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currently working on upcoming 2nd artbook
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Oh my Goodness Diamandis returned with her super song "Baby" omg i'm out of words!
thanking honestly every fan of her who watched it and quoting every ignorant to her latest masterpiece
Baby-Clean Bandit ft Marina and Luis Fonsi
The song is an obvious anthem of the blooming young love,first possibly,and how nothing has been erased from the hearts of both girls,only pierced by the passage of time.
I'm depicting Marina in my personal concept.
This creation is dedicated to all of you who and all those who went after their dream and saw the grandeur of their achievement,in other words,their dream came true after a long hard road.
And dedicated to a certain person.
No matter how many times I listened to Baby I couldn't not have mixed feelings and click an endless repeat.
All the lyrics and the scenes...
I love you guys,thank you for having me keep creating to become an illustrator.My life has been harsher and i'm working on it,i'm taking care of my mental and physical health,but if only the nightmares didn't occur.
Love you all and thank you for the support to my virtual home.
Η Marina γύρισε θε' μου τι χαρά!
I love you very much! My watchers are the best!
"Look at me you may think you see
Who I really am but you'll never know me
Who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?
When will my reflection show who I am inside?"

I'm drawing the same actress again always beautiful and like as if the Sun grew inside her,spreading Light everywhere.Using a selfie she posted many years ago as a reference I wanted to play with the water-Dragon rebirth theme and also convey the vibrant joy of always being a surprise to what you are given the chance to do even more beautifully this time
I have been worried that I am completely trash as a person,only having the chance to use programs manually well to create portraits with the hope of that the joy presents i've granted would undo to me the feeling that I exist as a reminder that something is missing.I have been thinking the last years that i cannot be loved or that there was something wrong,even though even before consciously talking to them myselves were always reassuring me of my usefullness and giving me a nature blooming green light to go ahead fearlessly that i might meet obstacles unready to deal with.What the psychiatrist in charge of the night I was committed to the clinic ssaid the next morning and what my mother informed me of is that I am a person of very high intelligence whom the environment suffocates let;s assume due to the unsubstantial of the artistic nature.Further care will be taken of me from a social worker who seemed really open minded to me.If the girls feel safe they might even open up to her a bit.The fact that i co-share my body or that there is a compartmentalisation doesn't undo the fact that they are different people whom I cannot understand though i;m trying to get close as daughter would sing in run.I'm using descriptions as personal calendars to your tireness,to anyone bothering reading this.The artwork is just an exposion of self-blooming happiness as visually seeming.
Anyhow,also thank you everyone who is still active on this beautiful overloaded network,this old-school artists' cute village in which we are all a sweet family,you all mean everything to me and your feedback immediate or delayed is always like the brightest light in day or night!
Thank you very much
Dedicated to the tender ones
Btw,after all this chaos which was a mix of gained wisdom and experience,i've lost the chance of participating in the exams and a lesson has been completely lost despite endless hours of 3d-experimenting and mastering at the very end.It was an unexpected year,so upside down.The year started last August.
Have a good autumn everyone.
actress is Katerina Misichroni
alternative title is Reprise as in spirited away
Guys thank you so much for all the support especially during my absence! Space Princess by fullcolour-canvas
Love you all :heart:
Space Princess
Hello guys this is the 9th out of the 12 portraits i'm preparing to give the allegorian actress.Truth is drawing has become a lot more difficult.My physical state has worsened,daily tasks as well,but as cobain quoted,pain is needed for the art.I've learned to turn my pain into art,and more specifically depict the happiness of all the teary route.As the starlit universe i'm remembered as,these stars that make the flowers rise,these stars that generated diamond tears.
Anyways,there are no words to describe how much I miss the way selves used to be with the innocence and ignorance dancing all together in an unshaped form,unremembered from no person's part,going by two.In simpler words,no words for the torrent of tears to describe how big the sorrow of missing is.Which words do I use to describe how sorry I am for the turn of events and constellations?
I'm proud of our talks guys,you are all very strong,opinionated and I love how we bond in communities and I'm thinking of your advice each time i'm recreating,you help me so much.You are amazing.
Thanking my selves
Thank you.
"Και ποια χρώματα, ποιο σιντριβάνι
την παλιά μου ανοίγουν πληγή
Ποια πηγή όταν θα 'χω πεθάνει
θα σου δώσει νερό σ' άλλη γη"



fullcolour-canvas's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Marina with Electra and Miranda.
Hello : )I wear black but I love colour splashes.I'm creating my portraits with my mouse for around 9 to 12 hours.Your comments and faves are appreciated!One dqay i'll manage to buy a tablet to draw!
:bulletblue:Self taught :bulletpurple:experiments :bulletyellow:works with mouse :bulletgreen: fibromyalgic :bulletorange:portraits and fanart
HIM: DS+BH by Valotoxin HIM by old-mc-donald
Marina And The Diamonds (3) by EmpathicDesign - Stamp: Marina and the Diamonds ( LOGO ). - by ChicaTH
Tatu (7) by EmpathicDesign Stamp: t.A.T.u. 3 by only-STAMPZ
Please be an active watcher!
royal waters circle divider by cal-vain royal waters circle divider by cal-vain


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Varagka Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav!
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Varagka you are honestly so beautiful like a love-red tulip has bloomed its soul and freshness in you :iconwowplz:
Million acknowledges for joining me! :huggle::heart:
gusolsan Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2018  Professional General Artist
Friend continues to take care of you, we are with you!
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And I appreciate it deeply because friendship is a very important factor in a person's life and I've gained it after a great devotion has been granted virtually and in real life, and I'm so moved because I thought I was so unworthy of friends' trust and familiarity but they know who I am now and the friendship is shielded with with honesty and effort.:heart:
Thank you gustavo for holding on!
gusolsan Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Thank you for your response, despite all the problems we must follow and that is easier when we know that there are friends who support us morally and who will always be in the good and bad times; I am also half blocked by the stress and I have some unfinished drawings that I need to finish, I was doing some 3D since the 3D programs facilitate the work of this type, but I still need to re-draw by hand ... take care!
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
3d programs are a killer :rage: I've been practicing them this year on product design but they are worth the effort.
I've also missed on sleep this exhausting year too,not only by nightmares that occupy you during the resting time at least but I could not sleep at all.
We all follow that's why we keep crying it around so we at least feel relieved by this expression. Via Internet at least.
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GiannisXD55 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2018   Digital Artist
Efxaristo gia ta Faves kai to watch :la:
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm having trouble with some hospital affairs but i'm managing!
Thank you for asking,i hope you're doing calm!
Flibius33 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Sorry you're having trouble. I hope you get well soon. I'm looking forward to your next piece!

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