than that, it's a simple light pink layer and a copied de-saturated layer.

Cullen and Dragon Age: Origins is (c) Bioware/EA Games!
LadyBoromir Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
Lovely icon! Cullen! ^^
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