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hello perspective, my biggest enemy! :U it was supposed to be a quick doodle so I really didn't gave a damn about proper perspective... sorryyyyyy! blame my laziness :D

anyway - here's Tomek and Agrafka, about 13 years old. they spend lot of time together talking, riding bikes, playing videogames or just lying at the floor and listening music.
compact cassetes! feel the 90's vibe!
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This image was featured on the Art Spot!…
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  Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] I love the whole picture the perspective is just the cutiest and I just want to fall down and cry when I see anything that reminds me of a kinda 90's summer and those faces there just so happy and just that one happy face could be a master piece in its self!
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I love when you do some scene like this ! go on plz :3
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Remember... before school, before relationships, and social expectations. It was just you and your sibling or that childhood friend... And on saturdays you two would watch cartoons like Ed Edd n' Eddy and Code Lyoko. You wanted to watch Rugrats even though the other one hated it... but they would watch it with you anyways to see you smile.  Later one you two would go up to your room, but you wouldn't play with your toys... you would just lie on the floor and stare at the fan. you would talk about what the future would be like..what the world is would both try to edify each other with your best definitions on what adult things like sex and jobs looked and felt like. to you the world was so large and abundant with possibilities.  As you a little stronger a little wiser you started to see the truth that the world is big, but full of small-minded people. All you could think is what happened to the thinkers? what happened to the dreamers? You may start to question your own purpose in life, but just remember all those questions you had, all the curiosity. hold on to that. Even though you may never know where that childhood friend is, but answer those questions... for the both of you. : )
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This is so......great. I can't figure out any other synonyms for this comment. Fantastic? Yeah! Very nice comment. I actually do remember my childhood friend! (Thanks.)
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I love her grunge/punk look
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now im really intrested eyes are opened to this
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Aww, these two again. :3 :heart: so adorbs!!
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oh man i just love them together so much and this is really awesome!!
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I love your style of drawing :D
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that is so adorable omg
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But the perspective is very well executed. :o
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You did a great job with the perspective!! I hate drawing from different angles too but you nailed it!!!
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Better than my skills with perspective: compared to you, I suck at it.
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But you really accomplished. Maybe isn't perfect, but looks kinda' like "fisheye" lens, like wioth a GOPro camera or something. I really like what you did here :)
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I just love this!! and the perspective looks just fine :love:
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Jak dla mnie spoko ale co ja tam wiem. I te kasetyyyyy.... Witaj dzieciństwo.
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Sometimes 'forced perspective can work in your favor. In this case it totally adds so much charm to the piece! So psyched to see more of the characters world since I love your characters. <3
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Super!!! Czaderska praca.  
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I was going to say.. I love the cassettes! Great throwback! .. man that was my childhood in the late 70's.  We were still wondering what to do with the 8 track tapes we still had laying around. ^^/

the perspective is fine. The content totally makes you NOT see that. (coming from a fresh pair of eyes)

I love it!
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