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Here will be listed the most common questions but if you’d like to know more – feel free to ask in comments! (:
/sorreee for my grammar.

Question Mark What medium/software do you use?

:bulletpink: Traditional work :
for linearts : pencil (HB-2B lead) or colored pencils (Faber Castell/Derwent). Fine-liners (Micron), Pentel Brush Pen or just black ball-pen.
for colors : markers (Promarkers/Graph-it), colored pencils (Faber Castell/Derwent) and watercolors (Sennelier). White gel pen is nice for little highlights and white spots

Pencil here you can read more about my traditional media


:bulletpink: Digital
wacom intuos tablet, size M and photoshop cs5.
sometimes: iPad Pro 12.9" + apple pencil + Procreate app
brushes : I use standard PS brushes or www.deviantart.com/art/kecky-s… (but only the 4th one, because I'm too lazy to change brushes during drawing..)

:bulletpurple: What are the textures you use on your drawings ?

Mostly I use beautiful watercolor textures by RoryonaRainbow or similiar free-stock textures from dA.

:bulletpurple: Can you make a tutorial? / Give any tips about drawing?

<a wytiwyg="1" href"http:="" fukari.deviantart.com="" gallery="" 59870842="" tutorials"="">here</a> you can find few tutorials I've made.

Question Mark  since when you draw? What was the first influences?

I draw since I remember. First I drew only cartoon animals, later (when I was about 10?) I started to draw people in manga style and lot of fanarts from X-men evolution. When I was about 11 I discovered furries and drew a lot of ot them. I get back to drawing ppl when I started to watch Shaman King anime at age 13.
and of course all of Disney, Hanna-Barbera and other animated movies/cartoons made a big influence on me. And W.I.T.C.H. comic I simply love!
For anthro I accidently discovered Duo Radon’s site at age 11 and us.vclart.net , my favourite astist from there were Razerz, Magnus and Sabarika.

:bulletpurple: Have you finished any art school or are you self-taught?

I’ve finished graphic design studies but when it cames to drawing I’m a self-taught (and never paid enough attention for things like anatomy or proper shading ; A ; )

:bulletpurple: Where you find inspirations for your drawings?

Anywhere :d ideas for picts came from my OCs lifes (I like to capture their adventures), often I find inspirations at sites like tumblr/pinterest or at other artists works. When I'm stuck with artblock I'm drawing fanarts from my favourite shows.

Question Mark How did you created your own style?

Hard to say because it still changes. I just draw like every single day. It cames naturally. But there’s still a lot of things I need to work on like anatomy.
But basically I started from mixing my fav artists styles and adding something from myself. Trying to draw like others is okay as long as you don’t copy just one artist style but mixing and creating something new.

Copyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

:bulletred: ! ABOUT USING MY ARTWORK ! :bulletred:

Stop you're definietely NOT allowed to use my artwork in any commercial purposes (putting them on t-shirts, making postcards, selling prints, whatever)

Question Mark  using my pictures as references, redrawing them or tracing them

Tick  I’m fine with that, you don’t even need to ask for permission, as long as you credit me/link the original artwork. I understand that lot of beginners start from redrawing someone’s else’s pictures.
Even a small credit is fine like “redrawed from [link] / pose from [link] / based on [link] / original by Fukari “

Stop  I’m NOT fine with:

x  redrawing/tracing/using my pictures as references and not giving credits
x  redrawing my OC and pretending that it’s your character. Like redrawing my fursona and only changing few tiny details. It’s not nice to see things like this. you're going at my blacklist then.
x  taking my picture as a base, changing colors, adding details. it's not a base!
x  totally copying my style. it's not cool. I mean... at the very beggining nobody has it's own style, but please, don't copy me. just mix my style with someone elses style and try to add something from yourself, it's the easiest way to develop your own style.
x  making commissions based at my pictures (no tracing, no using my picts as a refs)
x  using my OCs for roleplays*

If you want to call yourself an "artist" then please respect other artist work and don't act like a d*ck Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 

*if you have an interesting idea for some adventures of mine OCs and yours - that's cool! let me know, it might be fun! and I really like fanarts with my OCs having fun with someone's elses OCs. but just don't claim my characters as your own in RP games.

Question Mark  about posting my artwork at blogs/tumblr/pinterest/etc

Tick It’s alright, I’m glad that ppl wants to spread my pictures. I highly appreciate when it has a credit/link to my dA account.
x  But it’s not okay to post these pictures at your site and pretending that you’re the author, or that showed characters belong to you. x Cropping my picts or removing my signature is also “un-cool”.
x It’s definitely not okay to edit/remake my pictures.

as for tumblr I have my own account so I appreciate if you'll reblog from original source instead of posting pict by yourself.

:bulletpurple: can I draw/cosplay your OC ?

Tick oh yessss! I love art gifts c: you don’t need to ask. Only please give me a link to your picture, I'd love to see it 
kaomoji set 1 7/19 

Question Mark   can I use your picture as a tattoo?

As you may know I also work as a tattoo artist. You can see my work on my Instagram accont.

x do not copy existing tattoos that I've made. that's absolutely not allowed and not fair with me and my customers
x do not use designs described as flash designs

Tick What you can do is using artwork posted here on deviantart, but:
-please, do not modify the picture
-you're not allowed to use picts that were made for someone's else
-if your tattoo artist want to post the photo at his site/fb page - ask him/her to credit me - to give a link to original image or note that original design belongs to Fukari. I don't want other guy to take credits for not his design.
-you have to send me a photos when you'll get this tattoo done. no exceptions! I wanna see it! Bunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4]  

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Question Mark  do you have any other sites?


