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Birthday Gift for Jackie Craft Cosplay! by FullElven Birthday Gift for Jackie Craft Cosplay! by FullElven
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Okay, so I've never met Jackie Craft, but she has kept me sane on many a crafting night either just with having her patterns for foam crafting, or for being kind enough to talk me through one through Facebook Messenger. I joined her Patreon literally the second she made it, just because I wanted to support someone who's been so freaking awesome, nice, and keeps it real about the ins and outs of cosplay building. There she's been doing live videos and everything, and I've benefitted SO MUCH through them and just her keeping my spirits up on Instagram with liking and commenting on my progress updates.

So seeing that she liked my chibis, I wanted to surprize her with this chibi of her in her Varian Wrynn costume! Took me about 2 days. No lie. I'm in the middle of con crunch, but when she said it was her birthday this week, I was like HOLD ON KIDDOS THIS IS GONNA BE NUTS.

You can find Jackie Craft Cosplay here:……
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