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summer talking

few days ago PearlChelle drew this lovely piece:
Radio and a smoke by PearlChelle
and I realized that I have a unfinished sketch for almost the same picture! must be a destiny!
so here we have Anne Marrie and Darce, spending some hot summer afternoon together. Ann's room is full of things - she likes to collect canes, bottles, boxes, just random things with nice graphic labels.

photos at wall cames from drawings by me, PearlChelle and UrsulaDecay
Darce (c) PearlChelle 
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cute style. i like
EstrellaDelVenice258's avatar
lovely style you have.
avadraws's avatar
Omg I love this, what program do you use? :O
Breezany's avatar
LookBacktoFour's avatar
A very vintage style, and I like it very much.
JacobChilds's avatar
love the colors 
XxProzanxX's avatar
Ha UrsulaDecay's OC's Glam and Veruca are in a photograph in the background! YESS
DanielleDanish7299's avatar
omg i love darce's hair and outfit <3i just love her in general
so cuuuute
your sensce for fashion and your drawing style (lines and color) are awesome!!
Yumi-nya's avatar
Uwielbiam te detale! :D 
darya-shnykina's avatar
this is so much beautiful that I can't believe it!Nuu 
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aww man, i wish my room looked like that!!!! plus i love ann's style!!! its really pretty
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Anne Marie might become my new crush La la la la 
honeyroastedfrost's avatar
The photos in the background!! La la la la 
asherakatze's avatar
everyone you draw is super attractive
thecoolegalitarian's avatar
I love the way this piece is done, how the room just sort of...drops off. I think it adds a nice touch. 
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Love your style Clap 
xy174j's avatar
Great work! Love your colours and the way you do clothes and fabrics! I might steal some cushion design ideas Wink/Razz (do you design fabrics? looks like you might be good at it!), but don't worry, I don't have your talent and you probably wouldn't recognize anything!
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beautiful arti *_*
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