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sketch dump of randomness

By Fukari
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some random sketches from my sketchbook :)
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© 2016 - 2021 Fukari
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Your ''some random sketches'' are my masterpiece *.*
foxfoxfox3's avatar
Is that a Tank Girl reference I spy?
RaesArt23's avatar
Is it alright if I use the mermaid with the space helmet as a reference? ^.^
LuciusAppaloosius's avatar
Unihippocampotaur!  7@=e
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
You have a strong sense of style and wackiness that combine into beautiful and noteworthy art.
Agent-Cartoonist's avatar
This is pure genius. I love the concept and the art is fantastic.
PreciousAxlShine's avatar
Well fuck
Here you are calling this glorious art a "dump" while I'm kinda over here in the lonely corner of loneliness drawing my shit art that's about as good as a shit shit out by a shit which was shit out by an even bigger shit.

this is absolutely amazing and I'm here, like, *fart noises while dragging pencil tip all over some paper*
lurking-seadweller's avatar
See I get personally offended when people call their heaven-worthy art a "dump" when I struggle to draw as well as that fox space-filler up at the top
PreciousAxlShine's avatar
Same fam

and by the way, your profile picture is glorious.
lurking-seadweller's avatar
Nyess, ain't it wonderful? Glad we have another person with eyes for the MOST PERFECT ART.
CoffeeRaven's avatar
I like your style.
synesthesized's avatar
there's so much flow to your drawings oh my god it's beautiful 
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Creative  Of You For The Boob Censor
SyntheticFishTattoo's avatar
very cool.  love the variation in here.  Nice fish!
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celunia's avatar
uwielbiam :3
well-you-dont-say's avatar
hehe I love the space filler :P so good
Inked-Alpha's avatar
You inspire me so much!~♥ 
kitty3123's avatar
Those hyenas :D <3 <3
Accidental-Strix's avatar
This is so fabulous XO I love your work Fuki!
Y-O-D-H's avatar
They all kick ass, but the wolf thing with hooves and the two headed hyena are my favorites.
ShadyWinters's avatar
I love them all!
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