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social mermaids

social mermaids, fishing for attention and your likes!  :giggle: rvmp  for #MerMay2017 

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watercolors, fineliners

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hrm-thinking's avatar
*unholy screeching* SO BEAUTIFUL
CamilaRaposa's avatar
This is soo cute!!!!
salyssong's avatar
What are their thoughts on Starbucks?
Starbucks? Overpriced consumer bullshit.
crazykitty120's avatar
Love the belly rolls 💚😍
Mini-gemini92's avatar
I was just about to comment on that! They make the girls look much more realistic
DarthChicken12's avatar
I love how they actually look like women cause most posts I see on here are totally not accurate to a regular females anatomy such as the boobs being incorrect and defying gravity and when they sit down their stomach not folding even the slightest but on here it actually looks like a girl (not a feminist)
YumeON's avatar
Totally Agree! Lovely!
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
Love this idea. :D

Ritkat's avatar
ta po lewej :D ;3
candylynx's avatar
they are so freaking cute :O
MileniaKitsuvee's avatar
Cool, great colouring! How do you get the skin colour?
ItsArtemisa's avatar
Love the outfits omg
Aerrae's avatar
I love that they're very much in mermaid poses. The way their legs are bent are so much like the typical bend of a mermaid's tail. I think that's my favorite part about these. 
varulf's avatar
ich brzuszki to słodkości aaaa <3
Nayhed's avatar
their outfits are so cute :heart: i love the little mermaid reference :D
Flame-Expression's avatar
My favorite part of this is the little tummy rolls you gave them, it's nice to see beautiful girls with believable bodies <3
Dekoda19's avatar
I love this sooo much they are so cute .
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