.:Bullet:. Patreon Patreon

Instagram New Icon Instagram

Tumblr Icon tumbrl

FurAffinity Icon FurAffinity my friend Ritka helped me to run this account but it's pretty much dead at the moment..

Facebook Fuki'ink my tattoo fanpage, also quite dead

Question Mark  what “Fukari” means?

(pronounce like "fookaree" ) it was just a totally random word that came up to my head when I was drawing my fursona. and I decided to give her that name. right now I don't like it, it sound too much Japanese, like a manga character name. but I like short forms like "fuki / fufu / fu" - my friends used to call me like that (pronounce like fookie/foofoo/foo). unfortunately in English it sounds a bit like "fuck" but in polish it sounds nice.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

:bulletpurple: ABOUT MY OCs :bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: What do you do when you create a character? Like what does the process look like?

Nothing. They just come as they are. Really. It’s like… I’m drawing a random character.. and then I know that it will be my new OC. And I know his/her personality just in a second. and I like that my OC changes, grow up, get influent by different things. just like me.

:bulletpink: Are your OCs real? or inspired by real people?

hehe, no. definietely no. but I'm glad that I created believable characters c: all of my OCs are totally imagined characters, inspired by what I like. I might say that each of them have something from my different sides of personality. like alter-egos or sth... but it's not the main thing about them

:bulletpink: is there any place I can read stories/comics about your OCs?

unfortunatelly no. drawing comics takes too much time and my english isn't fluent enough for writing stories. actually I can't even write stories in polish :I
but soon I'll try to collect all basic infos about my OCs, just for you c:
© 2014 - 2021 Fukari
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AdelinaBunget's avatar
I know this has been mentioned several times, but this dude is still stealing your artwork without crediting you. I've reported him.

:iconbenjamin-tallmadge: Benjamin-Tallmadge

Some examples: 
OC Profile: Constantine Washington [Updated] by Benjamin-Tallmadge Valley Forge by Benjamin-Tallmadge Ms. Woodhull [Re-color] by Benjamin-Tallmadge Born Villain by Benjamin-Tallmadge Morning!!! by Benjamin-Tallmadge Chandler Tallmadge by Benjamin-Tallmadge

Basically their entire gallery is made up of other people's artwork, but I don't know who the original artists are.

Anyways, I wanted to draw more attention to this because if it's pissing me off so much, I can only imagine how Fukari feels.
Blue-Onyx's avatar
Your artwork is being stolen by this person: benjamin-tallmadge.deviantart.…
KonichuKitsune's avatar
Somebody is stealing your art
and dont give you any credit
Chandler Tallmadge by Benjamin-Tallmadge COPY
selfie by Fukari ORIGINAL
TheDappledDragon's avatar
how do you pronouce your name? i know that you already spelled it out, but where do you put the emphasis? 
AcerbicDream's avatar
I've seen many people use your OC's as their own and not give credit

One person is rping as 
thespiderlily30's avatar
Can I write a fanfiction about your ocs?? Kind of like a collection of their stories so far.
DanielaSirotkina's avatar
How did you get into the tattoo world? Do you have any tips? Btw I love your drawings <3
Ciągle nie otrzymałam odpowiedzi! Tworzę komiks i pomysł z liskiem bardzo mi się spodobał.... chciałabym się na niej wzorować oczywiście z odniesieniem do ciebie w każdym opisie. Bardzo mi zależy na odpowiedzi. 
Oriana-jua's avatar
is there any place I can read stories/comics about your OCs?
unfortunatelly no. drawing comics takes too much time and my english isn't fluent enough for writing stories. actually I can't even write stories in polish :I
but soon I'll try to collect all basic infos about my OCs, just for you'

PLEASE DONT MAKE IT JUST YOUR THAT PERSON! LET THE REST OF YOUR FAITHFUL FANS SEE IT TOO! I am dying to see their storys and the antrho cat  deer thingy thank you so much please please please....
lolzcupcake's avatar
Aye, this person on google+ is using your character

Hyenagal-tunefreak's avatar
Wow, Thanks I really appreciate it!
Monique--Renee's avatar
I've admired you art for years now. Do you have any kind of online store where you sell prints? I'd love to buy some from you <3 
Emilie-W's avatar
Hi! Sorry to bother you here also, but I fell on a situation where you where being traced, and copied, and thoses copies where sold... Please read the two notes I sent if it matters to you to react. I'm at your disposition for precisions.
hellboun-d's avatar
would you mind if i traced your art, changed some colors, but still gave you 100% of the credit? I just want to experiment with how colors change a line drawing but i won't unless you give me permission. thank you in advanced, love! <3 
arixroz's avatar
Hey! Sorry if you've already been asked this but do you have anywhere that you sell your art? Especially like an artbook or something? :P I really love your art and look to it for inspiration so it just occurred to me to see if you have anything like that lol
AlphonseElricsWife's avatar
Maybe you're in the process of making one, but could you make a relationship chart for your ocs?
AlphonseElricsWife's avatar
oh ok thanks alot!~ :D
candyxmoon's avatar
gdzie ukończyłaś studia w sensie miejscowość ;-;
Fukari's avatar
w stolicy : )
candyxmoon's avatar
ah xD na pewno się nie dostanę tam hahaha
stichesBodyBagTtags's avatar
thank you so much for the website link ,it helps a lot. you inspire me so much Hug Heart Heart 
KuraKisa's avatar
I've been wondering this forever, but do you have a YouTube account where you sketch/draw?
kVito4k's avatar
One man, your fan. Created a group on the site vk.com/fukari_ар&#…;. I think it's good. I also wanted to do so, but it was too late.
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