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Hello My Fellow Deviants

I got started here at DA when the site was just starting up but after the power coup and change in terms of service, I migrated to Flickr.

I've thought of coming back here but the user agreement is the big boulder in my way.

Season Greetings to all, and to all a good night.
I cut my teeth here at DA during its launch and it was a truly wonderful experience.  After a power coup, I lost my interest here and moved over to Flickr, another great experience.  However, Flickr (Yahoo-owned) has been making over their site and the changes are not good for the user.  I've tried a few other photo sharing sites (Photo-Bucket, Ipernity, 500px, WordPress) and none really did me right.

At the moment, I am thinking about coming back here.  However I have a few concerns to address before I do.   My main one is about the user agreement here.  The reason I left in the first place was because of concerns with DA's rights to sell my work.  Okay, I'm not a big shot photographer, but I don't like people having free access to my passions.

So, let's see what happens. 
I have some history here at DA.  As far as the crowd goes, it's the best photo gallery site I've found.  However, a few years ago, when there was a power coup at the very top, and the user agreement policy sheet was altered, redefining just what the powers here can do with our images, I migrated over to Flickr.

However, I still like having a presence here at DA.  The people here are great and quite frankly, I think my style of photos works better here.

But...I decided some years ago that I would make Flickr my home base.  

If you want to see much more of my work, including quite a bit of Detroit neighborhood photos (some were originally up here at DA), visit my Flickr page.…

I will still maintain my site here and add a few photos now and then, interact with the people here, but Flickr is where I will show the bulk of my stuff.