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one day auction - Andrew - CLOSED

By Fukari
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Hi~! as I mentioned in my last journal ( !~ADOPTABLE WEEK~!  ) this week I'm posting one adoptable character per day :) (Smile) only 24 hours per action. no "on hold" option. no autobuy. I'm fine with co-owning : )

Andrew belongs now to :icona-n-e-r-i-s: c:

so that's the end of my adoptable week! big "thank you" to everyone bidding. I'll have the best fursuit ever!
luv you guyz~! <3

Bullet; Purple this is an auction and it starts from 5$
Bullet; Purple min increase bid is 1$
Bullet; Purple to keep it organizesed bid in this thread -> comments.deviantart.com/1/4880…
I only take a paypal, no points, sorry :c 
Bullet; Purple only 24 hours for bidding! the auction ends 13/10 at 7pm (according to polish time)www.timeanddate.com/countdown/… here you can check the deadline : ) but to avoid quarrels about every last second - the deadline is 7pm + 3 minutes for each bid after that. so you can still bid after 7pm and the bid that won't be beaten for 3 minutes won : )

money raised from these actions will be spend at my very first fursuit c: hope I'll raise enough to cover the cost of faux fur and other supplies.

character description : Andrew, the hipster sphynx boy! I left him as the last adoptable because he's my favourite (I'm still not sure do I want to sale him.... but uh! I don't have much time for my furry OCs :c so it will be better when he'll be take by someone who will take good care of him) he's rather a grumpy cat but give him so loooove and I bet that he'll smile >u>

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This looks like A Kitty bobo pilot
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Wow! I have never seen such a well designed humanlike animal before! Is that an Anthro character? :worship:
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I love your style! Please continue to make awesome art!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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What tool do you use to make your lines? I love the look of this style.
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He reminds me of Lord Berus (DBZ) but lame
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I really can't get over how well he is drawn! His proportions are just so lovely along with the way you drew him! So amazing, he truly is! 
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this reminds me of Beerus xD
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in love with this character, wish I bought it before it was too late ;v;
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Looking at his hat, just made me realize what he is besides an anthro sphynx. www.youtube.com/watch?v=PASYqq…
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aaahhhhhh i love all of fukari's adopts and chars ive seen <33
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I am inspired to make a Sphinx now xD
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This has got to be the best sphinx anthro I've ever seen.  ^^  Love the hat.
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oh my god am I in loVE with this one
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What's an NV-goth?
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Its nu goth :3 Google it. Kinda hard to explain sowwy :x
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I believe this is a good favorite for the group rebelnightadopts.deviantart.co…and have submitted it to their "Scooped Out By Us" folder as an admin. I hope you will check us out and perhaps even join and shop around. Congratulations
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His tattoos are amazing
J1nxed-Pegasus's avatar
He reminds me of a Kajiit From the elder scrolls
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