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some expressions sketches of my OC Anne Marie salmon heart bullet 

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Сооl, i like drow amotions too:happybounce: 
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Great expression skills : ))
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This is very inspirational!Meow :3 
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Never stop drawing
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Your so good with expressions gosh Worship 
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I always enjoy looking at your style of drawing Fukari. :D (Big Grin) 
very expressive. Also digging the linear value.
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I love your expressions!
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Oh that's really nice, you have a great way with facial expressions.
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Damn I love that girl so much
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Always nice to see the expressions you draw!
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I want to favorite all of your works so badly!!
But they're sooo many!!
Never stop drawing please!!!!
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Awesome 💕💕💕
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would you like to see this colored? 
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i relate to all of them
Nice variety of facial expressions :)
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anne marie is my favorite OC of yours <3 i would love to see a full reference sheet of her
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I would love to know how you draw mouths, lips, teeth, etc. I have trouble getting my mouths to look less "I didn't try at all" and more "semi-realistic " Oh and nose's too.

I know saying this will make it all the more tempting, but don't look at my account, and the pictures there. It's been a long time since I've posted anything, and I consider myself to have changed (in art). So, if you were to actually read this message and actually help me, and do so by using my art for critique, just know that anything on my account is not at all how I am today.
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Ps: thank you
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I love your expressions so much!
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